Sun.Nov 22, 2020

What Kind of Oil to Use on Boots?

Work Gearz

Everything of your daily use needs proper care and maintenance, be it your clothes or accessories or your footwear. In case of your work-boots, they are absolutely very essential for your comfort and safety during your job hours.

Tetra Tech Sues EPA, Navy in New S.F. Base Toxic Cleanup Skirmish

ENR Construction

Firm claims agencies lack evidence to make it liable for estimated $100M cost to re-analyze risks in residential rebuild of controversial Superfund site; developer Lennar also sues to recoup costs


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Where Are Your Customers Data?


Personal, customer, and company information, stored on office computers, field laptops and tablets, and in the cloud is extremely valuable. But all too often, it isn’t treated that way by the holder, just by those who want to steal it.

Emergency Calif. COVID-19 Workplace Regulations Prompt Confusion, Again

ENR Construction

With the state facing record coronavirus cases, CAL/OSHA's Standards Board adopted regulations with new notification, testing and reporting components for employers on top of current varying city and county regulations


You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Chatty Kathy the AI Bot


The stay-at-home, remote working era has made the computer more important than ever. Everybody does everything online and a company that minimizes their online presence is avoiding the obvious—the present and the future are digital.

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A Tour of Eagleyew House On Vancouver Island

Natural Building

The Eagleyew house is a beautifully sculpted custom green home built with nearly 100% natural materials. The light clay walls are made with a mixture of clay and straw, and the timber frame structure is built using wood from the property.

California Emergency COVID-19 Rules Again Prompt Confusion

ENR Construction

As the state faces record virus cases, CAL/OSHA is set to issue new notification, testing and reporting mandates for employers on top of current varying city and county regulations


LAX's Delta Sky Way Flies 18 Months Ahead of Schedule

ENR Construction

LAX and Delta Air Lines say the Delta Sky Way will complete early - with savings of $60 million