Retail Construction Trends 2010 Update: Outside the Big Box

Commercial Construction

It’s time to revisit another prediction I made last year in my blog post Commercial Constructions Trends to Watch in 2010 — Outside the Big Box. So far, I’ve given myself a B and an “incomplete” in revisiting two of my five commercial construction trends for 2010.

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Best and Worst of 2010: Commercial Construction Trends

Commercial Construction

I’ll say it again, 2010 was a rebuilding year for the commercial construction industry. So I’ve created a commercial construction checklist for what we considered the highs and lows of 2010 commercial construction trends.

2010 Commercial Construction Trends Update: Work for Niche Retail Stores

Commercial Construction

At the end of 2009, I wrote a blog post called “Commercial Construction Trends to Watch in 2010.” With four months under our belt, I think the time is right to revisit one of the trends I mentioned called “Back on Track” and its relevance to the retail construction industry.

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2 Voter Excuses You Can’t Use in 2010

Carol Hagen

Voting is a privilege and should be a top priority of every US citizen. Your vote only counts if you participate and cast your ballot. So what are you waiting for? Here are the two most popular voter excuses and the websites that address them. Not Familiar with the Candidates?

Best of Green Building Law 2010, Part I - Green Building Law Update

Green Building Law Update

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What Was the Cost of Construction of the 2010 Olympics


I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the likes of Lindsay Von, Bodie Miller, and Apolo Anoton Ohno rake in medals at the Olympics in Vancouver this year.

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Best in Green Buiding Law 2010, Part II : Green Building Law Update

Green Building Law Update

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Lead Generation: Best Practices for Construction Markets Webcast

Construction Marketing Blog

The webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 12 pm CST. A webcast panel discussion entitled Lead Generation Best Practices for Construction is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website.

Five Predictions for Commercial Construction Trends in 2011

Commercial Construction

By Thanksgiving of 2009, there was a trickle of new drawings coming in, which increased to a steady flow throughout 2010. And from what we hear and see, 2011 should be even better than 2010.

How to Measure Construction Marketing Results: The Newest Rules

Construction Marketing Blog

Following is the complete whitepaper following the November 15, 2010 Construction Marketing Association webcast on Measuring Construction Marketing Results.

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Happy Holidays 2010

Revit OpEd

I wish everyone who stops by this corner of the blog world Happy Holidays and all the best in the coming new year! If you are traveling then I'll add a wish for patience and a safe journey!

Construction Leads – So Many Leads, So Little Time!

Construction Marketing Blog

In October 2010, RCD put out a press release stating Dodge admitted in court that it paid others to access the RCD database, which is supposed to be available only to customers.

Top 10 for 2k10 – In Construction Of Course


Actually after further review, I found that McGraw-Hill construction forecast is predicting construction starts to increase by 11% in 2010. And the number 1 thing to look forward to in the construction industry for 2010… 1. I have a new year’s resolution.

Measuring Marketing Results: Best Practices for Construction Webcast

Construction Marketing Blog

The recent survey of construction marketers ranked measuring results of marketing as their top priority for 2011 , beating out all priorities including internet and social media. Clearly in a difficult market, marketing is under increased scrutiny to prove results and justify budgets.

The Newest Rules of PR: Distribution Options

Construction Marketing Blog

( CMA FOCUS SERIES: PUBLICITY : PART 2 of 2). Per the prior post, the popularity and use of free publicity historically increases when the economy tanks. In the midst of this seemingly extended downturn, PR is certainly gaining priorit y in the construction marketing mix.

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Free Marketing E-Newsletter Now Available!

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Register for BuzzSaw™ , a free eNewsletter from the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) covering tips and ideas, white papers and insights into Construction Marketing Best Practices ! Registration is fast and easy. Register Here.

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The Ultimate Office Design Build Case Study – Us!

Commercial Construction

In my last blog post, I hinted we had big news to reveal. So it is with great pride that I announce the completion of our most successful Chicago design build office construction job to date – the new headquarters of Englewood Construction!

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Home Center Retail Opportunities for Construction Brands

Construction Marketing Blog

Many construction brands in building materials, fixtures, supplies, tool and related categories sell to industrial or pro channels of distribution, as well as retail home centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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How Does Your Construction Brand Rate?

Construction Marketing Blog

Construction Brand Internet Index, CBII - Top 25 Construction Brands. The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces the Construction Brand Internet Index (CBII). A comprehensive rating of the internet presence of top construction brands based on over 50 variables.

Construction Marketing Secret: Architecture Billings a Leading Indicator of Construction

Construction Marketing Blog

by Kermit Baker and Diego Saltes. Analysis of the Relationship Between A Billings Index and Construction Spending.

Construction Marketing Training Programs Available

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Marketing Association offers a number of marketing training programs to association member companies, each developed by experts from our Construction Marketing Institute. The programs are delivered on-site, at your offices.

New Product Launch Checklist

Construction Marketing Blog

Improving the effectiveness of a new product launch is of critical importance to most companies and brands as new product development costs can be stratospheric, coupled with extremely high failure rates. Some estimates of new product failure as high as 90%!

Quick Market Testing and Key Marketing Measurements Using Pay-Per-Click Search

Construction Marketing Blog

by Eric Gagnon. Print direct mail is a powerful means for market-testing sales copy, promotions, pricing, and other critical aspects of your marketing program.

Commercial Construction Building Material Costs: Buy Now or Later?

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction contractors can save clients thousands of dollars by knowing the right time to buy certain materials. I heard a Home Depot ad on the radio recently targeted to commercial general contractors that made me pause.

Lessons from BP: The Ultimate Checklist for Commercial Construction Preventive Maintenance

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction preventive maintenance. If there’s one thing everyone involved in the BP Deepwater Horizon rig explosion can agree on, it’s that it could have been prevented.

Best Posts of 2010

Help Everybody Everyday

This week I’m reflecting on the posts from 2010 that I felt represented the best that we published. Did any of these post help you in 2010? Last week you saw the most popular Help Everybody Everyday posts. How to Get Published in ENR. After meeting with the editor-in-chief of Engineering News Record (ENR), several ENR writers, and public relations professionals; I set out to get my firm in ENR. After I accomplished this, I wrote about it in a two part series.

Construction Project Managers Go Mobile

Carol Hagen

Update September 27, 2010: Project Manager views Job Alerts on iPad using Corecon Mobile. Update: Project Manager uses iPhone to access construction documentation. Construction Project Managers main line of communication is their mobile device.

Success with Google AdWords: Developing Killer Content for Effective B2B Lead Generation Programs

Construction Marketing Blog

by Eric Gagnon.

Augmented Reality Now: How 3D Visualization is Changing the Construction Industry

Carol Hagen

Today we’d like to welcome a Guest Post from James Benham , president of SmartBidNet and JBKnowledge who has graciously contributed his time and expertise to share this article with our readership.

Groups and Chapters Offer Leadership and Networking

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) has a number of Groups and Committees, along with regional and local Chapters with leadership and networking opportunities.

Association to Study Media Usage of Contractors and Construction Firms

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces a new research study initiative to identify how contractors and construction firms use media in the search and selection of construction related products and services.

How Marketing Won the 2010 Midterm Elections

Help Everybody Everyday

The 2010 midterm elections were no exception. Sestak and Toomey battle it out through television ads. . I’m not going to take political sides in this post, but rather make a few observations about the power of marketing to influence our decisions.

A Marketing Planning Checklist

Construction Marketing Blog

Marketing plans come in a number of “shapes and sizes”, from a detailed strategic marketing plan with extensive market segmentation and competitive intelligence, to an annual tactical plan with budgets and calendars, to a plan in support of a new product launch.

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Engineering News-Record (ENR) The Top 400 Contractors

Construction Marketing Blog

Description: ENR’s 2009 Top 400 Contractors ranks the 400 largest General Contractors by 2008 revenue. This is a comprehensive package of data and analysis that contains the previous year’s rankings and percentage of revenue by market.

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Commercial Construction Best Practices: How Not to be the Class Dunce

Commercial Construction

Now is a good time to study up on sustainable construction, like this wind turbine install at Sloan Valve. As I recently watched my kids head back in school, it got me thinking that if I could do it all over again, I would have applied myself a little bit more in school—as I think most of would.

What Is It With Kids These Days?


Tell Your Friends


Most Popular Posts of 2010

Help Everybody Everyday

Personally, I feel I could have been a little more productive in 2010. So it should come as no surprise to me that many of the most popular Help Everybody Everyday posts in 2010 focused on improving your productivity. Here’s the top five most-viewed posts of 2010. I believe 2010 was the year that having all you data synced among your devices became doable. The post Most Popular Posts of 2010 appeared first on Help Everybody Everyday.

Survey Results! Lead Generation for Construction

Construction Marketing Blog

Our recent (November 2010) survey about lead generation in construction conducted by the Construction Marketing Association via SurveyMonkey posed the following questions: 1) What lead generation techniques or sources do you use in marketing to the construction industry? Lead Generation is Important!

What Wal-Mart in Pullman Means for Chicago Retail and Restaurant Construction … and My Heart

Commercial Construction

The recent Chicago City Council approval of a second Wal-Mart in the city limits is excellent news for Chicago’s commercial construction industry. History shows commercial developers do well opening new big box retail stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot or Best Buy near Wal-Marts.

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Google Loves LinkedIn

Carol Hagen

Google loves LinkedIn and I’ve been including this fact in many powerpoint presentations and national speaking engagements for over a year now. There’s more to this love than how Google searches LinkedIn profiles.