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Save the Sticky Notes for Bookmarks

John Chaney

Remove Paper Processes and Streamline Construction Human Resources. We get it. You’re busy.

Nurdles are the Environmental Calamity of 2019

Green Building Law Update

A year ago, I thought a nurdle was a cricket term for a score by deflecting the ball rather than striking it. But in the last twelve months I learned that a nurdle is also a term for a small, lentil size, pellet of plastic that serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.

Content for Every Stage in the Client Lifecycle

Construction Marketing Blog

Quality content has the potential to help B2B marketers cost-effectively drive ROI. The key to pulling this off requires a commitment to providing content that puts your audience’s needs first. And it must happen at every point in the selling cycle. It’s also going to take some time and patience.

Who Matters The Most? A Few Thoughts On Distracted Driving

FDR Safety

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month meaning organizations such as OSHA, M.A.A.D, and EndDD are releasing annual studies on distracted driving.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Bipartisan bill shoots for $125B infrastructure investment

Construction Dive

By eliminating capital gains taxes on certain foreign investments, supporters of the Invest in America Act hope to draw in more federal funds for state and local construction projects

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It’s Good to Talk: Why Two Way Radio Still Matters in Construction

Construction Marketing Blog

In an age when mobile telephones have emerged as the defining technology of their day, it might strike us as a little puzzling that one of mobile’s predecessors still enjoys such popularity in industry. Two way radio technology is approaching 100 years old, yet across construction sites, processing plants, factories and warehouses the world over, it remains the go-to solution for wireless on-site communication.

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

What is OPEN Job Order Contracting ? LEAN Construction Services Procurement and Project Delivery. OPEN Job Order Contracting – LEAN Construction Service Procurement and Project Delivery.

CSI 70

The top OSHA fines of Q1 2019

Construction Dive

Leading violations show that once again, inspections focused heavily on fall protection

The World’s Best Are Making Their Move — To New Brunswick

Business Facilities

The Canadian province offers an exceptionally low cost of doing business and all of the essentials required by the world’s most successful companies to reach a global market. Read: The World’s Best Are Making Their Move — To New Brunswick at

Infographic: Overcoming Construction Inefficiencies

John Chaney

The construction industry has traditionally been notorious for inefficiencies. But that dynamic is changing. Find out how with the following infographic: Software Trends United Kingdom Construction Technology Viewpoint for Projects

4 Reasons Why the Entire Pre-Construction Phase Is Key to Project Success

Wolgast Corporation

For both Design/Build and Construction Management delivery methods, the start of Pre-Construction Phase is Architectural Design and it’s a very exciting time for most building owners. They love the ideas, options, and decorating aspects for their building.

Writing about construction marketing while experiencing a real world marketing challenge

Construction Marketing Ideas

After many years of daily blogging discipline, readers here will notice that the updating cycle of Construction Marketing Ideas blog has become less reliable.


$1B Las Vegas Circa Resort & Casino starts concrete work

Construction Dive

Construction of the city's first ground-up resort in 30 years, led by McCarthy and Tré Builders, is expected to be complete next year

Chewy Chooses North Carolina For $55M Fulfillment Center

Business Facilities

The online pet supply retailer will create 1,200 jobs at its new e-commerce fulfillment center in Rowan County, NC. Read: Chewy Chooses North Carolina For $55M Fulfillment Center at

3D Scanning Will Help Rebuild Notre Dame

Construction Equipment

Paris officials have vowed to restore Notre Dame Cathedral after fire destroyed the roof and other parts of the historic building, and construction technology will speed the process. According to Trimble, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D laser scanning technology will make it relatively

BIM 99

Multifamily real estate trends for 2019 and beyond


The ways that architects, developers, and operators design projects, attract tenants, manage costs, and measure success are each flexing as cities change and generations make big shifts in living habits

Some vital short notes for civil engineering students

Construction Cost Estimating

Least Cover for several RCC members Slab = 20 mm Beam = 25 mm Column = 40 mm Footing = 50 mm Exact unit weight of steel The unit weight concerning steel should be 78.5 KN/m 3 Proportion of cement, sand and aggregate for different types of concrete mix grades M10 = 1:3:6 M15 = 1:2:4 M20 = 1:1.5:3

Autonomous construction equipment key to improving site safety, efficiency

Construction Dive

While jobsites are tougher to navigate than the average roadway, two emerging sensor types used in combination could offer the industry the robust detection it needs, writes an expert in the technology

Site 83

Green Development & Sustainability: Letting The Sunshine In

Business Facilities

As states are racing to be among the leaders powered 100-percent by renewable energy, industrial giants like Samsung are pledging to join them in adopting this gold standard for sustainability at their manufacturing plants.

Does your Job Order Contract Work This Way?

Job Order Contracting

We are Four BT, LLC (4BT). We saw the need for open, customer-focused, cost-effective, JOC solutions based upon LEAN best management practices. Our founders have decades of experience with organizations including R.S. Means Company, LLC, US Cost, VFA, Inc., and The JOC Group, serving over $4.5B

It’s official: China opens first green hospital, designed by HMC Architects


A huge, complex project involving many facets of medical care and research in China is meant to be the vanguard hospital in a system of green-designed teaching hospitals to be built throughout the nation.

Green 97

5 Common Security Questions Contractors Ask Before Hiring Our Service

Contractor Bookkeeping

Right now, if you are like most construction company owners, your construction accounting records are in an unlocked file cabinet, or worse, sitting on someone's desk.

$252M soccer stadium coming to Sacramento, California

Construction Dive

Construction is expected to create between 1,310 and 1,640 jobs while supporting infrastructure work would generate up to 245

The Muffin Mam Investing $18.8M In New South Carolina Operations

Business Facilities

The baked goods manufacturer will launch new production operations in Laurens County, SC, creating 114 new jobs. . Read: The Muffin Mam Investing $18.8M In New South Carolina Operations at

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

Controlling the Costs of Job Order Contract Work Orders. Job Order Contracting can provide significant benefits over traditional construction services procurement and project delivery methods.

Sports teams get in the game: Mixed-use developments are using sports stadiums as their anchors


In the summer of 2020, the most expensive sports stadium ever built is scheduled to open in Inglewood, Calif., four miles from Los Angeles International Airport

Take The Stress Out Of Identifying Cost Of Goods Sold And Other Construction Accounting Confusions

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors often ask us if they can buy our Chart Of Accounts with Cost of Goods Sold and import them into their QuickBooks Desktop file or their QuickBooks Online file. The answer is yes! Click here for QuickBooks Desktop Chart of Accounts with Cost of Goods Sold.

Little Caesar Arena construction worker suicide case goes to state AG

Construction Dive

Some have accused state safety inspectors of showing favoritism toward the Detroit project's stakeholders in determining that the death wasn't accidental

Dematic Investing $30M In New Georgia Global HQ

Business Facilities

The supply chain technology and innovation company will create more than 230 jobs at its new headquarters in Midtown Atlanta's Tech Square. . Read: Dematic Investing $30M In New Georgia Global HQ at

How to enhance the longevity of a concrete driveway with rebar

Construction Cost Estimating

A concrete driveway should be strong enough to provide support to the cars and trucks which may drive over it. The concrete driveway should be constructed in such a manner so that the longevity of your house is enhanced.

Turner Construction doubles down on jobsite efficiency


Today is Earth Day, and this morning, Turner Construction made public an ambitious program that could burnish its standing as a green builder

Green 69

More thoughts about start-ups from 30,000 feet in the air

Construction Marketing Ideas

Last night, after an association meeting, I came home at 8:30 p.m. to three intense hours of work, pulling together the threads of existing publications and the new Ontario Construction News daily e-newspaper.


NYC lawmaker stresses safety training after month's 3rd death

Construction Dive

There has been no indication from the city's Department of Buildings that these deadly accidents will speed up implementation of new safety training laws