Wed.Jan 17, 2018

7 Reasons Generic ERP Tools Don’t Work in Construction

John Chaney

Construction businesses have a lot of moving pieces, literally. People, materials, and equipment are constantly moving in different directions as you manage your projects.

Sports venue construction spending expected to jump in 2019

Construction Dive

The upward trend in spending should follow a temporary drop in sports venue outlays this year

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Blockchain Databases for Construction

Collaborative Construction

FlureeDB looks like the first blockchain based database tool. As I dig into this tool I'll share more thoughts, but this looks very interesting. Website: Whitpaper: A Practical Decentralized Database Podcast Discussion: Epic Interviews FlureeDB Founders Youtube Presentation: FlureeDB Founders Presentation James L. Salmon, Esq.

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Trimble exec: BIM, constructible data will transform industry

Construction Dive

Software maker Trimble is teaming up with Dutch construction company VolkerWessels to hone BIM capabilities and better leverage project data

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Viewpoint: Successful Employee Recruiting Requires a Multifaceted Strategy

ENR Construction

The construction industry needs to make a long-term commitment to solving workforce shortages and improving its recruiting practices

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Five Minutes with Shape Editing a Bay Roof

Revit OpEd

I posted this screencast in response to a thread at the Autodesk Forums. Figured I might as well share it here too. I used shape editing to create the bay roof condition shown in this image. It's based on an image of a DWG roof plan that was shared in the original post in the discussion.

Automation's opportunities and threats

Construction Dive

Despite its safety and productivity benefits, a new report indicates that automation could displace 2.7 million construction workers in next 40 years

Energy efficiency funds education

Contractor Magazine

A Pennsylvania school district uses the savings from an energy performance contract to upgrade educational opportunities for its students

Mortenson emphasizes community benefits for $2B Las Vegas Raiders stadium

Construction Dive

Mortenson and stadium officials are working to ensure that locals benefit from the $750 million public investment in the new Raiders venue

How Artificial Intelligence Can Redefine Your Way of Doing Business

Construction Business Owner

Imagine a jobsite tool that only improves with time. Imagine a tool that records each and every change order, every bit of rework and every safety incident. Not only does that tool record it, but it also files it away for future projects.

Q&A: Consigli Construction exec on why craftsmanship is still important

Construction Dive

Steven Gentilucci, general superintendent and head of self-perform division, discusses how construction companies can embrace craftsmanship

Exec Turns Unknowns to Action to Speed Rebuild of Damaged Span

ENR Construction

As darkness fell on fire-damaged I-85 in downtown Atlanta last April, uncertainty was as pervasive as the smoke and rubble

VR simulators centerpiece of Nevada training facility

Construction Dive

The Associated Generator Contractors of America received a $200,000 government grant to help launch the center, slated to open by late spring

Clear-Headed Engineer Saves Houston's Drinking Water

ENR Construction

On Aug. 27, Hurricane Harvey’s rains flooded a critical backwash pond at Houston’s smallest water plant

Linear drains offer modern look, simplified accessibility


As more Americans clamor for modern, contemporary designs, it’s not just faucets and tiles that are answering the call in the bathroom. Linear trench drains provide a sleek look—but also greater design flexibility and increased accessibility. . Trench drains combine both form and function.

New Industry Study Targets Intersection of Technology and Safety

ENR Construction

New Dodge study reveals how firms can use emerging technologies to improve their safety training and results

Contractor helps Vets ‘Transition to Trades’

Contractor Magazine

Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Total Tech School and Praxis S-10 hope to go national with their Transition to Trades Program with the United States Army

‘The Quarter’ is transforming a thriving urban neighborhood in Cleveland


Old is new again. Neglected urban centers are getting a second chance, and Ohio City is a prime example. The Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood is undergoing rapid revival, adding retail, restaurants and residences to the area

An Apple Campus for Chicago?

Construction Equipment

. . Metro mayors might get another use out of the presentations they prepared to court Amazon a few months ago because Apple announced Wednesday it intends to spend $350 billion in business and facilities development, and create 20,000 U.S.

Empowering Budding Engineers to Power Up Villages in Nepal

ENR Construction

Hiring good high-school engineering teachers is harder than ever these days, but David Mangus is an outlier

Nomination deadline two weeks away for 2018 Best Construction Blog competition

Construction Marketing Ideas

The nomination deadline for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition is fast approaching: 11:45 p.m. on Jan. You can nominate as many blogs as you like — including your own. There’s no fee to enter the competition, and the entry process is simple.

How to Survive the Big Construction Labor Squeeze

ENR Construction

You can’t compete with the labor shortage. It has too much control over your progress

Confidence is Building

Contractor Magazine

A look at the overall plumbing and hydronics markets bodes well for 2018


Green Building Initiative buys global rights to Green Globes rating system

Construction Dive

The deal allows nonprofit GBI to expand the sustainability rating system for commercial and multifamily buildings worldwide

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Quality is king: Panelized wall systems are the future of multifamily building


What do skilled labor shortage and the reemergence of the housing market have in common? Together, they’ve perpetuated the need for higher-quality building standards. Though multifamily housing starts have leveled off to new norms, they are still in high demand.

Guided Dam Team to Mitigate Geologic, Environmental Risks

ENR Construction

Due to geologic hurdles, the Calaveras Dam project in northern California grew to an $810-million budget and an eight-year schedule from a planned $416-million budget and four-year schedule

How You Might Be Creating a Divisive Company Culture

Construction Business Owner

The Hatfields and the McCoys. The Earps and the Clanton Gang. The Yankees and the Red Sox. The Republicans and the Democrats. Adversaries make for the greatest plot lines. But what about the office and the field?

Benefits and drawbacks of steel members

Construction Cost Estimating

Steel is formed by mixing iron, carbon and other components. Due to its extreme tensile strength and low cost, it is considered as a most vital component that is extensively utilized in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines, appliances, and weapons.

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What you need to know about fuel-efficient generators: Which fuel to use, and what products to choose

CK Power

Regardless of application, fuel-efficiency should be one of your key considerations when purchasing a generator set. From fuel savings to a lower cost of ownership, fuel-efficient generators provide many benefits to the end user.

Economic outlook 2018: Room to grow

Contractor Magazine

Both the residential and non-residential construction markets see opportunity to expand, but some demographics say we are heading into unknown territory

Tobacco Company Expanding In Myrtle Beach Region

Business Facilities Blog

Over the next five years, Laudisi Enterprises, Inc. plans to add 35 employees at its Horry County, SC operations. Read: Tobacco Company Expanding In Myrtle Beach Region at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing South Carolina Taxes & Incentives Business Incentives Employment Expansion Horry County Laudisi Enterprises Longs Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation Site Selection South Carolina Department of Commerce

Practitioner Relies on Research to Validate Daring Structure

ENR Construction

On Jan. 3, Ron Klemencic, who turned 55 the next day, got an early birthday present


Update: City of Oroville Sues State Over '17 Dam Crisis

Construction Equipment