Redefining Construction Document Management

John Chaney

Aside from the obvious issues of being wasteful and bad for the environment, reliance on paper can lead to a host of other pitfalls : • Paper documents run a high risk of getting lost or misplaced, especially in the field. Digitized Documents … AND Integrated Technology.

Best Practices for Construction Document Management

John Chaney

Document management might not sound glamorous, but effective document management is critical to the success of construction projects. It means contractors want to make documents more accessible to their teams. The Challenges of Construction Document Management.

Why You Need Integrated Construction Software

John Chaney

Having integrated software is key to your success as a modern contractor. Without well-integrated systems, you may have different versions of necessary documents living in different systems with potentially different data, muddling the facts and opening you up to making critical mistakes.

The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 1: Downfalls of Disconnected Software

John Chaney

So often, though, multiple construction software programs and disconnected silos of information limits, delays or strangles the success of a construction project. Part of the blame lies on disjointed software solutions.

The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 2: The Benefits of Integrated Construction Software in the Cloud

John Chaney

Integrated software can make workflows easier for contractors in both the office and the field. Imagine a construction work environment void of the frustration that comes with paperwork, outdated data, disconnected software solutions and the inability to effectively collaborate.

Integrated construction software enhances communication

John Chaney

The right construction business software can make communication easier across the organization. Construction business owners need project documents that can easily be: Created. This includes an array of documents, including: Estimates. Software ERP Software

Unique Document Management Software Saves Contractor's Time And Money

Contractor Bookkeeping

Unique Document Management Software Saves Contractor's Time And Money! We have finally found the one document management software For Contractors that is simple, easy to use and the software developers understand what we need to support our contractor clients.

Mitigate Construction Risk at Project Closeout

John Chaney

Best Practices Featured News Software Trends cloud based construction software construction collaboration construction document software construction project management construction risk construction softwareRisk and construction projects go hand in hand.

Risk 170

Construction Documents and Data

John Chaney

The purpose of the visit was to get some feedback on a few new construction management software features we’re developing. Last week I went along with one of our product managers to visit a local client – a large general contractor in the Seattle area.

Security in Your Construction Software

John Chaney

As the construction industry shifts to a more technology-based approach with mobile, software, and multiple hosted applications , security and data privacy has become a critical component of every part of the construction process. Beyond the software.

Construction Accounting Software Selection is Strategic

Carol Hagen

Is this Your Construction Accounting Software Selection Process? Choosing a Construction Accounting Software Solution can be a daunting task. These solutions touch every business record with document management becoming a “must have” function.

The Importance of Planning Ahead with Construction Software Implementations

John Chaney

Choosing the right software is probably top of mind if your organization is looking to modernize, and while the focus of software and technology needs almost certainly revolves around features, functionality and ease of use, how that software will be implemented should be part of those discussions.

AIA Digital Documents

Collaborative Construction

I wrote the summary of the AIA Digital Documents below a few years back but it responds well to recent questions I received regarding digital protocols generally. When the AIA updates its digital suite of documents Collaborative Construction will review those new instruments. AIA Digital Documents Summary James L. Standardize hardware, software, inputs, and management of the model; 2.

Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets

John Chaney

Construction drawings are unlike construction documents. Featured North America Software construction document software construction drawings construction project management document management project management

Cloud Software Conclusions

John Chaney

Not too long ago, Google released its Chrome Book – a laptop that runs everything in the cloud and doesn’t require any software downloads. Instead, users access their documents, spreadsheets, and other files in the cloud.

Project Readiness Quiz: Is Your Company Prepared?

John Chaney

Five minutes — that’s all it takes to see if your projects are ready for today’s modern demands. Take the quiz below! Note: This quiz was originally created for contractors in the Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific markets.

Construction Documents and Data

John Chaney

The purpose of the visit was to get some feedback on a few new construction management software features we’re developing. Last week I went along with one of our product managers to visit a local client – a large general contractor in the Seattle area.

Job Order Contracting Software

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting Software and more! Building in Cloud (BiC) and the 4BT-PE/4BT-CE modules support LEAN COLLABORATIVE OpenJOC(TM) Job Order Contract via Software as a Service (SaaS). Unlike traditional systems, there is no need to worry if you have the most current document or not!

Getting Started With Project Management Software

John Chaney

You’ve made the decision to commit to the future of your company by deciding on a construction project management software solution. By now you’ve hopefully determined your immediate and long-term goals for using a project management software. Are software versions updated?

Service Management Construction Software | Construction Manager Software

John Chaney

Spectrum ® Service Management Construction Software streamlines your service operations for a better customer experience. Spectrum Service Management Construction Software is part of the integrated Spectrum Construction Software. Service Management.

The 10 Questions You Should Ask When Considering Project Management Software—Part 5 of 5

John Chaney

Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a five-part series on Construction Project Management — how innovative technologies and software are helping project managers streamline processes to build faster, smarter projects. While many project managers today are still utilizing manual processes or working with significantly outdated software, it is becoming clear that this is less of a matter of choice. Construction Software ROI.

Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software

John Chaney

With Spectrum ® Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software, master your purchasing costs and simplify inventory controls. Spectrum purchasing construction software gives you the ability to: Create purchase orders. Purchasing + Inventory.

Maximized Productivity – Reason 1 of 10 why to use integrated construction software

John Chaney

When everyone is on the same software, everything goes more smoothly, and that means maximized productivity. Teams that work from an array of spreadsheets, older programs and off-the-shelf software can’t communicate via the cloud.

Bluebeam Tip: Fastest Way to DeSkew (Straighten) a Scanned Document

Carol Hagen

Scanned documents are commonly found as email attachments and unfortunately often get pulled through a scanner at an angle. This often occurs when a stack of documents or plan sets are fed through a desktop scanner.

Contractors Tout the Benefits of Modern Construction Software

John Chaney

I know there was a project manager that started, and he had all the degrees and everything, but maybe didn’t use software systems in the past, so you’ve got to have patience. You can also check out our free guide for selecting the right construction software.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Estimate Software

Construction Cost Estimating

Portable Document Format (PDF) Estimate Software. Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a common way files are shared around the industry because they are easy to produce, create a small file size and are readable on most systems. Use Estimating software to calculate takeoffs for PDF files fast and simple. You could buy multiple software programs. Portable Document Format (PDF) Estimates can take a lot of time to do by hand, hours lose.

Project Managers: Learn to Maximize Your Software Use at Collaborate 2018

John Chaney

Project Managers: Learn to Maximize Your Software Use at Collaborate 2018. This is your opportunity to maximize the value of your Viewpoint software for your role in project management. Learn all about to how to better manage your project teams using Viewpoint software solutions.

Document Scanning via your cell phone?

Carol Hagen

Some of us have tried to take a picture of a document with our cell phone but the results vary widely. Because you are using a cell phone camera that is missing instructions on how to make the photo into a document! . Take a photo of the document with the application. Check the edges or have it automatically determine the edges of the document and prompts for the result(provided that your background is darker than the paper). Digitizing and Archiving Documents.

Construction Software Partly Cloud(y)

Carol Hagen

No extra hardware or software needed, just a web browser and internet connection from your PC, smartphone or iPad. There are many mature software systems that did not start on the Internet and their cloud offering is actually a patchwork. This occurs frequently to computer software.

How to Implement Construction Software in Your Business


That’s why it’s critical to start endorsing the use of construction software as a step forward towards the modernisation of the construction industry. Challenges for Implementing Construction Software. Cost can also be a deterrent factor for implementing construction software.

HVAC Estimating Software

Construction Cost Estimating

HVAC estimating software provides great benefits to mechanical, piping, plumbing or sheet metal estimator to estimate the material and labor cost required to build a heating and cooling ventilating system. HVAC estimating software HVAC system labor cost plumbing sheet metal estimator

The Construction Software Toolbox Part 1: Why It Pays To Work With A Tech-Savvy Commercial Contractor

Commercial Construction

Business seems to be booming for construction software products that help commercial contractors manage various aspects of their business. Lately, it seems like I receive daily calls and emails from technology companies highlighting new software products, many of which are trying to be a multi-purpose solution to serve the many facets of the construction business. When we send out documents or notifications, we can track who received and opened them and when.

The Future of Construction Software


What's the future of construction software? Construction software should do three things really well: shorten, simplify, and document work. Because that’s how software is built for other industries. Construction software should reflect that fact.

Bluebeam Software launches Revu 12 for better field-ready document management and project collaboration


This year’s Revu enhancements better enable users in document-intensive industries to digitally collaborate on project documents and more easily connect the office to the field.

Download Civil Engineering Software Free

Construction Cost Estimating

Geotechnical software GEO5 : There are many programmes that solve geotechnical problems. 3D Structural Modeling Software – 3D+: It is autoCAD based pareametic modeling and analysis. Archon Engineering – It makes the civil and mechanical engineering software.

PM Software Maker InEight Nets Collab Platform TeamBinder

ENR Construction

Construction project management software vendor InEight signed a deal on March 18 to purchase assets of QA Software, Melbourne, Australia, including TeamBinder, its flagship, cloud-based document management and collaboration system for engineering and construction

Deals 57

AIA Releases new Documents

Construction Lawyer Blog

The American Institute of Architects has announced a series of new documents available with the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents software. These include new BIM and Digital Documents; a new document family, Program Management ; and three free guides. These documents anticipate the involvement of additional consultants such as a program manager and a design manager, in addition to the traditional architect(s).

Improving Your Construction Technology Knowledge in 15-Minutes

John Chaney

Viewpoint product experts highlight challenges contractors face and how Viewpoint’s comprehensive suite of software solutions can help solve those challenges. You can learn a lot in 15 minutes.

EdiLus-RC – A powerful software for concrete design & reinforced concrete structural calculation

Construction Cost Estimating

EdiLus-RC is an exclusive software for making perfect concrete design that deals with structural calculations toward new and subsisting buildings in reinforced concrete by means of the most simple and effective SMART BIM object input.

The Construction Office Imperative: Digitize, Go Paperless and Mobile

Carol Hagen

Construction companies are bombarded by documents daily and making those documents electronic will reduce paper right? It’s costing you money staying with software that doesn’t acknowledge how documents are distributed today.