Sat.Nov 19, 2022

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What are the Signs of Soil Subsidence?

The Constructor

Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground underneath a building due to the withdrawal of moisture. This leads to the sinking of the foundation, which compromises the stability of the structure. When moisture is extracted from the soil, shrinkage occurs in the soil, and the corresponding area of the foundation moves downward. Subsidence usually […].

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Lamination: The Future of Architectural Glass

Safti First

The Glasstec show in Dusseldorf is an industry show that is near and dear to me. Over four decades ago, it was where I first discovered a technologically advanced glass capable of resisting fire, smoke and heat. Something that wired glass, the only fire rated glass available and in use in the United States, could not. This glazing product was so innovative, and I realized that the U.S. market was unaware of it.

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Mud Flooring – Characteristics, Materials, Advantages & Disadvantages

Learn Civil Engineering

Curious to know about Mud Flooring? The flooring process is one of the most important steps in finishing the house. Nowadays, fine flooring is in demand for construction projects. We have already discussed different types of flooring in construction. But this article will only focus on mud flooring or earthen flooring. If you are interested […].