Best and Worst of Commercial Construction Practices in 2009

Commercial Construction

At the beginning of 2009, I don’t think anyone, including a national commercial general contractor like Englewood Construction, was prepared for the twists and turns that would face the commercial construction industry. See the December 2009 issue of Shopping Center Business.

James L. Salmon's Updated CV (January 2009)

Collaborative Construction

Achieving IPD in 3D ™" Collaborative Construction Blog, January 2009. "A James L. Salmon is the President of Collaborative Construction Resources , LLC. Collaborative Construction's innovative IPD in 3D™ program empowers stakeholders in the U.S Construction Industry to utilize collaborative agreements, BIM and lean construction methods to deliver integrated construction services more efficiently and more productively.

James L. Salmon's CV (April 2009)

Collaborative Construction

Creative Lawyer – Collaborative Consultant – Strategic Change Manager. Charismatic and experienced trial attorney, mediator, collaborator and strategic consultant seeking opportunities with innovative organizations interested in achieving integrated project delivery. Increase the efficiency with which your organization delivers or purchases services related to planning, designing, constructing and maintaining facilities and infrastructure of all kinds.

USGBC Making Significant Change to LEED 2009

Green Building Law Update

Green Building Council has just announced that all new projects registering for LEED 2009 beginning on April 8, 2016 will need to satisfy increased minimum energy performance thresholds. The referenced energy standard and modeling requirements in LEED 2009 will not change; buildings falling under the proposed change can use the same methodologies and referenced standards, but will need to earn additional points in order to achieve certification. green building law LEED 2009 USGBC

Sustainable Commercial Construction: Embracing Energy Retrofits

Commercial Construction

Have you seen the 2009 Green Building Survey? If not, take a look at the recent issue of National Real Estate Investor or Retail Traffic as each includes a special supplement called “Why sustainability endures in the face of recession.”.

How to Stop Further Deterioration of Distressed Commercial Assets

Commercial Construction

According to the fall 2009 issue of Development magazine, while hotels and retail properties are the most problematic in terms of default, foreclosure or bankruptcy, office distress is up 118 percent year-to-date in 2009 versus 2008. I’m not going to sugar coat it.

2009 Lakeside Living Expo, Gilford NH

Green Home Design Architect

The 2nd Annual Lakeside Living Expo will be held July 17 – 19, 2009 at the Gunstock Mountain Resort , Gilford, New Hampshire, located on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, less than 90 minutes from Boston and the NH seacoast.

Are You Lining Your Commercial General Contractor’s Pockets?

Commercial Construction

I’ve got to ask, are you still competitively bidding the bulk of your commercial construction projects? Really, you are? Interesting….

Autodesk University 2009

CAD Shack

I received confirmation today that I will be teaching Implementing Revit MEP 2010 A to Z at Autodesk University in December. I hope any readers I have can attend. I aways enjoy teaching at AU, and this one should be good. I am still fleshing things out, but I will be sure to cover everything from setting up line weights and plotting to simple, effective Revit families. The last class I taught for implementing AutoCAD MEP came with an 80 page handout.

Is the Baby Being Thrown Out with the Bathwater in Big Box Retail Construction Projects?

Commercial Construction

With the shuttering of stores like Circuit City and Linens N’ Things, big box retailers looking to gain market share certainly have their choice of vacant store locations in prime markets and shopping centers.

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Five Retail Construction Tips from Zara’s New Magnificent Mile Store

Commercial Construction

As many of you may know, Englewood Construction recently completed Zara’s largest store in the United States at 700 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago. For those familiar with Chicago, you may also know this store offers a prime corner location on the city’s famed Magnificent Mile.

Retail 168

Avoiding Commercial Construction Remodeling Pitfalls.

Commercial Construction

For a number of reasons – usually cost, location or a lease agreement – commercial real estate owners are opting to refresh or remodel their retail stores , restaurants and hotels instead of building new commercial construction projects.

Sato Residence in At Home, West Hawaii Today June 2009 - fins.

Fins Architecture

Sato Residence in At Home, West Hawaii Today June 2009. about. contact. projects. in print. green.

What a Chicago 2016 Summer Olympics Means for Chicago’s Retail and Restaurant Construction Industry

Commercial Construction

There’s no doubt that local businesses will have much to celebrate if on October 2, 2009, Chicago wins the 2016 Summer Olympics bid. But just how would Chicago hosting the Olympics affect the city’s restaurant and retail construction activity ? Here are a couple of my predictions….

But What If Global Warming is All a Hoax?


This was probably the best global warming cartoon I’ve seen. I caught it in yesterday’s USA today which I only read while I’m in the airport for some reason. There should be another guy asking, “But what if it’s true and we don’t do anything.”

don't think: Do Revit: AU 2009! Project Templates


Sunday, November 15, 2009. AU 2009! ▼ 2009. (38). AU 2009! skip to main | skip to sidebar. dont think: Do Revit. My journal of work in Revit as part of a 600+ member architecture firm. Project Templates. Its the final run-up to AU2009.

Designing & Building a Custom Home: Free Seminar November 21, 2009

Green Home Design Architect

Saturday, November 21, 2009 10:00 AM - Noon Bonin Architects & Associates Office 209 Main Street New London, NH 03257 This informative event is perfect for anyone looking for land or has recently purchased land and is interested in building an energy efficient custom home.

Retail Development and Construction: Going Vertical

Commercial Construction

Is Your Vertical Retail Construction Project a Mess or a Success? Some may disagree, but we at Englewood Construction think the challenges commercial developers face in opening a store in a vertical mall are more complex than any other type of retail store construction.

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Retail Development and Construction: Getting Started

Commercial Construction

What Every Developer Should Ask General Contractors During the Retail Construction Bid Process. For my first blog post, a lot of people at Englewood Construction suggested I write about how to choose a retail construction company. But one person said that would be “boiling the ocean.”

Retail 160

AU 2009 Vote For Sessions

CAD Shack

Autodesk needs your help to pick which sessions will be presented at Autodesk University 2009. Proposals for classes have been made and now it is time for the people to decide what makes the final cut. To make your voice heard, go here. I might also mention that I did submit a proposal this year for implementing Revit MEP. If you attended one of my classes in the past, and enjoyed it, I would love to have your support this year.

Revit 40

Commercial Construction Development: Red flags retail developers should look for in vetting a general contractor

Commercial Construction

There’s an old adage, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. That may be true in some life situations, but not when it comes to hiring a firm to complete your next retail construction project.

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Successful Commercial Construction Strategies and Operations: Tip #2

Commercial Construction

Key Steps Commercial Developers Can Take to Ensure Their Contractors are Financially Stable. In today’s market there’s no such thing as too much due diligence – especially when it comes to checking the financial stability of your contractors.

Successful Commercial Construction Strategies and Operations: Tip #1

Commercial Construction

How Developers Can Decrease Operating Costs by Thousands of Dollars. How would you like to “find” thousands of dollars in your operating budget? All you need to do is answer a couple questions. How did you file the documents for your last commercial construction project?

EARTH DAY: Green Generation Campaign, Tuesday, April 22, 2009

Green Home Design Architect

Certainly April 22, 2009 will be a memorable Earth Day, as people around the globe make a concerted effort to become a "Green Generation".

Turner Construction Cost Index down for the Year – But Does it Show the Whole Story?


The Turner Construction Cost Index was released today for the fourth quarter of 2009. However, they are only down 2.07% this quarter versus 5.77% in the first quarter of 2009. And to nobody’s surprise construction costs are down again.

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CM-At Risk at Towson University: $13.5 million project


I attended a pre-bid conference on Thursday November 19, 2009 at Towson University for a CM-at risk project for the r emodel of two residence halls on campus. The technical proposal is due on Tuesday December 8, 2009 at 2 pm and an oral presentation is scheduled for January 12, 2009. .

Risk 130

$10 million Green Roof, photovoltaic, and air handling unit replacement project


Bids will be collected December 30, 2009. . I’m looking to assemble a team consisting of an architect and CM and possibly a mechanical and roofing firm for proposal on a federally funded upgrade project in Philadelphia, PA.

A Glimpse at the “Climategate” Emails


” Email #3: Trenberth e-mail of 12 Oct 2009. There are probably few out there that haven’t heard the term “Climategate” over the last couple of weeks, but what I’m not sure people are aware of is what it is and what information these infamous emails contain.

CAD Shack: Going Live at AU 2009

CAD Shack

Thursday, December 03, 2009. Going Live at AU 2009. Im getting ready to go live with my last presentation here at AU which will happen in 6 hours. I have got to reconnect with some good friends David Butts , Beau Turner , Joe Eichenseer, and Abbie Meador among others. It seems we have had a smaller turn out due to economics but the level of intensity remains the same. There is no better place to be to take your skills to the next level than Autodesk University.

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How Blogs Can Help (Or Hurt) your Construction Business


I think about blogs kind of like that pain in the ass cousin that always wants to go out and throw the baseball, but while you’d rather sit inside and throw back a few stiff ones, you also don’t want to ignore the kid and look like a jerk.

Claims 132

Constructonomics Gets Smoked Again


When I lived in Avon, CO, a little town about ten miles west of Vail ski resort, the local news was a little sparse at ti mes, especially during the summer and fall. I found myself, on a few occasions, reading up on the pre-season performance of the volleyball team at the local middle school.

2009 A/E Industry Forecast Webcast Recap

PSMJ Resources

PSMJ consultants David Burstein and Bill Fanning presented Part 1 of their 2009 A/E Industry Forecast webcast earlier today with a focus on the private sector markets. We won't go through the entire webcast here (you can order it by visiting ) but I did want to take a quick look at some of their market sector forecasts for 2009. Burstein sees excess inventory causing the housing market to continue declining through the first half of 2009.

Top 5 Tweets of Free Construction Education Opps @carolhagen

Carol Hagen

Everyone wants to improve themselves. Why not consider these educational freebies for the CFO, controller, project manager, BIM expert, etc. . Webinar 1/26/2010 Lean Accounting: Aligning Financial Business Controls With Lean: [link] #kaizen #SAP.

I doubt anybody in the Construction Industry Would Do Something Like This – I couldn’t resist


Tell Your Friends

Stimulus Package Update – Sort Of


I went to the site today to get the latest news on the stimulus package and how much has been rolled out in an attempt to save the woefully unemployed from forming a long winding line outside every homeless shelter in the country.

When Does Termination Become Wrongful?


The “Great Recession” has been a godsend for some companies that were looking for a r eason to get rid of people they just didn’t like, but didn’t have a good enough reason to fire. They could just lay them off due to lack of work and blame it on the economy.

The Changing Face of Graduate Degrees in Engineering and Construction


Education is always a very touchy subject in construction. I’ve certainly noticed some unspoken dissention between th e school of hard-knockers and the book-smart engineering kids.