Sun.May 22, 2022

How to Distinguish Between Shear Wall and Column?

The Constructor

The geometry of a section of a shear wall and a column can be similar to the extent that the question of when a rectangular column becomes a wall. Column Design Shear Walls Structural Engineering

Indian Couple Builds with Rammed Earth

Natural Building

Reva and Ranjan Malik have built a solar-powered house of rammed earth in Bengaluru, India. The couple used mud, sand, lime and chalk materials and mixed them along with some cement to build their dream home. It took them eight months to complete the construction.

SEC Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rules on ESG Related Disclosures

Greenbuilding Law

The Securities and Exchange Commission has extended the public comment period on the proposed rulemaking to enhance and standardize climate related disclosures until June 17, 2022.