Sun.Mar 10, 2019

On the 25th Anniversary of Lead Based Paint Disclosures

Green Building Law Update

Use of lead is not new. Lead was one of the first metals discovered by man and was in use before 3000 BC. Beginning in 753 BC, the ancient Romans used lead for making water pipes and kitchen cookware. Today many believe lead poisoning was the culprit for the infertility of Julius Caesar (.

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Some common types of symbols in surveying

Construction Cost Estimating

In surveying, the objects or an area is demonstrated with symbols not by names. The civil engineer and land surveyor should have adequate knowledge on how to read the drawings, maps and plans.

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The burgeoning Port San Antonio lays out growth plans


The 1,900-acre Port San Antonio campus, immediately south of the country’s seventh-largest city’s downtown, is home to over 80 public- and private-sector companies and 13,000-plus workers in such fields as aerospace, defense, cybersecurity, robotics, and advanced manufacturing. The campus’ annual economic impact exceeds $5 billion