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Women in Construction – As Told By Women

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Construction is one of those industries notorious for being male-dominated and, at times, not as welcoming to women. What’s that experience truly like? Here are some opinions of women working in the construction industry, because who better to describe a woman’s experience in construction than actual women? Challenges Women Face in Construction. Women make up only 4% of the workforce in natural resources, construction, and maintenance.

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What does the new tax reform act mean for construction companies?

Construction Dive

Michael DeSiato, an accountant and a financial planner, provides insights on the act's provisions that will impact construction and related businesses

Sedimentation Tank Design Parameters

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Sedimentation is the process of removing suspended coarser particles in water by settling down them to the bottom of tank. For a particle to settle. Environmental Engg Environmental Engineering

Report: Global construction waste will almost double by 2025

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Lack of global recycling standards is one hurdle the construction waste market faces in its efforts to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Components or Materials of Concrete and their Storage Methods

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The concrete is manufactured using cement, sand, gravel and water as the main components materials. The active material in concrete is cement which. Concrete Concrete Technology

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Video: 950 Ton ABC Bridge Swings Into Place at FIU

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Smartphones to the forefront

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More phone apps to help techs work smarter


American Airlines threatens lawsuit, reduced service over $8.5B Chicago O'Hare expansion

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At the heart of the dispute is the airport's refusal to award American Airlines three additional gates as part of the expansion

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Do technicians really sell?

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For a long time, I thought if I hired clean, sharp, articulate, intelligent technicians with mechanical aptitude that I could teach them to sell


Caterpillar Retail Sales Up 33% for February

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Caterpillar reported its rolling three month retail sales today with resources industries up 60 percent and construction industries up 27 percent. North America was up 25 percent for construction industries and 62 percent for resource industries.

Construction Industry Reacts as Trump Signs Off on Steel, Aluminum Tariffs

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With tariffs of 25% on foreign steel imports and 10% on aluminum signed by President Donald Trump March 8, U.S. construction estimators and buyers have a bit more clarity what to expect when buying materials for future projects

Using workplace data to create connected communities


Life in a connected world produces a constant stream of data—from purchasing our morning coffee, to sending emails throughout the workday, to streaming music on our evening commutes home. This catalog of data provides a powerful tool.

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

U.S. Labor Market Tightens, Demand For Skilled Workers Continues

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Manufacturing companies report the biggest growth in hiring plans, up +7% from Q2 2017, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. Read: U.S. Labor Market Tightens, Demand For Skilled Workers Continues at BusinessFacilities.com.

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Movers + Shapers: Automating building design


For the first several weeks of 2018, Deepak Aatresh was in India working with a client on a one million-sf-plus healthcare network that is being designed with technology developed by Aditazz, which Aatresh co-founded in 2010 and is its CEO. The Brisbane, Calif.-based

How to determine the length of a transition curve

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn how to determine the length of a transition curve by applying various methods like definite rate of superelevation, rate of change of radial acceleration and arbitrary gradient.

Developer Related's Lawsuit Marks New Crisis for New York Construction Unions

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How subcontractors are selected for the next phase of the Hudson Yards megaproject is at issue

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Benefits of vibro compaction for improving the conditions of ground

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Particles of granular soil are reorganized by vibration in a manner so that greater density is maintained.

MicroStrategy Creating 300 New Jobs In Virginia

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The business intelligence company has renewed its headquarters lease in Fairfax County, VA and will invest $6 million in capital improvements. Read: MicroStrategy Creating 300 New Jobs In Virginia at BusinessFacilities.com.

Agreement Sets the Stage for Quick Cleanup of Vermont Yankee

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NorthStar to take purchase Vermont Yankee and speed D&D work at nuclear power plant

Plumbing repipe saves significant wait time for hot water

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I have a friend who is an architect in Fargo, N.D. He has lived in his house for about a decade and has always had plumbing problems, such as low flow from hose bibs and sinks, poor pressure at showers, and long hot-water delivery times

Chinese Firms Supplant Spanish Group in East Africa Power Transmission Project

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NARI Group Corp. and Power China Guizhou Engineering Co. will complete a 428-km-long, 400-kV electricity transmission line in East Africa

Movers + Shapers: VR's next shift


This spring, Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver, one of the country’s oldest such institutions, will take another step into the 21st century by offering courses in its Construction Careers Now program that incorporate virtual reality to train students how to work in high-citation safety areas on construction sites. The school will also use VR in its nursing program to simulate real-life healthcare and emergency situations

America’s Largest EPA Contractor on How to Avoid Equipment Downtime

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Imagine maintaining 300 pieces of rolling stock plus 200 pieces of equipment spread across the entire United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. That’s the challenge Tim Bland, assistant operations manager at Environmental Restoration LLC, faces every day.

OSHA delays enforcement of beryllium exposure rule


The rule had been scheduled to go into effect March 12. The delay will allow extra time for employers to comply with the rule prior to enforcement and to ensure uniform enforcement. The rule had been finalized in January 2017. OSHA faces lawsuits from manufacturers and interest groups over the rule

Changing employee demographics

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While all manner of ways and means are being applied to recruit new blood into our trade, one which has only recently reported on is recruiting women


Congress' infrastructure funding efforts remain fragmented

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Proposals from Republicans and Democrats may be taking the wind out of President Donald Trump's $1.5 billion infrastructure plan

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The one lie that contractors fall for when things get busy

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Contractors set the bar too low and hold back their businesses from growing as strong as they could be

In 'most important labor decision in decades,' SCOTUS appears ready to weaken unions

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While the case involves public-sector union fees, one expert says the outcome will have major implications for private employers, too

The two types of marketing change: Where do you stand?

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In some ways, I envy you. If you are an architect, engineer, or contractor, your certainly are experiencing changes and competitive pressures. There are new players on the block, and you can’t rest on your laurels — or you’ll be picked off by one change or another.

What’s on tap for the 6th Emerging Water Technology Symposium?

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This is the first of a three-part EWTS update series to let attendees know what they can look forward to