Commercial Debt Collection – How Do I Collect When A Company Owes Me Money?

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects the consumer, not businesses. Most business think that when an account is overdue, then they call up a debt collection agency and the debt will be collected or its deemed bad debt. Writing off the debt is never good.

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Construction Bad Debt What To Do About It

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All construction contractors have experienced the financial pain of bad debt which is defined as a customer who refuses to pay no matter what you do. Oddly enough most of them paid the debt years later and all of them were very appreciative that we treated them with courtesy and respect.

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Collaborative Construction Blog: Green Buildings = Benjamin Green!

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The blog post excerpted and linked below references a new study demonstrating LEED certified bank branches generate more revenue and save the owner significant sums, per employee, on utility / energy costs. Eating the rich won't solve our debt crisis. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

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constructionattorneyblog: Waivers of liens: fraud

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The Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois recently ruled that a contractor who falsified waivers of lien engaged in fraudulent conduct and his debt to the bank was non-dischargeable. constructionattorneyblog. Attorneys at Sabo & Zahn. Sabo & Zahn. Werner Sabo. Werner Sabo is a partner at the construction law firm of Sabo & Zahn in Chicago.

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HUD Jumpstarts PACE Financing for Homes

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Last week the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs released new guidance, changing their previous positions, now widely allowing residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

Some secrets of surviving 28 years in business

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Debt is a pain. Bank debt can be a killer. While I fear our business has too much debt, thankfully most of the it isn’t the type that can be destructive. Can you change your marketing habits. It takes effort at the start, but the rewards will last you for decades.

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Panic, carnage and patience: Steps to take to manage and win with risk and reward in business and marketing

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You don’t want to lose your house because the bank takes it when your business fails. This touches on how big a mortgage to allow and whether you personally have secured your business debt. What can you do to avert/prevent business stress and crisis.

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PACE Programs are Stepping Up the Pace

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The concept is not new, but nationally, residential PACE programs generally have been put on hold or foregone as a result of concerns of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks, that issued a directive in February 2011 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refrain from purchasing mortgage loans secured by properties with outstanding first lien PACE obligations.

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New Jersey Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Tax-exempt bonds for not-for-profit organizations seeking capital to expand community services can be used to finance land and building acquisitions, new construction and renovations, equipment purchases, debt refinancing and working capital. The Edison Innovation Fund is structured as subordinated convertible debt and benefit technology and life sciences companies by providing growth capital to directly fund uses such as hiring key staff, product marketing and sales.

Construction Bookkeeping Unique Features

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Bank Balance - Un-cleared Checks) = Cash. Bank Account - Escrow Deposits. Bank Account - Operating. Bank Account - Job Deposits. Bank Account - Payroll. Bank Account - Operating. Bank Account - Petty Cash. Bank Account - Payroll.

Commercial Property Execs’ Mood Brightens, Yet Outlook Clouded by Economic, Fiscal Uncertainties, Interest Rate Risks

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debt challenges) and interest rate risks, according to The Real Estate’s Roundtable’s Q1 2013 Sentiment Survey.

Brexit or Fix It?

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The Great Recession produced a debt crisis that exposed the euro as a fake currency backed by a timid and nearly powerless central European bank controlled in Frankfurt.

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Turbocharging Motown’s Recovery

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According to reports, JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, will provide $100 million to help Detroit with housing repairs, blight removal, job training and economic development projects over the next five years.

Contractor Cash Flow Problems Caused By A Bookkeeping Troll

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He was not aware of the extent of the problem because the bookkeeper hid the bounced check notices and intercepted the phone calls from the bank, the angry merchants and suppliers by applying for new credit cards in the contractors name to finance the house of cards.

Contractor's Secretary Does Everything Including Bookkeeping!

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Some Contractors Hire Part Time Secretaries to do everything including construction bookkeeping and then wonder why their company debts keep growing and crushing them. Enter banking transactions including EFT, ACH, NSF, checks, debits and automatic payments. Enter bank deposits.

As Economy Heats Up Your Bookkeeper May Leave For Bigger Better Deal

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External Accounting - The part that provides information to process Payroll and fill out Monthly and Quarterly Tax forms and the Annual Tax Return and to fill out Bank Loan Applications. After A Few Months - The bank started bouncing Fred''s checks.

Steady Optimism Among U.S. Commercial Real Estate Executives, Increased Investor Appetite

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REITs are expected to continue to serve as a leading source of real estate debt and/or equity funding while banks also are projected to boost funding in 2014. Confidence in the banking industry as a primary source of commercial real estate financing has increased by 34% since 2011.

All the Way Back

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Then came the unforgettably scary fiscal storm that arrived with a thunderclap in September 2008, when a conclave of CEOs from the some of the largest banks in the world and Tim Geithner (then head of the Federal Reserve of NY) were summoned by U.S.

Commercial Real Estate To See Moderate Growth In 2016

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There are risks, including the potential for a debt crisis in emerging markets, the further depreciation of the yuan, and continued volatility in global equity markets.

Contractors Use Google Earth Like A Giant Stanley Tape Measure

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Which means if they invest $100 today we would like to see the money back in the company bank account in four years? How will it affect the debt to equity ratio? Save Time And Money By Measuring Job Sites On Google Earth!

Oregon Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Oregon Capital Access Program (CAP): Helps lenders (banks and credit unions) make more commercial loans to small businesses and provides capital for start-up or expansion.

How To Solve Your Biggest Problem

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Many, many overdrafts in my bank account. Other than my mortgage, I’m completely debt free. I set up a new online bank account that transferred $100 from my checking account the day after I was paid.

Optimize Vs. Maximize Construction Company Production

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It sounds crazy but look around you some of your competitors are laughing all the way to the bank and you can too! "If We Have Hundreds of fast, easy and safe ways that can increase your company profits and put more money in the bank to operate and grow your business.

Wyoming Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Loan terms are determined by the economic benefit to the state and the financial capacity of the business to service the debt. The business must provide a bank “letter of credit” to guarantee payment of the bonds. Through this program, qualified businesses can obtain capital in the form of debt or equity financing. For a list of Wyoming economic development agencies that can help with the site selection process, visit our Online Site Seekers’ Guide.

Xero Accounting Online Setup Errors Fixed Fast And Easy!

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Connect your bank and PayPal feeds. We Can Convert The Following To Xero Accounting: Shoe Box Full Of Paperwork, Receipts And Bank Statements. Chart of Accounts Bad Debts. Chart of Accounts Customer Checks Returned From Bank. Bank Reconciliations.

Two-Way Street

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That’s right, China is the piggy bank that has permitted the U.S. Lets face it: when your national debt rapidly is approaching $20 trillion and sitting on the other side of the negotiating table is your largest creditor, waving denial of access to the U.S.

Election Night good for U.S. infrastructure needs

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In Los Angeles County, voters approved $7 billion of debt for repairs to its largest public school system and $3.5 Obama in February proposed an infrastructure bank to invest $60 billion in roads, bridges, and other projects over 10 years. According to two articles on, voters across the country passed a number of initiatives that will help address America's infrastructure needs.

West Virginia Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Working capital loans and the refinancing of existing debt are not eligible. Indirect Loans: The West Virginia Economic Development Authority provides a loan insurance program through participating commercial banks to assist firms that cannot obtain conventional bank financing.

Pity the fool - The Business Facilities Blog - Economic Development.

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The flaw, he explained, was that the banking giants had failed to regulate themselves, causing the intellectual edifice of the modern risk-management paradigm to collapse. So Alan Greenspan is shocked, shocked, that unregulated banks might get so greedy that they would act irresponsibly.

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New York Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI): Provides micro-loans to businesses who often do not qualify for bank loans, as well as one-on-one counseling and business development assistance to facilitate credit-readiness. Typical financing structure: 50% Bank Loan.

Unique QuickBooks Setup For Contractors

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Chart of Accounts Bad Debts. Chart of Accounts Customer Checks Returned From Bank. Bank Reconciliations. QuickBooks For Contractors Setup. We Fix Bad QuickBooks For Contractors Setup Issues.

Unique Tips For Managing Cash Flow In Your Contracting Company

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Furthermore, this cash flow gap may cause you to miss other profit opportunities, damage your credit rating, and force you to take out loans and create debt. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any construction company and especially the ones with annual sales volume under $1,000,000.

SPECIAL REPORT: Steadfast And Strong In The Wake Of Superstorm Sandy

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In addition, New York State will create a dedicated infrastructure bank to help coordinate infrastructure development and investment across the disaster region. The planning processes and expertise of the New York Works Task Force will be embedded into the Bank’s functions.

Service Agreements Can Improve Contractors Cash Flow And Profits

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Owner’s equity is in theory what would be left over if you liquidated the company, sold the assets and paid all of the debts or liabilities. Successful contractors put the cash in another interest bearing bank account and do not transfer any of it until the work is performed.

Global AEC is limping, hobbling. It should be handed over to our children. Turn it back into a viable career choice and let them thrive and contribute to its recovery!


Ending up with nothing but chased by a bank with a half a million dollar GFC-fuelled debt – I set off globetrotting – dragging the family behind.

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Bookkeeper Vs. Accountant Vs. C.P.A. For Your Construction Company

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Their primary function is preparing the annual tax return, performing audits and preparing Certified Financial Statements for bank loans and when a construction contractor requires them before issuing a construction bond. Bank Balance - Un-cleared Checks) = Cash. Why Not All Three?

Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture: Super-Insulated.

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Some banks are offering higher debt-to-income ratios to mortgagees who buy or build highly efficient homes, since they need so much less income to operate it." Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture.

STATE FOCUS: Florida – Let The Sun Shine

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Deutsche Bank. Florida’s thriving financial and professional services industry is getting a boost from Navy Federal Credit Union, Verizon, Deutsche Bank and DTCC. Southwest view of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Photo: Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance.).

Pennsylvania Incentives and Workforce Development Guide

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Pennsylvania Capital Access Program (PennCAP): ( Loan guarantee through participating banks to be used to support a wide variety of business purposes such as land, building, equipment and working capital. Pennsylvania Community Development Bank Loan Program (PCD Bank): ( Debt financing for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Unique Contractor Investment Can Exceed 100% Return

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If You Could Harness And truly understand even half of the information contained within your existing QuickBooks company file and I mean truly understood it, you could easily become a wealthy enough to be debt free and be living the lifestyle you truly deserve in five years or less.