Sat.Sep 17, 2022

No-Slump Concrete: Workability and Proportioning of Mixture

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As per ACI 116R-00, “No-slump concrete is a freshly mixed concrete that exhibits a slump of less than 25 mm”. Constituent materials of this type of concrete are similar to that of conventional concrete with the only difference being that no-slump concrete contains a greater quantity of aggregate.

Difference between Barrage and Dam

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What are Hydraulic Structures? Barrage and Dam both are hydraulic structures, these structures are partially or fully submerged inside any kind of water body such as a sea, river, etc., that disrupt the natural flow of the water.

EV Charger Funding Plans from 35 States OKed by US DOT, DOE

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Federal approvals allow states to tap $900M from the US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act