Denver RTD Manages Massive Infrastructure Development with Aconex

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Denver''s Regional Transit District uses Aconex to manage complex project data spread across multiple agencies and teams. Related Posts: President’s Pen Pushes Broadband Infrastructure Development It’s All In The Bag Finding Money for the World’s Crumbling Infrastructure Top Engineers Call for Some Serious Infrastructure Work Prescient Takes Light Steel to New Levels and Efficiencies. Case Studies

Aconex Restructures as the MArket for SaaS supporting Collaborative Construction Grows

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Paul Wilkinson on his Extranet Evolution Blog has a post up analyzing the reported restructuring at Aconex. The players in the SaaS that enabled collaboration in construction continue to jockey for position.

Oracle buys Aconex

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Interesting development in the construction technology space with Oracle buying Aconex. I've been a fan of Aconex for a long time. Oracle buys Aconex James L. The link below is to the Oracle press release. This should serve as a wake up call to the built industry generally.


Aconex Touts Integration With New Field App

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Software maker for big engineering and construction firms is joining an increasingly crowded field of tablet apps for project management.providers. Technology

Will Aconex* figure it out before the others?


In these last five years companies like Aconex have built a reasonable following within AEC and digital (online) project environments do exist on most large(ish) projects, however, no real BIM aspects have made in into them*.

New mobile application can enhance the processes for the construction sectors

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Aconex field application , a web-based field management tool, introduced by Aconex, is very useful to detect construction deformities as well as other faults on iPad at the jobsite. The product is accessible as a separate product or with the Aconex online alliance platform. The Web-based field-management app is available either as a standalone product or with the Aconex Online Collaboration Platform, and can run on iOS or Android devices.

Online Collaboration Providers Growing

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ACONEX and 4Projects, two entities well represented in Collaborative Construction's LinkedIn Group, Collaborative BIM Advocates are growing despite tough economic times. The article linked below describes growth enjoyed by 4Projects, but the chart that accompanies the article reveals ACONEX continues to grow as well.

There’s a Construction App for That

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Aconex Aconex Works with paid Aconex software As we continue to investigate the ways in which contractors are utilizing mobile technology to be more efficient, CBO takes a second look at mobile apps—from collaboration tools targeted at contractors to simple practical tools that might come in handy on a jobsite. These 10 apps offer features that will save time and prevent hassles.

70% Global Construction Growth Expected by 2025

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This report, sponsored by Aconex, estimates that the construction volume all over the globe will grow up to $15.0

BIM 360: One small step forward for Autodesk = Two huge steps backwards for the global AEC industry


This is the case of Autodesk biting in the pie currently shared between Microsoft, Aconex and a conglomerate of smaller document management systems on the market. Last week I went to an Autodesk Event.

Don’t shoot for Paperless – Go Drawingless!


I believe, that, it is the way objects are represented that is important, as opposed to what they are represented on; Many practitioners claim to be going BIM way by loading up zillions of sheets of digital files onto Aconex instead of printing them.

DebunkTheBIM: Reconstructing drawing-sets and the case of the.


DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people. I believe that hands-on manipulating of project information by all project participants is the key to achieving any meaningful improvement of the AEC industry operating within the post-gambling-era.