Since 2002: Billions Invested In Northeast Ohio Bioscience Start-Ups

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More than $2 billion invested in Northeast Ohio bioscience startups since 2002; milestone could signify critical mass. Since 2002: Billions Invested In Northeast Ohio Bioscience Start-Ups appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

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Cost of clean water up 5.5% in 2013, has doubled since 2002

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This is more than double the rate of inflation, nearly double what consumers were paying in 2002, and the 12th consecutive year that water-related charges have gone up. WASHINGTON — According to the Cost of Clean Water Index just released by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the average cost of treating wastewater in the U.S. rose 5.5% in 2013.

Nonresidential Construction Spending Continues Growth With Stellar May

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Through the first five months of 2015, nonresidential construction spending is having its second best year since the Census Bureau began tracking the metric in 2002.

It came from out of Space: Warboard

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Space Group’s Warboard offers BIM model issue management, potentially helping teams not using a more fully featured common data environment, CDE.

Cadweb goes bust

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Its CEO Francis Newman often attended meetings of the short-lived Network of Construction Collaboration Technology Providers (NCCTP) trade grouping, and I occasionally bumped into business development director Tony Dodd (briefly a BIW colleague of mine before he joined Cadweb in 2002), though he left the company in late 2013 – which was roughly when I last met Francis.

Chapoo builds on Bricsys BIM expertise

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This week’s Bricsys Insights press event showed off some of the capabilities of the Chapoo AEC collaboration platform and underlined the growing importance of BIM. This week, I attended a Bricsys Insights event held at the headquarters of the Ghent, Belgium-based engineering software developer.

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Job Order Contracting Performance Research

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Procore opens Australia office

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Founded in 2002 and based in Carpinteria, California, Procore has been growing rapidly in recent years , attracting successive rounds of funding. A major player in the US construction technology market, Procore is going to take on Aconex in its Australian back yard.

Good Faith and Fair Dealing: The Essence of Construction Agreements


I hadn’t read any of it since about 2002 and well before I got into performing construction contracts on my own and certainly before I was treated unfairly by an owner. Everybody loves to get hung up in contract language. On construction projects, contractors, owners, and subs will fire contract language back and forth like missiles in what gets to be an arms race of legalities that negatively affects projects by creating panic and anxiety.

Collaboration, BIM and FM

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Last week’s ThinkBIM conference focused on the transition of data from construction to facilities management. FM is getting more involved with BIM from the earliest stages of a project, and will collaborate more frequently during project delivery.

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Homage to the Shipping Container: Pallotta Teamworks Headquarters

Jetson Green

The design won several design awards, including a national AIA Honor Award in 2002 with comments from the awards jury showing appreciation for its visual richness and environmental conservation.

Turning R&D into practice


In 2002, a couple of years before he died, Charles J. Pankow, Founder and Chairman of design-build firm Charles Pankow Builders, established a research foundation in his name. A pioneer in concrete-forming and moment-framing technology, Pankow was frustrated with the U.S. construction industry’s paltry support of research—a tiny fraction of 1% of revenues, compared to 11.1% of revenue for R&D in the health sector and 4.0%

Seeing Tech's Speedy Advance Through the Lens of ENR's Photo Contest

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Since ENR’s first photo contest in 2002 the sheer number of excellent photos submitted, as well as ratio of good and excellent images to mediocre ones, has vastly improved.

Tinker with the tech or make big hairy audacious changes?

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With collaborative platforms, mobile, BIM, ‘Big data’, the ‘internet of things’, we are tinkering with enablers of change. “Digital Built Britain” envisages entirely new business models for the industry currently known as construction.

Logistics: No Drivers Needed

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Located along Interstate 65, Seymour-Jackson County is one hour south of Indianapolis, IN, an hour north of Louisville, KY and 90 minutes west of Cincinnati, OH, and was a founding member of the South Central Indiana regional marketing group formed in 2002. By the BF Staff.

Combinder targets close-out documentation

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In 2002, the UK’s BIW Technologies* (now Conject , recently acquired by Aconex ) was one of the first SaaS vendors to develop functionality that allowed the concurrent compilation of the core element of UK handover documentation, the Health and Safety File.

What Revit Wants: Download Free Online Course Materials from MIT.

What Revit Wants

For example, there is this 2002 course on Computational Design for Housing , and you can download a ZIP file containing all of the Study Materials. Drawings & Numbers: Five Centuries of Digital Design, Fall 2002. If you really give Revit what it wants, it will reward you!!

Recent case shows OSHA off-base on some lockout violations

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OSHA said in a 2002 bulletin that the lockout/tagout standard applied to the control of hazardous energy “when employees are involved in service or maintenance activities such as constructing, installing, setting up, adjusting, inspecting, modifying, and maintaining or servicing machines or equipment.”.


How to Rebuild Construction's Image


Rebranding Construction Wired published an incredibly prescient article in 2002 detailing the success of Apple’s branding. In 1996, Apple verged on bankruptcy. The company had failed to adapt to a rapidly changing industry and was paying the price.

Sunglasses and Clothing are Important Protection Against Skin Cancer

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From 2002 – 2006, $3.6 It’s a given that sunscreen is a good idea when working outside, but little thought is given to how the sun damages skin and other important protections that can be put into practice to help minimize risk.

Biggest Construction Companies in Europe


EUROPISOL 2002 S.L. It’s no surprise that the construction industry is big, but did you know that some of the biggest construction companies are based in Europe? In fact, the biggest construction company in the world is the Spanish company, ACS.

Shipping Container Artist Retreat

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The first three units were built in 2002 and due to their success, six more were added later. Cove Park is a cluster of buildings that can be used as retreats by artists of all media. It is located on the west coast of Scotland and was built out of recycled shipping containers.

Losing the Broadband Race

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” According to the Times report, the White House estimates that since 2002 expanding Internet access has contributed an average of $34 billion a year to the U.S.

Demolition Revenue Grows through Business Alliances

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Go back to the year the company started, 2002. An innovative approach to business alliances has helped Honc Destruction become the largest demolition contractor in southwest Florida.

MiniHome Solo 40 Could be the Prefab of the Future

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The company has been designing and manufacturing eco-friendly and sustainable prefab homes since 2002, and their latest model offers a great balance between wide market appeal and price.

Modular Chameleon House Adapts to the Environment for Sustainable Efficiency

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After Chameleon House returns to Missouri, it will help to raise awareness of solar energy in the state by being available for tours and research opportunities in the Solar Village , where previous Solar Decathlon entries from 2002, 2005, 2007, and 2009 serve as outreach assets and student housing.

Entergy To Close, Decommission Vermont Yankee In 2014

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Since 2002, the company has invested more than $400 million in the safe and reliable operation of the facility. Entergy acquired the plant from Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation in 2002. Posted by Heidi Schwartz.

Made in the USA: Green Builder Magazine Showcases Xero Flor Green Roof System

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Since 2002, Xero Flor America has installed the system on projects in 38 states, including academic, private residence, commercial, multi-unit residence, municipal, and health facilities.

New Jersey’s CCIT Helps Companies Generate Over $130M In Revenues

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Since the life sciences incubator opened its doors in 2002, tenant companies have generated more than $130 million in revenues during their time at CCIT, and received $385 million in outside funding.

Released Figures for 2012 Workplace Fatalities Show Fewer Deaths Except Construction

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Last year resulted in 4,383 fatalities which is less than a year ago (4,693 in 2011), 10 years ago (5,534 in 2002), and 20 years ago (6,217 in 1992).

Guest Blog – 5 Common Misconceptions About Surety Bonds

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For example, between 2002 and 2013, sureties have covered more than $13 billion in claims, which do not include additional claim expenses that also go in the billions. -->. /* Font Definitions */. font-face.

Wirtz Beverage’s New Illinois HQ Reaches The Finish Line

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One year after its doors closed permanently in 2002, the Town of Cicero purchased the property. IL-based design firm, Ware Malcomb , has completed work on the new 605,000 square foot corporate headquarters for Wirtz Beverage Illinois (WBI), the state’s leading beverage-alcohol distributor.

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Software Vendor Bentley Systems Declares Intent to Go Public

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Firm took a similar step in 2002 but withdrew plans as market changed. Business Management

Saving Backward

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That''s never changed even when Autodesk purchased Revit Technology Corporation in 2002. It is a common question and the answer is no, Revit does not save backward, to an older version. People often regard saving a file from one format to another as a trivial matter. As software evolves and new features are introduced these new things have no equivalent representation in the older format.

Stalled Conference House Park pavilion renovation moving forward


In 2002, the pavilion in Staten Island’s Conference House Park, which is located in an area that makes it very prone to storm damage, was rebuilt as part of a $14 million park renovation project.

Autodesk University Recap and Top 7 Digital Practice Trends

Sean Burke

In 2002, that was Architectural Desktop, and in 2006 it switched completely to Revit. Autodesk University, a ReCap. As a year-end wrap-up, I’d like to share some thoughts from the events I attended at this year’s Autodesk University.

People: New York

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He has been at the firm since 2002 and is based in New York City GZA has elevated Patrick Mahon to associate principal.