Fri.Nov 25, 2022

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Why Your Construction Site Needs a Portable Power Station

Construction Marketing

Getting electricity for your construction site isn’t always easy. Remote locations can mean you’re devoid of access to the local grid. If you need temporary power, we recommend a portable power station.

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Construction Company Employee Vs. Contractor - What You Need To Know

Randal DeHart

Depending on the nature of your construction business, you may have workers who are employees or contractors, or you may have both. Each has its merits, but it's important to review which are to meet your tax obligations.

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Best Free Home Designing Software, Apps, and Tools [2023]

Learn Civil Engineering

Do you face any challenges while you design the interior or floor of your new house? Now looking for free home designing software or Apps? Many people around the world find confusion during the décor of their new house.

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#119:  Quantum Meruit vs Unjust Enricment

NH Construction Law

It is common in construction litigation for contractors suing owners to assert a right to recover damages for more than just a breach of contract. Two of the most popular legal theories beyond breach of contract claims are “unjust enrichment” and “quantum meruit.” ” Although distinct, they share some elements, which often leads to confusion between them.

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The Ultimate Free Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Spreadsheets and in-house tools can no longer manage the sophistication and the demand for data of modern construction. Our free buyer’s guide will help you identify what construction software you need and the key features you should be looking for.