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4 Types of Cracks in Concrete Columns and their Causes

The Constructor

Four types of cracks developed in reinforced concrete column are diagonal cracks, horizontal cracks, splitting cracks, corrosion cracks. The causes. Building Technology Guide Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology Tips Concrete cracks

Get the Full, Behind the Scenes Interview with 2018 Viewpoint Technology Award Winner Hatzel & Buehler

John Chaney

We had our best user conference yet last month! During the conference, we took some time to highlight three of our clients who are on the front lines of innovation. These clients are empowering their entire construction organization by actively using technology to help speed up processes.

FMI advice for Contractors- Digital Dryshack #96

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

The 2018 Viewpoint Collaborate conference in Portland provided the opportunity to get out of the office routine and interface with clients, vendors, and peers ,which I always find worthwhile. The conference also presented the welcome opportunity to attend a session presented by FMI, the nation's premier construction consultancy.

Fall project roundup: What's being built where?

Construction Dive

With so many hotbeds of construction activity across the country, it can be hard to keep up. Construction Dive has rounded up some of the top projects at various stages of development this season

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Groundbreaking Model Code for Green Construction Released

Contractor Magazine

The IgCC is part of the Code Council’s family of comprehensive, coordinated and modern model codes

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Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee

Business Facilities

Over a five-year period, the towing equipment manufacturer has made a significant investment to expand its operations in Ooltewah, TN. Read: Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee at Automotive Daily News Featured Manufacturing Tennessee Workforce Development corporate expansion Employment Hamilton County Miller Industries Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development towing equipment

What’s Happening to Customer Service?

Construction Business Owner

It’s the best of times. The construction industry is pulsing to the beat of booming business opportunities.

Autonomous Drone System Tested for Mapping Without GPS

ENR Construction

Uses envisioned include searching for missing hikers in forests or mapping construction progress autonomously within indoor locations

Virginia Tech Partners With Accuride Intl. To Reimagine Smart Living

Contractor Magazine

FutureHAUS will be the only U.S. entry in the Global Solar-Home Competition set for Dubai, Nov. 14-29

Tanzania Picks Arab Contractors for Stiegler Power Project

ENR Construction

The contractor will construct a 134-m-high RCC dam and four saddle dams, with a combined capacity to impound approximately 34 billion cubic meters of water

Public canopy system can be reconfigured by drones on the fly


Architecture is always evolving. Be it the way buildings are designed, the processes by which they are built, or the materials used. But a new prototype from the University of Stuttgart takes this continuous evolution to a new level, with a reconfigurable canopy system for public spaces that is in a state of perpetual construction

A Preview of the Top Specialty Contractors of 2018 From ENR Mountain States

ENR Construction

This year’s top list reflects an even broader diversity of specialty work than in years past

Skanska confirms exit from some US segments to focus on 'sweet spot'

Construction Dive

Skanska chief Anders Danielsson said today that the company's construction business is focused on profit over volume

Don't Rob State Transport Capital Funds to Fix Transit Ops

ENR Construction

NJ Transit needs big investment now, but not at the expense of infrastructure upgrades, says a union executive

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Edge-ifcation in the Era of Connection

Contractor Magazine

Together we are starting an interesting, important discussion and – to one degree or another – participating in the necessary disruption that is driving that transformation


Hwashin Investing $26M In Alabama Expansion

Business Facilities

Auto supplier Hwashin America Corp. will expand its manufacturing operation in Greenville, AL, creating 50 new jobs. Read: Hwashin Investing $26M In Alabama Expansion at Alabama Automotive Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing Taxes & Incentives Alabama Department of Commerce auto supplier Business Incentives Butler County corporate expansion Greenville Hwashin Hyundai

The Future of the Field

Construction Business Owner

There is a surge of change occurring in and around the industry. Because there is arguably no other industry more resistant to change than construction, the ascendancy will not come easily. But it will be worth it.

InSinkErator Opens New $34 Million Global Headquarters in Mount Pleasant

Contractor Magazine

Company commits $200,000 to Racine area workforce development initiative to promote high-tech jobs


The Container Store moves into the next generation courtesy FRCH Design Worldwide


A new 24,000-sf prototype of The Container Store has been dubbed by the company as the brand’s Next Generation Store. The prototype includes a refreshed customer experience with an infusion of technology

Montreal P3 falls behind schedule on CA$3B bridge

Construction Dive

Faced with $52 million or more in potential penalties, New Champlain Bridge builders maintain that project delays were caused by a week-long crane operator strike and government-imposed bridge load limits

CA 44

$150-Million Water Treatment Facility Breaks Ground In Highland, Ca

ENR Construction

CA 44

Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods.


So, Let’s Get Started. Perspective Projection. This is such type of pictorial drawing in which the shape of an object looks same as its construction. The picture obtained in perspective. Read more Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods. The post Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods. appeared first on CivilSeek.

Salesforce Transit Center Girder Fix Not Expected to Begin Before December

ENR Construction

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority expects the repair of the two cracked girders in San Francisco's Salesforce Transit Center to begin next month and spill over into next year

Denver replaces green roof mandate with cool roof option


The Denver City Council voted unanimously to repeal and replace the green roof requirement that voters had enacted a year ago. The new law requires light-colored cool roofs on new and re-roofed buildings of more than 25,000 sf. If widely used, cool roofs can lower urban temperatures by several degrees

SNC-Lavalin Sees Solid Results Despite Legal Battles

ENR Construction

Montreal design-build giant pushes to avoid criminal trial for past alleged bribes, but bottom line holds up in Q3 results

Legal 41

ServiceTitan Announces Acquisition of JaRay Software

Contractor Magazine

Software platform for home service contractors shares similar origin story with Kansas-based company, plans migration of JaRay customers

3 common mistakes to avoid when installing drainable wraps


Moisture may be builders’ worst enemy. It can lead to premature structural failure; shorten the life of exterior claddings and paints; foster mold, rot and insect infestation — not to mention costly litigation. Even with the new focus on water management, one third to one half of all structures have damp conditions that may encourage development of pollutants such as molds, which can cause allergic reactions — including asthma, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

What If You Get A Task You Can’t Do?

Help Everybody Everyday

At some point, you’ll be assigned a task you simply don’t know how to do. Maybe it will be something you’ve never done before. Maybe you won’t even know where to begin. And that can be frustrating, even scary. But luckily, there are steps you can take that will help you knock it out of the park. In fact, I’m going to give you the exact scripts to use the next time you get one of these tasks. Nobody Wants To Hold Your Hand.

GKD and world-class concert acoustics


The Koningin Elisabethzaal, located in Antwerp, Belgium, is unique in every aspect. Located at the heart of the city center, the concert hall opened its doors in 1897 and has hosted an immensely varied history of performances. In its history, the concert hall served more than just performances. During WWI, the building served as a hospital ward, and later hosted boxing and wrestling during the 1920 summer Olympics. The concert hall was reopened in 1960 after major deconstruction following WWII.


Trump Immigration Fraud Focus Yields Limited Results

Green Industry Professionals

Of more than 23,000 site visits, Citizenship and Immigration Services only detected 1,117 cases of benefit fraud

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Toshiba Cancels 3,400-MW UK Nuke Plant

ENR Construction

The Moorside plant, near Sellafield in Cumbria, would have been the U.K.’s ’s largest new nuclear installation


Three Men Shocked During Landscaping Accident

Green Industry Professionals

Two landscapers were shocked, then the electricity traveled about 70 feet to a man who felt tingling on a neighboring property

International CV Series Class 4, 5 Trucks

Construction Equipment

Navistar officially returned to the Class 4 and 5 truck segment with its International CV Series, which it unveiled November 9 in Chicago. It will be aimed primarily at small business owners who value dealer service as much as truck products, said Michael Cancelliere, Navistar’s truck and parts