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“Top 10 (US) Construction Apps”

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Idaho, US-based TSheets – a provider of SaaS-based, time-tracking, scheduling and pricing applications – recently ran a “ Top 10 Construction Apps ” programme. In the UK at least, we are coming up to the time of year when some construction software vendors start thinking about the Construction Computing Awards (the so-called “Hammers”). Top 10 Construction Apps.

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A US construction IT snapshot

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In July 2015, Capterra asked 100 US construction managers about their software purchasing decisions, though it’s a survey that poses as many questions as it asks. The small sample size (100) and US focus limits its wider applicability, and – as I outlined – I think there were also some missed opportunities to extend/clarify some of the questions. SaaS and mobility.

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Another Viewpoint US acquisition

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I have been tracking eve nts at US ERP vendor Viewpoint Construction Software since its first public expressions of interest in the SaaS construction collaboration sector in February 2012 , through its purchase of enterprise content management software provider Construction Imaging in May 2012 ( post ) to its acquisition of UK SaaS provider 4Projects a year later.

U.S. Innovation Hubs: Inventing the Future

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Join us at Groundbreak - The First Construction Technology Conference of its Kind!


Join us for Groundbreak at Procore''s headquarters on California''s beautiful Central Coast. Wine and dine with thought leaders in the industry and the Procore team to learn more about Procore best practices, and help influence the 2015 product roadmap. procore culture procore cloud based construction software construction events

Chinese Real Estate Investment Plays Growing Role In U.S. Economy

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Chinese direct investment in U.S. real estate has grown dramatically and visibly since 2010, according to a new report by Asia Society and Rosen Consulting Group (RCG) , Breaking Ground: Chinese Investment in U.S. The report provides the first comprehensive analysis of Chinese inbound investment into all areas of U.S. Chinese capital has had a significant impact on the U.S.

New study finds green construction is major U.S. economic driver

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Green building sector of the U.S. The green building sector is outpacing overall construction growth in the U.S. construction industry slated to contribute 2.3 million jobs in 2015, growing to 3.3 million by 2018. and will account for more than 2.3 million American jobs this year. read more. Business Development Green

Bain Capital pays US$230M for stake in 4Projects parent Viewpoint

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Hot news from Portland, Oregon is an announcement that US investment firm Bain Capital has made an investment of around US$230 million in Viewpoint Construction Software , the parent (since February 2013 ) of Newcastle, UK-based SaaS construction collaboration software vendor 4Projects. Earlier this year, the company acquired US-based AEC SME estimating and ERP vendor Maxwell Systems ( post ). Software-as-a-Service US Viewpoint Disclosure: I have undertaken past consultancy projects for 4Projects.

Facilities Management in the U.S. – R.I.P.

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Facilities Management in the U.S. What will it take for the U.S. – R.I.P. If is see another article about how great facilities management professionals (FMers) are, or how misunderstood, I think my head will explode. Real property owners, aka FMers, simply aren’t doing their jobs. Then, of course, you get the folks that say…”Oh, I can just outsource FM.”

U.S. hourly compensation rates in construction trades

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by Alex Carrick. This article sets the scene for what is already a simmering topic and is sure to heat up further in the months ahead - mounting pressure on wage rates in construction. read more. Management Plumbing

Honda Smart House US Ready For Testing

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The Honda Smart House US has recently been constructed on campus at the University of California (UC), Davis. Homes and cars are responsible for about 44% of all the greenhouse gases emitted in the US, and in constructing the house, the designers of The Honda Smart House aimed to try and find a way to neutralize these emissions. kW solar photovoltaic system mounted on the roof.

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NYC Most, Huntsville Least Expensive U.S. Office Markets

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New York, NY is the most expensive U.S. Using data from its 2016 Office Experience Exchange Report (Office EER), BOMA has compiled a list of the most and least expensive office markets in the U.S., The annual Office EER aggregates office sector income and expense data from the previous year; 2015 data was gathered from more than 5,200 buildings in nearly 275 markets in the U.S.

Official Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium construction time-lapse

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The just-released time-lapse showcases 32-months of progress with high-definition imagery. read more. Video

Opportunities And Challenges For Small And Midsized U.S. Manufacturing Businesses

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Customer insights reveal that proximity to U.S. Opportunities And Challenges For Small And Midsized U.S. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. customers is a key competitive advantage. Manufacturing Businesses appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

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Cimpress Opens First U.S. Manufacturing Operation In Nevada

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The customized products company will open its first U.S. Read Cimpress Opens First U.S. manufacturing operation in Reno, with plans to add 150 new jobs. Manufacturing Operation In Nevada on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

U.S. Expected To Be Top Manufacturing Nation By 2020

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The U.S. is expected to become the most competitive manufacturing nation over the next five years, with the current leader China sliding into second position, according to the upcoming 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group and the US Council on Competitiveness.

U.S. Employers Plan To Increase Staff In Q2

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Read U.S. employers expect the hiring pace to remain positive in Q2 2017 with 22 percent of employers planning to add staff between April and June, according to the ManpowerGroup. Employers Plan To Increase Staff In Q2 on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Alaska Colorado Featured Hawaii Maine Michigan Montana Surveys & Research Employment employment outlook Expansion hiring plans infographic ManpowerGroup regional employment Site Selection Survey Workforce Development

Stream of U.S. OSHA Penalty Press Releases Dries Up

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OSHA press releases often provide the punitive blow that has more impact than the final financial penalty


Clean Water Crisis Threatens US

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. . . The situation has grown so dire the U.S. The current article by Sarah Ferris and Peter Sullivan, "Clean Water Crisis Threatens US " , posted on deserves your attention Office of the Director of National Intelligence now ranks water scarcity as a major threat to national security alongside terrorism.

US Nuke Project Owners Prepare for Worst From Westinghouse

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Utilities cite surety bonds and hundreds of millions of dollars in letters of credit in backup plans

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Granex Opens First U.S. Location In Tampa

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We are very excited to launch our first U.S. We are close to the Port of Tampa Bay which allows us to ships our products all across the world. Read Granex Opens First U.S. Granex, a manufacturer of granite and marble slab, recently chose Tampa, FL to establish its new headquarters and first location in the United States. Source: Enterprise Florida). “We

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U.S. Congressman introduces IAPMO supported plumbing research investment legislation

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Matt Cartwright introduced legislation to promote federal investment in research to ensure the data used in the development of plumbing standards reflects more water efficient technologies. read more. Codes Plumbing

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Infographic: Recruiting secrets from the US's best construction, engineering and manufacturing employers

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Selecting the best candidate from a mile-high pile of resumes can be challenging, but with a few tested tricks you can consistently count on recruiting the cream of the crop. read more. Management

UK exclusive: 4Projects acquired by US ERP vendor ViewPoint

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Almost exactly a year after I talked to Viewpoint executives about their aspirations for the US enterprise resource planning software company (see ERP vendor Viewpoint viewing collaboration space ), the 4Projects acquisition was announced to its UK staff this morning ( Update, 11.55am : see also Viewpoint news release ). The UK business, which turned over just under £5.1m Strategic fit.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Overtime Rule blocked

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A federal Texas judge issued a nationwide injunction against the new Overtime Rule, stating that the Administration overstepped its authority. read more. Management

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U.S. Office Sector Fundamentals Heating Up

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Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. The top 10 strongest markets in terms of demand for office space were New York, San Jose, Sacramento, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Raleigh, San Diego, and Baltimore. Office Sector Fundamentals Heating Up appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Flying into a US adventure

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Of course, this event occurs as the US is on the verge of default, presumably to be resolved or escalated as the summit occurs. This morning, I’m on a plane to Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the sort of experience that gets my journalistic adrenaline flowing, although our original intentions at this event were much more grounded in commercial opportunities.

Foreign Investment Drives Record U.S. Commercial Real Estate Volumes

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Foreign Investment Drives Record U.S. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 1,400 points in just the first two weeks of 2016, but that volatility appears to be avoiding the commercial real estate industry, especially when it comes to cross-border investment in the United States, according to JLL’s U.S. Foreign Investment Drives Record U.S. Credit: LifesizeImages.

Manufacturers Remain Optimistic Despite Growing Concerns Around Strong U.S. Dollar

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Manufacturers Remain Optimistic Despite Growing Concerns Around Strong U.S. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. manufacturers plan to hire skilled workers and invest in businesses, while overseas expansion declines, reflecting elevated concern regarding the strong dollar and increased foreign competition, according to PwC''s Q1 2015 Manufacturing Barometer.

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The U.S. Construction Industry Forecast for 2016

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As the unemployment rate declines, investment in both residential and commercial U.S. The United States construction industry is viewed as a key indicator of the strength of the American economy, consumer confidence and unemployment trends. construction tends to increase, signaling improved consumer confidence and the spending that accompanies that confidence

Hyperloop Developer reveals superspeed system’s full-scale U.S. test track

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Set to build, possibly by 2021, in the United Arab Emirates what would be the world’s first commercial superspeed transport system, U.S.-based based Hyperloop One earlier this month revealed images of DevLoop, a full-scale, 500-meter test structure under construction near Las Vegas

Viewpoint: US Infrastructure Finance Needs Disruption

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Studying each major party candidate’s infrastructure plans—good intentions notwithstanding—reminds me of what it must have been like to participate in military strategy debate in 1939: There is a depressing “fighting the last war” sense to the plans

Aussie technology firm set to shake up US trade services industry

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Australian job management software company simPRO Software has re-located senior management to new offices in Boulder, Colorado, ahead of a major push into the US market. read more. Software

Facilities Management in the U.S. – R.I.P.

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Facilities Management in the U.S. What will it take for the U.S. – R.I.P. If I see another article about how great facilities management professionals (FMers) are, or how misunderstood, I think my head will explode. Real property owners, aka FMers, simply aren’t doing their jobs. Then, of course, you get the folks that say…”Oh, I can just outsource FM.”

U.S. Supertowers, Megaprojects Retake Center Stage

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Supertowers are popping up in cities across the U.S., megadevelopments are back and trends in green buildings and modular construction continue. Buildings

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New construction in U.S. expected to grow 6.5 percent in 2016

Constructor Magazine

CMD releases Quarterly Forecast Report revealing U.S. construction slightly underperformed in 2015, but growth lies ahead in 2016. read more. Management

The 21 U.S. Cities with More Renters than Homeowners


Quick quiz: Which city has the highest percentage of renters: Chicago, Miami, or College Station, Texas? Believe it or not, it's College Station, with 59.1% renters. Chicago and Miama are both predominantly homeowner cities. Chicago has only 36.1% renters, Miami, 41.49

Miami 31