Sat.Jan 05, 2019

Government-Owned Facilities and The Continued Lack of Stewardship

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Government owners are the stewards of the federal/state/county/local built environment, yet many, if not most, have generally not taken responsibility for their respective roles.

Award-winning marketing (why)?

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The news release announced that the Carpenter Contractor Trust has recently run the Construction Marketing Association’s (CMA) top prize, Construction Marketer of the Year (East) and added 12 Star awards, the most of any candidates in the marketing competition. So I took a look at the CCT’s website, in part because obviously I care about […]. Associations Relationships and service Social media

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IDIQ Construction Contract Guide

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Definition: IDIQ construction contracts are Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity construction agreements that may or may not have associated detailed construction delivery processes and workflows. .