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Blockchain Articles Galore!

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The iEEE Spectrum report excerpted and linked below provides links to a plethora of interesting article on the blockchain. Anyone interested in the blockchain needs to bookmark that page and spend the next few weeks reading an article each day.

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Excellent IPD Article

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Below is an excerpt from the article followed by a link to the full article. Always glad to see construction professionals with boots on the ground recognize the value of integrated project delivery.

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An Excellent Blockchain Article on Property Rights

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The article excerpted below deserves your full attention if you have any interest the future of real estate. The blockchain today performs the same function that a record of ownership provided in the 11th century BC.

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Education Articles Building Enclosure CONDENSATION CONTROL Continuing Education high performance buildings insulation materials Lorne Ricketts RDH Building Science Inc.

CEU Article

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Education Articles Add new tag Continuing Education LEED AP Credential LEED v4 life cycle assessment SABMag SabMagazine sustainable architecture and building Life cycle thinking in construction is now more important than ever.

Another Marcellus Shale Article

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The article linked below details the relatively low impact of natural gas extraction in the Macellus Shale in western Pennsylvania. The oil & gas industry continues to run circles around "green energy" programs from a job creation perspective. Fracking PA Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! James L. Salmon, Esq. Collaborative Construction 300 Pike Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Summary of Services and James L.

Wicked Tools Article

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This month I will be submitting the next Wicked article for publication in the AUGIWorld Magazine. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! The title, in the current draft, is "Wicked Tools" and I plan on covering innovative technologies, legal agreements and business processes that serve as wicked tools in the BUILT environment.

CEU Article: Designing buildings for real performance

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The next great leap in the design of sustainable buildings is measuring and reporting the operational building performance. Traditionally design teams have ensured buildings are built as designed but have had limited involvement in the operation of a building.

Another energy article

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Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! We've got to start thinking in terms of bridging the gap between renewable energy resources - i.e. those not ready for prime time - and fossil fuels. Affordable energy is the key to economic success. We have enormous resources in North America and we need to leverage them. The nonprofit Institute for Energy Research says there are more than 1.7 trillion barrels of recoverable oil in North America, compared with Saudi Arabia's 260 billion barrels.

Another shale gas article

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Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! When writers at the NYT begin to climb on board the train is REALLY leaving the station. Even if the writer is a faux conservative like Brooks. Already shale gas has produced more than half a million new jobs, not only in traditional areas like Texas but also in economically wounded places like western Pennsylvania and, soon, Ohio. If current trends continue, there are hundreds of thousands of new jobs to come. Read the whole thing James L. Salmon, Esq.

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Green Jobs Article

Collaborative Construction

The article linked below highlights the need for green solutions to be economically feasible. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! The excerpt summarizes the attitude of many green energy advocates that government mandates and government regulations will be required to enable the industry to compete with fossil fuels.

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BUILT - BIM to FM Article Published in BIM Journal

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I wrote an article for the BIM Journal titled, " BUILT - BIM to FM, What Owners Want ".

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Great IPD Article from Boiled Architecture

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The article, linked below, does a great job of explaining to owners why they should insist on a more integrated and collaborative delivery model. The article reinforces my mantra of a the need for a new legal framework that supports and enables BIM and IPD. The article, which explains the image below, is well worth your time.

London Business Article re Middlesex University's MSc BIM Management Course

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The full article is found on page 5 of the September edition of London Business Matters. David Philp, head of the BIM Implementation Cabinet in the UK spoke at the launch of Middlesex University''s MSc BIM Management course in London.

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Live Cost Planning - Article by a QS Who Gets BIM!

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Below is a diagram excerpted from the newsletter/article linked below. Authored by David Mitchell, the Director and 5D Quantity Surveyor for Mitchell Brandtman , the article nails the reasons why 4D - the time element in BIM - and 5D - the cost element in BIM - are so critical.

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13 most popular articles of 2017

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Summary: With 2018 approaching, let’s take a look back at the most popular articles published on this blog over the last year. In case you missed any of them, lets take a look back at some of the most popular articles. I hope you’ve found the articles helpful.

Another geopolitical chess match article on oil & gas

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I authored several blot posts on the topic and posted links to several articles related to the geopolitical implications of the. Keep the foregoing thoughts in mind as you read the linked article below. As regular readers know I flogged the oil & gas boom in the US on a regular basis last summer. Several a collected at this Chess Search Link for anyone interested in a trip down memory lane.

Popular Mechanics' Article on the Bakken in North Dakota

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Popular Mechanics Article on the Bakken in North Dakota. Below is a link to an excellent article detailing a number of interesting technical and economic issues related to the development of the Bakken in North Dakota. Popular Mechanics' Article on the Bakken in North. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

BUILT BIM to FM Article Published in BIM Hub's BIM Journal

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Below is a link to the first in a series of articles I''ll be writing for the BIM Journal. The article tackles the topic of what owners want from BIM. The next article will outline the cultural challenges the built industry faces as it struggles to adopt, deploy and leverage BIM.

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Another CFL Bulb Article of Interest

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Here is another CFL Bulb article as a follow on to the earlier post below. This article details certain research indicating the gases surrounding hot CFL bulbs may cause cancer. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! Given the propencity for plaintiffs lawyers to comission "studies" to support the law suits they file - the autism "caused" by vaccines fraud being Exhibit A - I'm skeptical. In fact, claims that cell phones, microwave ovens, PCBs, etc.

Cloud Computing and BIM – Article 2012 – TME

Building Information Management

Cloud Computing and BIM - TME Article 2012. The increasingly competitive financial. and environmental landscape requires. public and private institutions to further. maximize facility planning and management. Technologies such as Building Information. Modeling (BIM) and Cloud Computing.

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12 Articles to Guide You to Better Equipment Management

Construction Business Owner

Use the articles below to guide you into a smarter, more efficient 2017 From knowing how to choose the right attachment for a specific job to finding uses for idle equipment, the way you manage your jobsite and the equipment on it can have a significant effect on your company’s bottom line.

7 Mind Marketing Articles Worth Reading

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Here are some of the best mind marketing articles from around the web. If you liked this article, please subscribe below or on the right side of the homepage. How The Mind Really Works: 10 Counterintuitive Psychology Studies. 3 Psychological Triggers that Can Move Your Audience from Indifference to Desire. What Pricing Strategy Beats Discounts? 7 Social Psychology Studies to Help You Convert Prospects into Paying Customers. Catch a Liar with the This/That Trap.

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CEU Article - TOP TEN ways to get a greener building

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Education Articles Miscellaneous CONTINUING EDUCATION UNIT ARTICLE LCA LEED Morrsion Hershfield ways to get a greener building

WEB EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: Prefabrication in wood

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Early Modern architects shared the conviction that industrial production, with its virtues of economy and efficiency, could be harnessed to better the living conditions of ordinary people. Thus in their vision of a new and more democratic world, they saw technology as a means to a greater social end.

CEU Article: Pushing the Envelope - The Need for Enhanced Commissioning

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Building Case Studies Education Articles BE Cx CONTINUING EDUCATION UNIT ARTICLE Jamie McKay JE Dunn Jeremy Carkner LEED Platinum NC Morrison Hershfield Ltd Oregon Health & Science University Set goals, check goals, meet goals.

Top 10 Articles on Construction Business Owner in 2015

Construction Business Owner

Four of CBO 's top 10 articles in 2015 concentrated on finding and keeping hard workers who would improve your company’s bottom line In 2015, employee training and retention was on every business owner’s mind.

Shale Gas - WSJ Article "The Facts About fracking"

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The article linked below purports to reveal "The Facts about Fracking". Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! This is another shale gas related post that should be tucked away in your memory. The economic development angle is the key to the shale gas plays from my perspective. As recently as 2000, shale gas was 1% of America's gas supplies; today it is 25%. Prior to the shale breakthrough, U.S.

USA Today Expands APIs to Include Articles Back to 2004

Construction Dive

Featured Articles. USA Today Expands APIs to Include Articles Back to 2004. The latest dataset that the newspaper has exposed is Articles, where you can use the USA Today API to access feeds and present it to your users in ways that you want. Register / Login.

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Bad Schedule Article Follow Up: Is Schedule Manipulation a Problem?

Construction Dive

By Paul Levin, PSP In last week's issue I penned an article about schedules, trying to make the point that there are schedules that may not conform to best practices but still serve the purpose of helping a contractor to effectively plan and manage a project.

AU Tech Talk Articles

CAD Shack

My new favorite article is this one on Revit MEP Calculations. The AU Web Site is a great site for information not only on classes but technical information as well. The guy who wrote looks like a sea cucumber or a cartoon character. or something. Revit MEP BIM How To Resources Autodesk News

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Shared Parameter Article at AEC Bytes

Revit OpEd

Daniel Stine wrote an article recently for AECbytes. Since I recently wrote a series of posts about them I thought I'd mention yet another source of information about them. Check it out! Shared Parameters Dept. of Echo


CAD Shack: Revit Parameters - AUGIWorld Article

CAD Shack

Revit Parameters - AUGIWorld Article. I have an article in the current issue of AUGIWorld. Do you have any contact information, I tried e-mailing you regarding the article and it bounced back, please post your e-mail address. Articles in the Attic. Articles in the Attic.

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Cabin Life Feature Article on Award-Winning Cottage

Green Home Design Architect

The article titled “Mini Retreat, Maximum Fun” describes how our remodeled cottage reuses as much of the original material as possible, makes the most out of layout and storage, and creates an ultra-fun spot for entertaining guests on beautiful Pleasant Lake in New London, NH.

Article of Interest


I'm not usually a big fan of the Architecture critic our local rag here in Philly, but for once she has a decent article: Changing Skyline: Building a McMini Interestingly they're using SIPS, which is what we intend for our house (see previous post).

VIEWPOINT Article - Connect-i-City: Well-being through connectedness

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Cities around the world are looking to urban wellness as a key to their prosperity. Edmonton’s recent City Centre competition builds on this idea, taking advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to shift the city towards a truly sustainable future.

A Construction Industry Revolution article published in Voice Magazine!

Collaborative Construction

Salmon and Rich Cardwell have co-authored an article just published in The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Summer, 2008 The Voice Magazine. The article can be found on pages 35-40 of the online version of the magazine. Link to the article A Construction Industry Revolution only. The founders of Collaborative Construction Resources , LLC and Construction Owner Resource , LLC, James L.

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New Article: The Importance of Regular Invoicing

Construction Lawyer Blog

James Zahn and Shawn Goodman have authored an article for Licensed Architect entilted The Importance of Regular Invoicing. This article, at page 10 of the Summer 2014 edition, discusses a case where the lack of regular invoicing for a construction project had a major impact on the outcome of the case. contracts litigation mechanics liens