Construction Collaboration: PDF Secrets Part 3 – Large Format Drawings and Markups

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Bluebeam PDF Revu CAD to the rescue! CAD Construction Industry - Software Document Imaging apps Bluebeam Bluebeam PDF Revu cad CAD to PDF collaboration construction document conversion large format drawings PDF PDF Conversion PDF Editing

Import CAD - Orient to View

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This is what the Autodesk Help documentation says about this feature at the moment. The World Coordinate System (WCS) is used to orient the CAD file in the view. If the current view is set to True North and True North is rotated away from Project North, then clear this option to align the CAD file with True North. If you select this option, the CAD file will align with Project North regardless of the view orientation.

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Importing CAD Files and Invert Colors

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Autodesk help documentation offers this explanation for what happens when we use the Invert option for interpreting the colors in a CAD file when we import/link them (my emphasis added).

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PDF Editing, Sharepoint and ECM for the AEC Industry

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Everyday PDFs are instrumental in the construction conversation to show mark ups on Microsoft Office documents, interactively draw on tablet PCs and then share these PDFs on Servers. Create PDFs from any CAD or Windows file.” What’s missing to Bluebeam is document management which can be done in part on Sharepoint or using tools like Construction Imaging’s Content Archiver in their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System.

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Construction Collaboration: PDF Secrets Part 1 – Estimating Takeoff

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Even with the Microsoft Office 2010 release that gives you the ability to convert documents to PDF built-in, it’s lacking when it comes to collaboration for the AEC Industry. What PDFs do best is share documents in a format that everyone can access.

CAD Shack: Dependent Views

CAD Shack

Because the two dependent view will share the annotations of the parent view along with all the view settings, systems can be designed and documented in an overall view while the sheet (dependent) views reflect the big picture. CAD Shack VIPs. CAD Shack Blog Buddies.

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CAD Shack: Revit - Rooms vs. Spaces

CAD Shack

Sir: Do you know of any document that details ‘best practices’ for architects who are creating rooms for their building models? CAD Shack VIPs. CAD Shack Blog Buddies. RobiNZ CAD Blog. The MEP CAD Engineer. Knowing What You Dont Know About CAD.

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CAD Shack: New Year - New AUGI World

CAD Shack

Plumbing Systems for Well-Documented Flow. CAD Shack VIPs. CAD Shack Blog Buddies. RobiNZ CAD Blog. The MEP CAD Engineer. Knowing What You Dont Know About CAD. Friday, January 20, 2012. New Year - New AUGI World.

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CAD Shack: Upgrading Autodesk License Server

CAD Shack

That is all documented well in other places. There is also plenty of documentation on getting it up and running. CAD Shack VIPs. CAD Shack Blog Buddies. RobiNZ CAD Blog. The MEP CAD Engineer. Knowing What You Dont Know About CAD. Wednesday, December 08, 2010. Upgrading Autodesk License Server. Ive been with the same firm for 12 years. Back in the day we didnt have a license server.

Construction Project Team Communications Innovation

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Construction communication challenges often arise as preferred technologies (BIM, IPD, CAD) often leave non-techie types out of the conversation loop. If you want everyone to use it it also has to be affordable and documents should be easily shared without need for special software.

Some useful design and analysis software for engineers

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For more information, visit, Microstation – It is a CAD software product from Bentley Systems for two and three dimensional design and drafting. With MicroStation, it is possible to efficiently view, model, document, and visualize projects of any size or complexity.

Download Civil Engineering Software Free

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AutoTURN – It is actually CAD-based software. AutoTURN Aircraft – It is also a CAD-based software simulation tool used to assess aircraft. ParkCAD – It is the CAD-based software for generating conceptual parking lot designs. These are some useful links for the civil engineers.

Another take on the use and misuse of colour in BIM (and CAD)


When I question it, as I often do – I get this kind of response (commonly, not on this particular job): ‘The DWF is the digital (non editable) representation of the contractual document. How do they know that they are working with contractually up-to-date documents?

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Projecting the future:BIM Focus on Images? Legalities?

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ConsensusDocs has addressed BIM extensively in their contract documents and large scale complex projects certainly are reaping the rewards of BIM everyday. Can you picture how a 3D projector or TV would enhance your BIM and CAD models? as it stores documents inside the model attached to each object. BIM Construction Industry - Software 3Dmodeling cad projectors

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KeyNotes - You Keep Using that Word.

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The third approach is not really any different than how I've seen it done for many years with CAD and hand drafting before that. Annotation Concepts Documentation Keynotes Opinion. A recent exchange went a little like this: Them: "Steve! I need some help with my keynotes!"

The Organic Life of Digitized Data

Construction Business Owner

Few owners are able to query all the information generated on a project—from emails, documents, spreadsheets, CAD files and other apps—to find an answer to a question.

Revit OpEd: Who is the Owner

Revit OpEd

Answer: The same thing they wanted from CAD. So, I promised to write a blog post to clarify for the designers who may not have any idea how many people use their documents. Revit OpEd.

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Essential BIM Terminology

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Level 0 : Level 0 entails basically no collaboration, and only 2D CAD drafting is used. Level 1 : Level 1 BIM is a combination of 3D CAD and 2D for drafting. Data and documents are shared via a common data environment.

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DebunkTheBIM: The clandestine practice of consultants modelling.


The clandestine practice of consultants modelling for tender documentation. Thanks to CAD, these drawings would number in the hundreds if not thousands for even modest buildings. The contractor would price with a superficial look over the documents. (no DebunkTheBIM.

Design Review

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The document reviewer can open the DWF sheet files and check progress on picking up changes. While I'm encouraging you/us to reconsider how we go about reviewing projects and documents, I do have to temper this post a bit, the process isn't perfect.

Bluebeam Trick: OCR Kills Two Birds with One Click

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Many Bluebeamers only have the CAD or Standard versions and these Revu clients don’t know what they’re missing. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function can deskew and detect the orientation of your document while it converts image content to text.

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How a quantity surveyor can make calculation with DWG or PDF files or scanned images

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The drawing of entities are created on the plan while exploring on a CAD drawing. While choosing the item from the catalogue, prior to make calculation, make sure that there is connection amid the estimates modules and the formatting of the region document.

People in construction do not know how to read plans.


Orthogonal projection is the base of most construction related graphical documentation. BIM construction CAD RevitPeople in construction do not know how to read plans. Neither do those that draw, nor those that interpret drawings. An unfair generalisation? Unconvinced? It is performed every time a plan, elevation, section or detail is drawn or interpreted; What are the most important rules of this technique? Here are 3 questions: 1/ What is an orthogonal projection?

Complex Modeling using Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate

BIM & Beam

Building Design Suite is a portfolio of interoperable 3D building design software that supports BIM and CAD-based workflows.

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How To Prepare A Construction Plan


A construction plan is a detailed document, both written and visual which outlines how you will complete a project or portion of one. Step Two – Prepare The Construction Plan Document.

How Architectural and Engineering Firms Convert Thousands of Files to PDF Quickly

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If you create in AutoCAD, Solidworks or Microsoft Office you may need to publish your documents to PDF for distribution purposes. This can be a full time job if you generate 1000′s of documents monthly. Bluebeam Q provides PDF document conversion for engineering, architectural and construction firms with large volumes of documents. DWFs and large format, Microsoft office and CAD files all can be published to PDF for distribution.

Revit Beginners: Instance Parameters: The Double Agent

Revit Beginners

Some of you may already be aware of it, but I havent seen it documented anywhere so here goes. National CAD Standards. CAD Digest. Knowing CAD. CAD Block Exchange. CAD Beyond. CAD vs BIM. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Revit Beginners.

Bluebeam Tutorial: How to convert Outlook emails to PDF

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The problem with Outlook is that the archive option keeps it stored inside Outlook…not an easy place to find documents or review them. And best of all, any attachments are automatically hyperlinked to the converted PDF document.

Revit Beginners: Some New Bloggers on the Block

Revit Beginners

I've fortunately been busy lately working on some residential projects but do have a couple of new documents in the works for posting. National CAD Standards. CAD Digest. Knowing CAD. CAD Block Exchange. CAD Beyond. CAD vs BIM. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Revit Beginners. Ive been teaching our office how to use Revit Architecture.

Revit Beginners: My Work

Revit Beginners

Ive been doing construction documents in Revit for the past three years and dont have any renderings to show from that time. My boss asked me to put a project we did in CAD into ReVit. National CAD Standards. CAD Digest. Knowing CAD. CAD Block Exchange.

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Construction Management and Quickbooks

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They were the first to embrace the API’s available with Intuit and have managed to address everything but BIM and CAD needs for the small to mid-sized construction company.

Here is why Autodesk’s monopoly over the Global AEC is not good, not even for Autodesk:


It started off with CAD, then, when BIM was getting strong enough to stay – it extended over almost anything to do with Construction Information Management. On the lines of any BIM is better than CAD and any CAD is better than hand drawing?

Bluebeam 2015 Tip: How to Add Cloud+ to Profiles, Tool Chest and Tool Bars

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If your firm has many licenses of Revu (Standard, CAD or Extreme), and your save your profiles in a network drive, check with your systems administrator before proceeding. Make sure you are in the Design Review Profile with any PDF document opened.

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Sending PDFs to EverNote, Box and DropBox

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It’s likely you are sharing these PDFs so you can use hyperlinked documents on all your mobile devices. Obviously, you’ll want to clear this with your IT department as company policy may limit where documents can reside.

Bluebeam Studio: The Most Powerful, Overlooked Feature in Revu

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Studio Projects lets you share project files and folders including Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, images, PDFs, DWGs, etc. You can check out documents from Studio Project, make revisions and check them back in or in the case of PDFs, collaborate on these documents in a Studio Session.

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Sharing BIM with your Construction Team

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Another solution is to share your model using Bluebeam Revu CAD. Just email an invite and anyone or any team can be working together with up to 100 people marking up the same document simultaneously.

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Revit Beginners: Loading Libraries

Revit Beginners

Load Family and youll notice icons on the left for Desktop, My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, Imperial Library, Imperial Detail Library, and Training Files. National CAD Standards. CAD Digest. Knowing CAD. CAD Block Exchange. CAD Beyond. CAD vs BIM. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Revit Beginners. Ive been teaching our office how to use Revit Architecture.

Is Two D from Two D still cheaper than Two D from Three D?


Should documentation that is based on a coordinated 3D digital model be charged at a higher price than straight CAD-ed one is? They claim not to be, though the day-to-day results show otherwise, it is definitely not faster than if done by competent 3D modellers/documenters.

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The Future Of Construction – BIM


In this phase, the production and sharing of the information are taking place with the help of paper and non-interoperable electronic documents. CAD drawings are used during Level 0, but there is no sharing of the generated information models.

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Why will mandating BIM do nothing to improve communication between AEC parties on projects.


Many problems of poorly executed AEC projects can be traced back to uncoordinated documentation. It suggests that for thousands of years before BIM (and CAD!) In fact, I can bet my last dollar that they would-have operated even worse in the pre-CAD environments.

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