ArchiCAD 21 – New Stair Tool


My dear, beloved, ArchiCAD and Graphisoft. Sorry Graphisoft, I can’t get enthusiastic about your new stair tool.

Revit Beginners: An ArchiCAD Blogger

Revit Beginners

An ArchiCAD Blogger. Miguel Krippahl of Portugal is an ArchiCAD user and blogger who wants to know where are the ArchiCAD blogs are so if you find one or want to start one drop him a line. ArchiCAD vs Revit. ArchiCAD. An ArchiCAD Blogger. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Revit Beginners. Ive been teaching our office how to use Revit Architecture.

I am in love with the Archicad Marquee.


encouraging software tribalism) – here is a challenge: I’ll show you mine (Archicad marquee), you show me yours (spatial filtering device); I use the marquee a lot – to examine parts of the building I am interested in. That tells you a lot about my life I guess.

DebunkTheBIM: Now, these are nice! (Archicad at its best)


Archicad at its best). Archicad at its best). DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

Vectorworks and ArchiCAD

CAD Shack

Yesterday Nemetschek (makers of Vetorworks) announced plans to aquire Graphicsoft (makers of ArchiCAD). I guess I could say more than I think Archiworks sounds better than VectorCAD. They are both strong programs with good followings and I believe getting together now is a smart move for both. Although, it kinda feels like the Geeks and the Goths just banded togther to compete with the popular kids. Good luck Geeks and Goths, I can't wait to see your Prom picture.

The “BIM Vendor” Problem? New Graphisoft-Archicad White Paper

Building Information Management

Okay, I know they are trying… “they” being major “BIM” vendors such as Autodesk/Revit…and a far second Graphisoft/Archicad. And BIM is really the “life-cycle managemen of a facility (any built structure) supported by digital technology” So… back the recent Graphisoft – Archicad white paper titled “Is your firm positioning for growht and greater differentiation?” Get_There_Faster_With_ArchiCAD.

Aussie_BIM vs the UK_BIM, AKA the global BIM leaders (When and why had Graphisoft given up on their Australian ArchiCAD users?)


See, once upon a time, some decade or so ago – BIM (or VC) and Graphisoft (with ArchiCAD) were doing very well in Australia (and New Zealand)! My point is, Graphisoft and ArchiCAD were doing OK in OZ then.

I’m onto some rose-coloured BIM issues…and here is a tip for ArchiCAD users as a bonus


Having recently stepped onto one-too-many toe – I’ve been warned to tone my blog down a bit… I’m not in a huge hurry to oblige; it would cramp my style a lot.

BIM For Facility Managment – FM

Building Information Management

3D visualization tools, such as Revit, Archicad, Bentley, etc. Uncategorized active archicad bas Bentley Systems BIM building Built Environment CAFM capital reinvestment CMMS considerations cPMS digital technology.

Digital Deals: AECOM, Arrow foster digital transformation, InEight acquires AI scheduler

Construction Dive

Plus, ArchiCAD paired with Solibri's Model Checker and Viewpoint added Prophix' corporate performance management software to its Strategic Partner program

BIM Objects, Data, and Information – More than a 3D Pretty Picture – Soooo Much More!

Building Information Management

A picture paints a thousand words, but never underestimate the power of text. Adapted from Source: Stefan Mordue, Technical Author and Architect. BIM objects are much more than just graphical representations.

DebunkTheBIM: Biased and proud of it


Something that first occurred to me more than a dozen years ago when I still drove AutoCAD as a pro too: Archicad was made for the thinkers and doers, the hands-on solution makers. DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

BIM 52

DebunkTheBIM: A bit more of a balance would be nice.


Pristine even, no evil promoters have managed to crack into the company’s MS Office or Outlook, nor GS’s Archicad/ Autodesk’s Revit. DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

DebunkTheBIM: 'Now, that IS clever!'


I found it in Archicad’s Object Depository while searching for something else. DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

BIM 52

Revit Beginners: Malleristic Revitation

Revit Beginners

He has experience with Gehry Technologies Digital Project (V1, R2), Vectorworks, ArchiCAD, and ADT. ArchiCAD vs Revit. ArchiCAD. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Revit Beginners. Ive been teaching our office how to use Revit Architecture. This blog will highlight some of the common questions and cool tips found in the process of transitioning our office to Revit. Thursday, April 19, 2007. Malleristic Revitation. Aaron Maller has a new Revit blog, Malleristic Revitation.

Revit 40

Can you adjust the slopes in Revit? The guys at my work say, you can’t.


Don’t bother by offering me other, Autodesk-compatible earthworks software, for the one-eyed ArchiCAD agitator I am, this is a race with 2 horses. Preferably, well beyond ArchiCAD’s, give something for those Hungarian developers to sink their teeth into!

Keeping your PDF’s in check – an absolute necessity for successful BIM-ming on any scale


ArchiCAD is my tool of choice and I really enjoy how it handles PDF’s within its BIM models. ArchiCAD imports PDF’s as Drawings (as opposed to images) 2. ArchiCAD allows one to use the Trace&Reference with PDF’s the same way as with any other drawing element.

Please don’t clean up my wall intersections.


I should start with a disclaimer: I model in Archicad 13; That is whenever I need to assess something quickly and am not constrained by other project-needs nor the limitations of the software itself. It is an issue for me, because I use Archicad 13.

Here is why Autodesk’s monopoly over the Global AEC is not good, not even for Autodesk:


I’ve been known for criticizing Autodesk for many years and people tend to brush it off as ‘sour grapes’ – me being jealous that they’ve beaten Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD into ground – the current software of my choice.

Report on BIM & the Bottom Line Event

Collaborative Construction

The publicly available real project data was provided by aba Architects in Archicad software. BIM software platforms used by team members included REVIT Civil, REVIT MEP, Archicad, Rhino/BIM, Solibiri, CATIA, Tekla Structure, and FM Systems’ facilities management software.

BIM 182

Doing BIM right: My way or the highway!


This fact brought home the realisation, that it is exactly 20 years since I bought my first ArchiCAD licence. Main, modelling tool must be ArchiCAD; Revit is a dog, and if you are not going for Revit for political reasons, might as well go with the best tool still on the market.

Tekla Campus Program

Collaborative Construction

I''ve used Kimon Onuma''s software package in the past as well as Archicad, Revit and Navisworks so I''m glad to get on the Tekla platform too. As many readers know I am teaching a portion of the Msc BIM Strategy Course through Middlesex University in London.

BIM 141

“I just don’t really understand what’s the point using this?”


This little-battle is between Archicad and me – I repeatedly ignore the creators’ hints to use the product in-a-certain-way and force it ‘kicking and screaming’ to perform tasks I dream-up. Asks Gergely, who I presume to be a ‘model purist’.and

Same, same but different – My mother is not getting paperfreeconstruction, the concept.


I documented full houses in 3D ArchiCAD 20 years ago in our design studio, while she looked after our children. My mother has been a solid supporter of my BIM journey over the last 3 decades.

BIM 67

Humpty Dumpty BIM

Collaborative Construction

When a BIM consists of 2 parts Revit, 1 part Bentley, 1 part Tekla, and 3 parts Archicad, owners cannot assemble an in-house team capable of re-assembling the federated BIM, much less extracting relevant data and leveraging it over time in operations and maitenance.

BIM 164

The Focus of BIM Education: A Time for Change

Building Information Management

Using Revit, Archicad, or other 3d modeling software is NOT an introduction to BIM, but rather a component of BIM. BIM, Building Information Modeling, education is not being practiced effectively, if at all, in many/most educational institutions.

It’s not called ‘the Browser’ for nothing.


Some are more powerful than others, the two I use regularly are Revit’s Browser and Archicad’s Navigator. Call me biased (by now, you know I am): I favour Archicad’s: NAVIGATOR. and I hope its counterpart’s name has been chosen carefully too.

Archie*, the construction bácsi**


Archie is the cheap version of Archicad, customised for Contractors. Archie’s workspace is partitioned into 4 panels, each colour coded for easy navigation: Modelling and Coordination: the panel is white with the original-orange coloured grid of ArchiCAD (note spell!)

Filled out a car-lease form today.


In Archicad. Today, at the end of a long working day, I’m too droopy to do all of these steps and pull the form into Archicad. No joke. The form came as a jpeg. Typically I’d print it off, hand-write the data, scan it back to the sender.

PDFs and BIM: A trilogy of posts investigating what the PDF format’s role may be in strategies transitioning the industry to BIM? First part: PDFs within current AEC – Important yet neglected?


In the past, I have written about ArchiCAD’s (Graphisoft) excellent ability to handle PDF’s, both in quantity and quality – the second applying to the quality of work offered to the users.

DebunkTheBIM: Open BIM? Are we living on the same planet.


Archicad and Tekla are old enough to know this. My everyday work IFC is working well but I'm using ArchiCAD and engineer is using Tekla Structure. With some care, I was able to export useable IFC files from ArchiCAD. DebunkTheBIM.

CostX® 3.50 version is useful for BIM users

Construction Cost Estimating

The software is compatible with the leading 3d design packages like Revit®, Archicad®, Microstation®, Tekla® and Google Sketchup® as well as all standard 2D drawings. CostX® is the most recognized BIM estimating solution to look at and takeoff from 3D/BIM models (including IFC).

BIM 69

Another example why it is better to stay out of BIM surveys…


Autodesk products are conveniently bundled together – not so ArchiCAD and Vectorworks (owned by the same company: Nemetschek). However the high number using ArchiCAD reflects the strong hold this company holds over the architect and architectural designer market (81% of respondents).

CAD 56

Today’s Global BIM is in worse shape than the one we started off 20 years ago (Note to myself: Brace for hate-mail)


Internet was in its very early stage and emails still clunky, but the ArchiCAD worldwide support group moderated by Djordje Grujic was legendary.

Purpose (designed and) built for Architects


Ten years ago I amazed the local Archicad supplier by a colourful CV fully prepared on Plotmaker. quite a clumsy plotting tool related-to but not part of Archicad) These days I choose my tools according to what they can do.

How (not) to promote a BIM Summit?


Anyone that knows something about BIM and the fierce lobbying that is going on in it must agree with me on the following point though: It is slightly bizarre, if not outright stupid to promote an ‘Autodesk flavoured event’ with images of buildings created in ArchiCAD!

Revit 61

The mighty zone tool – poetry in BIM-ming


I’ve been besotted by ArchiCAD’s ‘zone tool’ lately. I had not always been a fan of it, early in my career, seriously disliked it even, mainly because of its ugly, big zone-stamp.

Choosing the right BIM software by tossing a coin


There has been a long debate going on a LinkedIn group under the title ‘ArchiCAD vs Revit’ (see link below) so far over 1400 comments ….

A Cautionary Tale

Collaborative Construction

Read the whole thing Anyone that''s every received a Humpty Dumpty BIM in Navisworks that links to dumb pictures of the Tekla and Archicad models, and other modeling packages knows how difficult it is to make modern software tools play nice. Truth. It''s the new hate speech. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

BIM 109

Standards are Unicorns

Revit OpEd

After reading his essay see if you understand why Revit is different from AutoCAD, and Microstation, and ArchiCAD, and. Pointed to it by Don Rudder (with Case ), I read this post titled Programming Sucks on the blog Still Drinking yesterday and loved it, I particularly liked this line: The first few weeks of any job are just figuring out how a program works even if you''re familiar with every single language, framework, and standard that''s involved, because standards are unicorns.