Collaborative Workshops a Bargain!

Collaborative Construction

I feel a lot better about the prices Collaborative Construction charges for services after seeing what the IRS pays for speakers at its conventions! The IRS hired 15 speakers to present at the conference in Anaheim, Calif., including $11,430 for positive psychology guru Shawn Achor — referred to as a "happiness expert" by the sources — to lead a 90-minute workshop and $17,000 for artist Erik Wahl to hold a session that used painting as a learning tool, said those familiar with the report.

Consider Collectively Bargained Workers' Compensation

Construction Business Owner

Collectively bargained workers' compensation gives building trade unions and union contractors the ability to create their own workers' comp system, tailored to their specific needs. You may have also heard of collectively bargained workers' compensation referred to as "carve outs" in the traditional workers' compensation system.


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NLRB reconsiders construction collective bargaining rules

Construction Dive

The National Labor Relations Board may change unions' requirements to prove that a pre-hire deal with a contractor has transformed into a full relationship

How to Get a Bargain When Buying a Compact Excavator

Green Industry Professionals

A little homework can help you get the best deal when buying a compact excavator and other compact equipment

White House Offers Bargain on Tax Cuts, Infrastructure

Construction Equipment

Gene Sperling, the director of President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, said that Obama is offering congressional Republicans “a grand bargain on jobs.” He has said that President Obama would be willing to do corporate tax reform that lowers rates to 28 percent, simplifies taxes for small businesses, but do it together with a major infrastructure investment

Trades Strike in Canada in Tough Bargaining Season

ENR Construction

Sheet metal workers and other trades walk out in Ontario, PEI over work rules; carpenters reach tentative deal on May 10

Bargaining Room v. False Claims: 5 Tips for Negotiation of Construction Claims

Best Practices Construction Law

The issue raises an important question: What should a contractor do during negotiations to allow for some “bargaining room” so as to avoid any appearance of filing a false claim? Earlier this week, a settlement was reached in dispute where the contractor and designer were alleged to have filed false claims with the U.S. Government on two road projects in South Carolina.

Amazon may sign PLA for Virginia HQ2

Construction Dive

With the tech giant nixing its New York plans, Arlington officials may push harder to give local construction unions pre-hire bargaining rights

PCA launches new program for plumbing service contractors

Contractor Magazine

The roundtable was able to pack in sessions on recruiting, training, software, technology, niche markets, inventory, sales and collective bargaining into a one-day session

custom essay to support learners

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Competent writers, significant high-quality, very quickly perform and bargain Our essay producing program is a great method of all school challenges!

Needs Fuel 2018 Wage Gains But Firms Are Wary of the Future

ENR Construction

While increases are modest for most trades, union collective bargaining tensions mount in 2018

Needs Fuel 2018 Wage Gains But Firms Wary of the Future

ENR Construction

While increases are modest for most trades, union collective bargaining tensions mount in 2018

DebunkTheBIM: Is the fight with the 'dragon of building it' more.


I called it previously ‘a drive to grab a bargain’ but maybe a quest to earn a ‘badge of honour’ is more appropriate for the experience I was trying to define previously when I examined how people tended to feel about buildings and construction, and the sort of hardship they were prepared to take on in the name of it. DebunkTheBIM. I am a manager of construction information, tools and people.

BIM 48

Supreme Court Rules on Public Union Fees

Construction Equipment

. . The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that public sector unions for state and local employees can’t force non-members to pay a “fair-share” union fee based on an Illinois law that required non-union workers to pay fees that go to collective bargaining.

Young Dealer Growing His Business the Old-Fashioned Way

Green Industry Professionals

Southern Chainsaw & Mower Parts is easing into equipment sales after establishing itself on high-value service and bargain-priced blades

Wellness is for builders, not just for buildings


While formal regulations, planning, and union collective bargaining agreements have helped address many health and safety risks, more holistic health and wellness issues, such as dehydration, weight management, poor air quality, and stress, are less commonly addressed.

NYC alliance: Janus decision not 'death knell' for unions

Construction Dive

Supreme Court's decision that public-sector employees who are not union members cannot be forced to foot the bill for collective bargaining will not end organized labor in the city A director of a construction group said the U.S.

Update: Seattle Concrete Drivers Approve New Labor Deal

Construction Equipment

A full week after union drivers at CalPortland walked off the job and other Local 174 Teamsters in the sand and gravel industry prepared to do the same, all are now back to work after a deal was reached between the union and the five companies involved in bargaining

Craft Pay Ramps Up As Worker Gaps Grow

ENR Construction

ENR 3rd Quarterly Cost Report: Open shop wages are the highest in decades, while unions take a longer view in bargaining; more NYC residential work is being built nonunion, such as this condo in Brooklyn. Business Management

Not So Severable After All: Third Circuit Lets Courts Determine Arbitration Agreement Existence When Underlying Contract’s Validity Is Challenged


The short-form agreement incorporated by reference two statewide collective bargaining agreements that required MZM to make contributions to the New Jersey Building Laborers’ Statewide Benefits Funds (the Funds). On September 14, the U.S.

Episode 2 – Should You Join a Construction Trade Association?

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Bellaman, president and CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) shares his insights about the positive impacts trade associations can have, from legislative bargaining power to professional development to key networking, branding and leadership benefits for organizations. A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Episode 2: Should You Join a Construction Trade Association?

Labor Dispute Halts Construction at 30 Sites in New York

Construction Equipment

A collective bargaining agreement ran out between the council of carpenters and a trade organization called the Cement League Construction work came to a partial halt at approximately 30 sites after group of union concrete workers went on strike, reports Crain’s New York Business. The workers belong to a union group called the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

John Cavanagh, 77, Was Leader in New York City Union Building

ENR Construction

Cavanagh was CEO of former contractor Morse Diesel who co-founded a leading city collective bargaining group. People

Update: Concrete Drivers Approve New Labor Deal

Construction Equipment

A full week after union drivers at CalPortland walked off the job and other Local 174 Teamsters in the sand and gravel industry prepared to do the same, all are now back to work after a deal was reached between the union and the five companies involved in bargaining.

DOL Seeks Comments on Rescission of Persuader Rule

Construction Equipment

The Federal Register today published a notice of proposed rulemaking wherein the Department of Labor is requesting rescission of what is known as 'the persuader rule' which would require companies to report any actions, conduct or communications they have pursued to "affect an employee's decisions regarding his or her representation or collective bargaining rights

Higher Mortgage Rates Could Level Out Home Prices, Says Economist

Pro Builder

He was so sure we were in a housing bubble that he sold his condominium in 2004 and rented a place, confident that he could use the proceeds of his condo sale to snag a bargain after prices fell. Higher Mortgage Rates Could Level Out Home Prices, Says Economist. cbroderick.

How Are Home Prices Faring During the Pandemic?

Pro Builder

With high unemployment and an unstable economy, many bargain hunters waited eagerly for deep discounts on houses. Those hoping the coronavirus-fueled recession will bring another round of bargain-basement real estate prices are likely out of luck.

Should “Prevailing” Wages Be Tied to Union Rates?

Construction Dive

Too often, say critics, the “prevailing” wages are the same as those negotiated in collective bargaining agreements. Featured …“Prevailing” Wages Based Solely on Union Bargaining AgreementsContractor Payments to Sub Seized by BankBy Bruce Jervis Prevailing wage statutes go back to the Great Depression era. The federal model, of course, is the Davis-Bacon Act.

Tocci Building Companies Enters Partnership with NERCC

Construction Superintendent Magazine

WOBURN, Mass. -- Tocci Building Companies has entered into a collective bargaining agreement with The New England Regional Council of Carpenters. The agreement represents a mutual understanding of the demand for enhanced technology in the evolving building, design and construction industries, along with superior levels of safety training and practices. frontpage

Misconception about the Davis-Bacon Act and Prevailing Wage Law Addressed during Webinar

Construction Dive

Paying the rates set forth in a union collective bargaining agreement does not necessarily ensure compliance with the prevailing wage rate under the federal Davis-Bacon Act. This is one of the key points that Littler Mendelson P.C.’s ’s Van Allyn Goodwin made during a 90-minute webinar, entitled “Understanding the Davis-Bacon Act and Prevailing Wage Law on Government Contracts,” that WPL Publishing and L2 Federal Resources recently hosted. Read more

Where Does the Housing Market Go From Here?

Pro Builder

Low mortgage interest rates spurred buyer hopes of finding a bargain but they often found themselves bidding against multiple buyers in a fiercely competitive market that sent prices soaring. . Where Does the Housing Market Go From Here? mbeirne. Mon, 03/22/2021 - 10:39.

Court's Final Decision is Probably Not the Last Word

Construction Equipment

Detroit Board of Education ) that allows unions to require government workers in 23 states to contribute to the cost of collective bargaining, even if they are non-union members, stands The Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it had reached no decision on mandatory union fees being required of nonunion public sector workers, meaning that the judgment of the court below was affirmed. The 40-year old Supreme Court precedent ( Abood v.

Union 51

These Spillover Markets Are the Hottest in the Country

Pro Builder

While the median listing price here was $480,000 in January, that's a bargain compared with San Francisco, where it's around $1 million. These Spillover Markets Are the Hottest in the Country. cbroderick. Thu, 02/25/2021 - 10:59.

To Make Dishwashers Great Again?

Green Building Law Update

kWh at a cost of 17 cents for electricity (to run a heavily soiled load) a bargain. Last Friday the U.S.

Will Sellers Still Have the Upper Hand This Year?

Pro Builder

Though rates probably won’t hit the bargain-basement numbers seen this year, most economists project they’ll stay in the high-2% to low-3% range. Will Sellers Still Have the Upper Hand This Year? cbroderick. Thu, 01/07/2021 - 10:30.

Phase l Environmental Site Assessment Standard Being Revised

Greenbuilding Law

Some believe this tying the consideration to “current” standards, as opposed to the regulator determination at the time the tank was closed, creates a Faustian bargain for the environmental professional, and will greatly limit the supremely valuable designation of HRECS.

Site 83

SEIU uses new opening to go along on OSHA inspections

FDR Safety

The letter also said that employees in a workplace without a collective bargaining agreement may designate a union-affiliated individual to act as their personal representative. OSHA last year cleared the way for union representatives to accompany OSHA compliance officers on worksite inspections even if the union doesn’t represent the company’s workers, and now the consequences are being felt.

These Three California Markets are Hottest in the Nation

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And while median home prices in the mid-six figures may look high, they’re a bargain compared with $1 million–plus in San Jose and San Francisco. These Three California Markets are Hottest in the Nation. cbroderick. Thu, 03/25/2021 - 10:23.

Labour Contract Vs Material Contract - Which Contract is Better for Constructing your House?

Civil Lead

Whereas in the case of a material contract as the contractor buys all the materials, the owner is not supposed to have expertise in purchase or bargaining for materials. Bulk buying and his capacity on account of technical knowledge to bargain with the suppliers.

I once worked for an architect that tortured his clients.


He taught me one of the most valuable work-related lessons in life: ‘The building is not important, people love getting a bargain’. His clients, sitting at the well-off end of the range, valued their bargains a bit differently than, say little-kitchen-renovation-clients would, or school-client boards-of-trustees. I since learned that this ‘pursuit for the bargain’ is absolutely universal, yet strategically so often ignored by key building-project participants.