Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets


Construction drawings are unlike construction documents. Contractors need to be confident that the entire project team is accessing the most up-to-date version of a drawing to avoid error and rework. Drawings are foundational to construction project management.

AIA Releases new Documents

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The American Institute of Architects has announced a series of new documents available with the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents software. These include new BIM and Digital Documents; a new document family, Program Management ; and three free guides. These documents anticipate the involvement of additional consultants such as a program manager and a design manager, in addition to the traditional architect(s).

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Construction Contracts Online: ConsensusDOCS and AIA Go Head-to-Head

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In addition to the wealth of documents already online, last week ConsensusDOCS released three new documents: The new and only available of its kind ConsensusDocs 298 Joint Venture Agreement makes it easier for construction companies to combine expertise and share risks on projects. The updated ConsensusDocs 421 Design-Builder’s Statement of Qualifications helps owners choose the best qualified design-build contractors at the best prices.

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constructionattorneyblog: New AIA documents and Arbitration

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His book, Legal Guide to AIA Documents, published by Aspen Publishing, is in its fifth edition. He is a partner in the law firm of Sabo & Zahn, concentrating in construction law and representing owners, contractors, architects, developers, engineers and other parties in the construction process. The new AIA Documents and Arbitration - What Rules Apply? New AIA documents and Arbitration. After all, arbitration was the preferred method in the AIA documents for decades.