Construction Cost Estimating Blog: How iPads and Android tablets.

Construction Cost Estimating

How iPads and Android tablets are utilized to smooth the construction process. The third-generation iPad and improving Android tablets are playing a vital role for every construction industry. The contractors can utilize iPads for gathering information form project blueprints and architect’s drawings to schedule and material inventory. The contractors can walk around the job site with reorganized documents in a electronic tablet.

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Bluebeam Revu Tip: Email or Script to Send to File Folder

Carol Hagen

For those Bluebeamers using an iPad Revu and to sync files, here’s the perfect way to get your files from Bluebeam Revu shared to Box quickly using a script (or email). Then follow these steps: To open the Bluebeam Script Editor, navigate to the Documents Tab and click on Script.

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Construction Project Managers Go Mobile

Carol Hagen

Update September 27, 2010: Project Manager views Job Alerts on iPad using Corecon Mobile. Update: Project Manager uses iPhone to access construction documentation. Applications designed to improve collaboration that you can navigate efficiently on your cell phone or iPad.

The Construction Office Imperative: Digitize, Go Paperless and Mobile

Carol Hagen

Construction companies are bombarded by documents daily and making those documents electronic will reduce paper right? It’s costing you money staying with software that doesn’t acknowledge how documents are distributed today.

Contractors: Do You Have a Cell Phone Policy? Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Best Practices Construction Law

No longer are construction disputes limited to the written documents between the parties. Any written policy should address use of cell phones and tablets with an eye for document preservation. Smart phones and tablets are now commonplace on the construction job site.

Productivity enhancing solutions

Contractor Magazine

by Arctuition, , is a mobile app for the iPad, a mobile design, documentation, and collaboration solution. ArcSite 2.0 read more. Software Feldmans

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Wind Load Simulation in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Whitepaper

BIM & Beam

This time it is a document on Wind Load Simulation in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer. I am happy to share with you another whitepaper.

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Design Review

Revit OpEd

There is an iPad compatible version of Design Review too. Here's the sample house project file open on my iPad. The document reviewer can open the DWF sheet files and check progress on picking up changes. Design Review reviewers reviewing Process Documents

Sony's New Wireless Lens

Collaborative Construction

Sony''s new wireless lens attaches to mobile devices - like cell phones, iPads etc. - I cans see advanced tools like these used to document field conditions - aka as builts - and to instantly share that data with other integrated team members around the world.

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Bluebeam Studio: The Most Powerful, Overlooked Feature in Revu

Carol Hagen

Studio comes with every license of Revu (even the iPad Revu app) and is similar to GoToMeeting or Webex without audio controls, yet doesn’t require everyone you invite to attend simultaneously. With Revu you can convert many documents to PDF with the “Save As” option.

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Bluebeam Trick: Handwriting to Text Comment on Tablet

Carol Hagen

Handwritten notes are common markups on field documents, but did you know you can turn handwriting to text automatically? If you liked this tip you might also like: Bluebeam Revu iPad tips: Adding audio, video and perform field measurements.

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Contractors: What is UETA and Why Should You Care?

Best Practices Construction Law

from smart phones, to iPads and tablets, to electronic drawings and specifications. Legislation UETA Uniform Electronic Transactions Act change orders digital signature email attachments project documentation

Winning Projects with Interactive Construction Presentations

Carol Hagen

Hyperlinking Slide content to construction documents or real-time data collection that translates these field updates into easily understood moving visuals are recommended. Add a Liquid Multi-Touch Display and immerse your audience with an iPad-like project kiosk experience.

Get the Full, Behind the Scenes Interview with 2018 Viewpoint Technology Award Winner Hatzel & Buehler

John Chaney

The document imaging was available there. We can get that service ticket signed in the field on an iPad and we can get that bill out the same day or the next as opposed to the lag time that we had coming through waiting for the paperwork to be signed and come into the office.

Empowering Project Management Professionals Through Technology—Part 2 of 5

John Chaney

This means that project managers often don’t know, or are not always familiar with, the workers on their projects—their skillsets, their personalities and work habits, their certifications and insurance documentation, etc. Another might allow subcontractors to enter their project information, update compliance related documents and more. Other advancements like FaceTime, allow face-to-face video chats via iPhones or iPads.

Construction Plan and 3D Model Markups will Never Be the Same

Carol Hagen

The flexible interface is designed to provide the necessary tools for accessing and managing the documents that you need, when you need them, especially Construction Plans and drawings. update hyperlinked documents, and create zone awareness for markups with Spaces. The official release date for Bluebeam Revu 10 has arrived and they’ve again managed to blow the competition away again.

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LATISTA for Construction Management

Construction Cost Estimating

It is well versed iPad and users will be able to admittance, view and mark up project documents online or offline. The users can apply it for Issues, QA/QC, Punchlist, Safety and Documents. Latista Technologies Inc recently launched LATISTA, an all-inclusive application in construction quality and field management. It is a protected, cloud-based, web and mobile software that offers a effective solution to field management.

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Sending PDFs to EverNote, Box and DropBox

Carol Hagen

It’s likely you are sharing these PDFs so you can use hyperlinked documents on all your mobile devices. Obviously Bluebeam has an iPad app but nothing on Android or on the iPhone for that matter. You’ll find Script under the Document tab in Bluebeam Revu Extreme.

Get a wide list of BOQ and price list with PriMus

Construction Cost Estimating

All documents are automatically synchronized here at every change. It modifies printed documents, import, and export in standard formats. The users can pay only if you print or export your documents. It has free use in iPad too.

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Xoom for the Construction Project Manager

Carol Hagen

Their Corecon mobile login provides the project manager access to his projects, job financials, documentation, correspondence, contacts, etc and a way to update directly from the field. Here’s a video showing a few project management functions on the Xoom: It works well on all the other popular platforms too like Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

Construction: What’s Your “X” factor?

Carol Hagen

So can smartphones, tablet PCs and iPads. . Creating a central document repository, tracking milestones and collaborating can be done effectively and affordably without a Sharepoint Server.

How Mobile Project Management Can Improve Jobsite Efficiency


Teams have a single point of reference for documents, timelines, materials lists and expenses. When multiple users can access the important documents in a central location, they spend less time moving from task to task and double checking requirements.

Trimble launched ProjectSight™, a cloud based solution for effective construction management

Construction Cost Estimating

The project team members can access it through a Web browser as well as an iPad app and enjoy an easy to use, intuitive user interface superimposing smart, project-based workflows in a synchronized way.

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New Cloud-Based Construction Project Management Application with Unique Features to be Launched Early 2014

Construction Cost Estimating

The software application is way far simple and user friendly from other enterprise software applications for its features like project management & scheduling, issue tracking, task management, document sharing and work assignment. The application can be used on computers, Android tablets as well as iPad.

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How to Implement Construction Software in Your Business


There are simply so many documents, so little time. Now, every member of the project team, from the construction manager to the last construction worker, can upload their documents simply by using their laptop, iPad or even their mobile phone.

How Autodesk and Onlive Will Game The Future Of BIM

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These gaming or computer systems could stream to a TV, monitor, iPad, or any number of other devices. This service streams Windows to your iPad and gives you a few gigs of free cloud storage. It is like having the latest Windows computer, complete with Microsoft Office, on your iPad. Instant-response multi-touch gestures enable complete and convenient viewing and editing of even the most complex documents, with high-speed transfer from cloud storage or Web mail attachments.

Construction Software Partly Cloud(y)

Carol Hagen

No extra hardware or software needed, just a web browser and internet connection from your PC, smartphone or iPad. Cloud computing at its basic level is accessing applications and data solely via the internet.

Clean Up Your Org Chart in 4 Steps

PSMJ Resources

That just adds confusion to what is intended to be a clarifying document. There are a number of great cloud-based browser apps and iPad apps that allow you to create and manage visually stunning and clear org charts. An organization chart is a living document. by David Whitemyer, AIA Have you looked at your firm’s organization chart lately? Or do you not even have one? Org charts are useful in firms of all size, from just a few people to thousands of employees.

Advantages of Using Construction Estimating Software

Construction Cost Estimating

It should be able to track job costs and bids, and to perform general office-management functions such as document preparation, purchase -order processing and archiving previous projects. There are various factors that must be considered while compiling bid for a construction project.

What should you bring to the first business development meeting? Nothing.

Construction Marketing Ideas

Take, for example this advice that you travel naked — that is, without a briefcase, IPad or any sort of “presentation materials” to your first in-person new client meetings. My guess is, you might have a bag or briefcase (ok, a modern looking one) that contains brochures, proposals, a laptop with a presentation on it, or maybe even an Ipad if you’re really cool. How much should you bring/present to your first client meeting?

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Construction Business Owner Blogs

Construction Business Owner

We are officially in fall, so grab some hot chocolate and let’s discuss why, despite available document imaging technology, people still use paper. People want to have access at any given time to all of their documents. document management. HOME |. STRATEGY |. MANAGEMENT |.

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Enhance your estimating process with Sage 100 Contractor

Construction Cost Estimating

How iPads and Android tablets are utilized to smoo. Construction Cost Estimating Blog. adsense analytic. Saturday, May 19, 2012. Enhance your estimating process with Sage 100 Contractor.

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Construction Cost Estimating Blog: Small home builders and.

Construction Cost Estimating

Get the Web to Work: distribute information, documents & drawings amid your customers & trades. How iPads and Android tablets are utilized to smoo. Construction Cost Estimating Blog. adsense analytic. Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

What I Use: Matt Handal’s Favorite Gear and Tools

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My wife has an iPad and frankly I’ve decided I don’t need one in my life right now. GoodReader for reading documents. Lifehacker did this great series on hardware and software used by each of their writers. It sounds lame, but I found it very compelling.

Our Contractors Bookkeeping Services Unique Differences

Contractor Bookkeeping

All important documents we receive are uploaded into secure paperless servers a minimum of 1,000 miles from our headquarters in Lynnwood Washington but inside the U.S.A. We have a Construction Bookkeeping System with documented workflow processes for everything including paper sorting.

Collaborative Construction Blog: IPD & BIM Event @ Northwestern.

Collaborative Construction

Mr. Ashcraft has been involved in establishing multi party contracts with as many as 11 parties signing one document. million has been saved with electronic design management that provides 100% web-based as-built drawings that reduce the need to print documents.

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BIM-in-The-Cloud Has New Competition With Newforma | ENR.

ENR Construction

Its true that many BIM readers for iPads and other smart devices are available, such as Bentleys ProjectWise for the iPad , Autodesks hugely popular AutoCAD WS for iOS devices and Graphisofts BIMx for iOS devices (which can view many 3D model file types. The strategy is helped by the companys 2011 purchase of Horizontal Glue , which performs similar functions as VEO and is considered one of the more popular online platforms for sharing BIM documents in a web environment.

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SEO Lite - Free SEO Module for ExpressionEngine 2.x |

Construction Dive

Full documentation: SEO Lite documentation. Documentation, support , download etc. Minimal HTML5 iPad Offline Cache Test. | Bjørn Børresen – freelance web developer. >> Bjørn Børresen – freelance web developer. Contact me.

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Justice Served

Business Facilities

Instead of the Chicaco Tribune , Obama is holding an iPad displaying CNN’s home page before they corrected their big mistake. Everyone in the news business knows what it’s like to try to keep the flow of information going on what is universally known as a “slow news day.”

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Construction Business Owner Blogs

Construction Business Owner

Is this future technology on an iPad? document management. HOME |. STRATEGY |. MANAGEMENT |. ACCOUNTING |. SOFTWARE |. MARKETING |. LAW |. INSURANCE |. EQUIPMENT |. FLEET |. SAFETY |. GREEN. Topics. General Management. Software & Technology. Accounting & Finance. Insurance.