Some vital definitions in surveying

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Surveying is the art to create horizontal measurements for finding out the relative position of several objects on the surface of the earth. Objective of surveying - To work from the whole to the part, To determine the new station by minimum two methods Categorization of surveying: 1.

Brick Masonry Definition, Types, and Construction

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What is Brick Masonry? Brick masonry is a highly durable form of construction which is built by placing bricks in mortar in a systematic manner to. Brick Masonry Building Technology Guide

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Rigorous, fact-based, & transparent construction project definition, procurement, & management

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Rigorous, fact-based, & transparent construction project definition, procurement, & management is key to improved outcomes. The post Rigorous, fact-based, & transparent construction project definition, procurement, & management appeared first on 4BT. construction project definition, procurement, & management construction project defintion construction project procurement job order contracting

Definition and categorisation of Pre-Stressed Concrete

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Normal concrete structure contains greater compressive strength and very weak tension strength. For the purpose of removing the weakness of concrete in tension, pre-tensioning method is applied.

Definitions of trade and non-trade cement

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Definitions of trade and non-trade cement b. This construction video tutorial sheds light on the following topics :- a. Variations among trade and non-trade cement c. The benefits of non-trade cement over trade cement in big projects as well as governments bodies.

Definition of mortar and it’s different types

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Cement Concrete Ratio Sand Cement Concrete Ready Mix Cement Mix Mortar Sand Concrete Block Mix Mortar concrete blocks Definition What Work NewsMortar is a useful construction material combined with cement, lime, fine aggregates (sand, surkhi), water and various types of admixtures.


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Microsoft Project is a project management system, which assist the project managers to execute and control the project activities effectively in. Construction Construction Management Management Project Management

(BUILT)X Solutions - The Short Definition

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The concept of (BUILT) X Solutions TM is broader than the (BUILT) X System TM , the project specific program that supports delivery of BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure by integrated teams.

Shared Parameters are Shared Definitions

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If I''m very picky and technical they are not a thing , they are a device , a parameter definition, shared to either create a family parameter or project parameter or both. This is why I regard them as a definition stored in a dictionary , the Shared Parameter file. We tend to think of Shared Parameters as a thing , equal to Family and Project parameters. I''ve even described them as such in past posts on the subject.

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Shallow Foundation Definition & its types

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A foundation is described as the lower most combined part of a structure, that is connected with the soil directly as well as securely transfers the complete load of the structure maintaining the completely strength of the structure to the soil underneath.

Setting out survey process – Definition and various benefits

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Setting survey process is applied to set out the exact position of a projected structure inside the legal boundaries of a plot of land.

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Definition of M20 grade of concrete

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In construction, there should be individual strength for each building element. To maintain the strength of concrete for different elements, various types of concrete grades are required. The strength needed for foundation, beam, slab etc. will be different.

Definition of striking and pointing in brickwork

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The variation among 'striking' and 'pointing' is given below :- • Striking stands for completing the mortar joints among the bricks which are placed freshly. Pointing means employing a small amount of mortar into the face joint among bricks (either freshly placed or in old brickwork).

Definition of BIM – Building Information Modeling – Defintions from Various Sources

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to standardize life cycle process definitions and associated exchanges of information, and to standardize information content so that meanings and granularity are clear and consistent.”

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Related posts: Brick Masonry- Presentation BRICK MASONRY CONSTRUCTION TIPS EARTHQUAKE & RELATED TERMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT TERMS & DEFINITIONS Stone Masonry – A Presentation LOAD BEARING MASONRY Posted in Category: Building Technology , Building Tips , Buildings 1 Comment Shahanth Sankar Posted on 19/11/2011 at 16:23 what is purpose and use of inverted arch in constructing bridges please explain briefly?

Some useful terms and definition used in brick masonry

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Different terms and definitions associated with Brick Masonry: Course: A course refers to a layer of the same unit that runs parallel in a wall.

OSHA appears to expand definition of a recordable ergonomic injury

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OSHA appears to be interested in expanding the definition of an ergonomic injury for recordkeeping purposes to include incidents which cause workers to have minor soreness or discomfort. Two poultry industry trade groups have criticized a recent OSHA citation against Wayne Farms for alleged safety violations at its Jack, Alabama, plant involving musculo-skeletal disorders and other workplace hazards.

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Expand Your Definition of “Network”

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What do you consider to be the members of your network? Most of us would include the following: * Existing clients * Prospective clients in those areas we plan to focus on * Trade and professional associations, national committees, and other groups that are populated by those in the first two groups Often, that is the extent of our network, and we happily sit in marketing meetings and other venues and refer to this list as the end-all of lists.

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Benching: A surface at the base of an inspection chamber or manhole to confine the flow of sewage to avoid the accumulation of deposits and provide a. Environmental Engg Water Supply Drains Environmental Engineering Sewers

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Greater Accuracy of As-Built Model Definition in Autodesk Revit 2015

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In Autodesk revit 2015 there are some new capabilities and features to enable a precise definition and placement of structural framing elements in space: Location line visibility.

BIM and BuildingSMART… and The the Official Definition of BIM

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The international home for buildingSMART can is located at [link]. buildingSMART International – A neutral, international and unique not for profit organisation supporting open BIM through the life cycle.

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DOE Issues Definition for Net-Zero Energy Buildings

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DOE Issues Definition for Net-Zero Energy Buildings. Policy


How Cost, Scope and Schedule Definition Improves Preconstruction Planning

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Implementing these tools as part of a comprehensive preconstruction phase is the key to developing a project definition that leads to successful project delivery Encountering budget shortfalls or schedule overruns during a construction project can set off a cascade of problems.

Definition of BIM – Building Information Modeling – NIBS, AGC, NBIMS, smartBUILDING Alliance, ISO, RICS

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BIM BIM and Facility Management BIM for FM AGC BIM DefinitionBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

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Definition, causes and remedies of efflorescence in masonry & other building surfaces

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Efflorescence stands for a fine, white or greyish, powdery deposit of water-soluble salts that is present on brick, concrete, stone, stucco or other building surfaces when the water vaporizes. Besides, efflorescence also exists on floors and walls and requires special attention.

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BALANCED SECTION: Balanced section refers to the section in which the quantity of steel is just adequately arranged so that the concrete in compression zone and steel in tension zone attains its acceptable stresses instantaneously. In this section, the critical depth is identical to its actual depth.

Types of Beams in Construction and their definitions

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Given below their brief definition :- Simple beam : It consists of a single length. Beam refers to a structural member and it is positioned laterally. When any load is delivered to it, Beam easily withstands the bending.

The Definitive Guide to Online Marketing for Contractors

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Today's Guest Article Is From Joseph Hughes Founder Of Contractor Dynamics. Joseph Hughes was interviewed for the Contractors Success M.A.P. Podcast and was very generous with his time and provided some extremely valuable insights for how you can market your Contracting Company. The article below is a recap of some of the precious gems he shared on the podcast. Contractor Marketing

Social Media Lies: Definition of Social Media

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The Definition of Social Media is a Lie. Let’s look at some definitions of social media: “Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.” But that’s assuming you don’t understand a few definitions. Let’s look at the definition again. ” What falls under this definition? By definition, a webinar is social media.

Mattress company’s new ‘BEDQuarters’ definitely won’t put employees to sleep


Immediately upon entering Mattress Firm’s new 130,000-sf BEDQuarters building, the fact that the company deals in mattresses is on full display.

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Emerging Contractor Definition At Fast Easy Accounting

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Our formal definition of an Emerging Contractor is "Anyone who is ready to make changes, grow and improve their construction company" Simple, straightforward and to the point. Contracting Is A Trade Of Choice And For Many It Is A Calling.

Department of Energy seeks public input on definition for zero-energy buildings


Department of Energy (DOE or the Department), has funded the National Institute of Building Sciences to assess various potential definitions of Zero Energy Buildings and propose draft definitions with input from a number of subject matter experts and stakeholder organizations. The U.S.

Serious And Funny Construction Definitions Contractors Enjoy Reading

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Professional Contractor - Serious construction business owner with construction strategy and definitely in construction business to earn a worthwhile profit. Over The Past 30+ Years - I have accumulated a variety of terms to describe the construction industry.

Not even OSHA has a consistent definition of what is a recordable injury

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Today’s guest blogger is Mark Moran of Safetyhighways. He is author of a new book, “OSHA Recordkeeping Simplified.”. OSHA’s new recordkeeping rules on fatalities and serious injuries and illnesses are fairly clear, but they leave unresolved the confusion that many employers feel about the overall recordkeeping process. OSHA standards were meant to be the “heart” of the OSH Act. By the same token, a systemic recordkeeping program would be the “brains” of the Act.

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The Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) recently held its annual Water/Wastewater conference in San Jose, California. The record. Continue Reading. All Design-Build Water Treatment Construction

Definition of a Job Order Contracting / Job Order Contract / JOC – Coefficient or Adjustment Factor

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Section 5117.9001: Definitions. In short a JOC coefficient or adjustment factor includes any allowed item/consideration that is not in a specific unit price line item contained within the unit price book – UPB. It a value typically is in the range of 0.80

OSHA Definition of a HNOC Clarified For The HCS

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From the official definition, a HNOC is a negative physical or health effect that doesn’t fit the HCS categories. Furthermore, OSHA considers “physical effect” in the definition to be impairment of health or function caused by a chemical’s hazards in normal conditions or foreseeable emergencies. A HNOC is also not a pyrophoric gas, simple asphyxiate or combustible dust because they have intentionally been added to the “hazard chemical” definition.


Mattress company’s new ‘BEDQuarters’ definitely won’t put employees to sleep


Immediately upon entering Mattress Firm’s new 130,000-sf BEDQuarters building, the fact that the company deals in mattresses is on full display.

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Definition of BIM – Building Information Modeling – NIBS, AGC, NBIMS, smartBUILDING Alliance, ISO, RICS

Building Information Management

BIM BIM and Facility Management BIM for FM AGC BIM DefinitionBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition. – NBIMS – National BIM Standard – United States.

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The Definition of Job Order Contracting – What is JOC?

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Job Order Contracting is a collaborative construction delivery method, a type of integrated project delivery (IPD) that specifically targets renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction.