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The Construction Industry is Poised for a Data Transformation


Today's modern contractors are ready to take advantage of technology solutions designed to help them better mine and analyze construction data

What can you do to conquer the construction labor shortage?

Construction Dive

As daunting as the challenge to recruit and retain skilled workers in the construction industry can be, the solution could be in the palm of your hand. Or in the phone in your pocket

Construction unemployment returns to 2009 low

Construction Dive

Wages were also up at the end of the month, to $30.81 an hour from $30.15 an hour last September

Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity

Business Facilities

The new federal qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) tax credits are expected to unleash up to $6 trillion in capital investment in more than 8,700 economically distressed areas in the U.S. Read: Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity at

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Contractor Giants are all in on offsite construction


The complete findings from our inaugural Giants 300 Technology and Innovation Study are now published and available for download at

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The Buzzword: Networking. Three Ways to Grow Your Constructon Network


We hear the term “networking” a lot lately. Perhaps in all the buzz, we’ve lost the real meaning behind this industry buzzword

Report: Construction faces widest foreign language skills gap

Construction Dive

Safety issues on jobsites can arise when trade workers primarily speak Spanish or other languages that managers don't, a survey shows

The pain (and magic) of competition

Construction Marketing Ideas

Business competition creates both challenges and opportunities. The ideal self-interested business model is a monopoly, of course, if you can get away with it.

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Building Data

Contractor Magazine

How will we capture and harness the power of the immense amount of data generated by smart buildings


Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines

Business Facilities

Just as with any planning technique, comparison of the potential benefits of Qualified Opportunity Zones to other tax deferral or elimination strategies remains crucial. Read: Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines at

Accounting Software Tips When Starting A Small Construction Business

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Lilian Chifley. As a new construction business owner, keeping your financials in order should be one of your top priorities.

What Is Lintel | Type of Lintel


What Is Lintel? The lintel is a horizontal flexural member that spans over the openings in the walls for doors, windows, ventilators, cupboards, etc. A load of masonry above the opening is transferred to the wall by flexural action of the lintel so that frames of doors, windows, etc.

Report Outlines Benefits of Adopting the International Plumbing Code

Contractor Magazine

Findings show that over 12 years counties that used the IPC saved $38 billion in construction costs and saw an additional 166,000 jobs

Waterstops for Waterproofing

The Constructor

Waterstops or waterbars are premanufactured joint filler used to prevent the transmission of water through the construction joint. Waterstops are.

How to Align the Right Trench Protection System with the Job

Construction Business Owner

How a contractor chooses to excavate on a jobsite can make all the difference in the project outcome. When one considers that 30 to 40% of all excavations lack the appropriate protective solutions, it should come as no surprise that projects are often over budget and overdue.

Swinging the pendulum on construction careers

Construction Dive

The skilled workforce shortage requires innovative solutions and recognizing barriers to entry

What Is Honeycomb In Concrete | Cause | Cure | Type of Grouting


What Is Honeycomb In Concrete? This takes place when the mortar doesn’t fill the distance between the coarse aggregate particles. The presence of honeycomb indicates that the first stage of consolidation hasn’t yet been completed at these locations.

4000 Year Old Chinese Mole Town

Natural Building

Tucked outside of Sanmenxia City in China’s Henan Province is a 4,000-year-old Chinese town nicknamed the “mole town.” ” More than 3,000 people live in underground dwellings known as yaodongs (or “house caves”).

What is Lateral Torsional Buckling in Beams?

The Constructor

Lateral torsional buckling is a buckling phenomenon observed in unrestrained beams. When a beam subjected to loads results in both lateral. Structural Engineering Causes of Lateral Deflection in Beams Factors Affecting Lateral Torsional Buckling in Beams lateral torsional buckling in beams

Construction Employment Rises by 7,000 In September

Construction Equipment

Construction employment increased by 7,000 jobs in September, and 156,000 or 2.1 percent, over the past 12 months, while the number of unemployed jobseekers reached a record low for September, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. Contractors foresee plenty of projects to

New workforce program sells construction as 'cool'

Construction Dive

Build California’s digital-driven workforce development initiative is designed to appeal to Generation Z

What is BoQ | BoQ Meaning |Advantages of BoQ | What is BoM


What is BOQ? BoQ full from Bill of Quantities. Until the advent of activity schedules in the previous two decades, bills of quantities were probably the most used pricing/payment mechanism in construction contracts.

PMI Says Proposed Revisions to Lead and Copper Rule ‘An Important Step Forward’

Contractor Magazine

The revisions were announced yesterday by EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler


Inside the Venture Capital Focus on Construction Technology

Construction Business Owner

With more contractors embracing digitization through adopting specific jobsite tools or construction tech ecosystems, such as Autodesk’s BIM 360, and with construction making Investopedia’s “Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries in the United States” list, the future looks bright for the industry.

Deere Adds Own Mechanical Angle Blade for Big Dozers

Construction Equipment

John Deere now manufactures the mechanical angle blade for the 950K and 1050K crawler dozers. The John Deere-designed mechanical angle blade can be manually angled side to side, and is designed for a variety of jobs, including backfilling, rough grading, and general earthmoving. The three-position

Mega billions: a look at some of the biggest US construction projects underway

Construction Dive

Many in the industry consider a project that costs $1 billion or more a megaproject. These five projects make $1 billion seem like small change

Lab Test on Aggregates at Site


Any Concrete work before must be Test on aggregate because of sure working quality of Concrete. Difference type of test no aggregates.

Site 52

Rinnai America Increases Lead Generation by 50% With VIVE VR

Contractor Magazine

VR demonstration improves tankless water heater installation confidence

A giant shipwreck sculpture highlights the proposal for Prague’s tallest building


At approximately 443-feet-tall, Top Tower would become the tallest building in Prague.


Cemen Tech Announces New Utility Package

Construction Equipment

Cemen Tech unveiled a utility package for its volumetric concrete mixers at ICUEE 2019. The package is designed for utility contractors with a need for standard concrete, flowable fill, or specialty mixes, and includes deluxe features and capabilities such as the ability to fill micro-trenches

What contractors should know about building on sacred land

Construction Dive

As evidenced by the recent Hawaii telescope project, crews working on historic sites can be stalled by protests or, in other cases, by the findings of artifacts or even human remains

Difference Between Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement | What is Pavement | Type of Pavement


What is Pavement? Pavement or carriageway is that part of the road or highway which supports the wheel loads imposed on it from traffic moving over it. It ought to be strong enough to resist the stresses that are being developed as a result of traffic.

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Keith Mercurio Joins Radiant Plumbing & AC

Contractor Magazine

Former top trainer for Nexstar Network to spearhead enhanced training and recruiting efforts