Wed.May 20, 2020

McKinsey: COVID-19 will spur construction's tech use

Construction Dive

In the short and long term, the consulting firm says contractors will respond to the pandemic with widespread implementation of BIM, digitization, modular construction and other solutions

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Berry Global Group Addresses Global Shortage Of Face Mask Materials

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To address the ever increasing demand for face mask material in the U.S., Berry has expanded its Meltex™ platform to add capacity in Waynesboro, VA. Read: Berry Global Group Addresses Global Shortage Of Face Mask Materials at

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Hensel Phelps employs autonomous robot 'dog' at Denver Airport project

Construction Dive

Boston Dynamics’ Spot has moved past the piloting phase, carrying laser scans on the project, which the general contractor took over in February

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Lessons Learned: Strategies for Going Back to Work


The COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every industry across the globe—and the impact on construction has been huge. Construction is the backbone of the U.S. economy. Combine the pandemic with the struggles with the labor shortage and the supply chain, and it has created the perfect storm.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Digital twins to play a bigger role in post-pandemic construction

Construction Dive

The digital twin market could increase by more than 800% to $36 billion annually by 2025, a new study shows, but some say the technology still has challenges to overcome

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Demolition begins at Hard Rock New Orleans site

Construction Dive

The cleanup of the hotel that collapsed during construction in October, including the recovery of two workers' remains and the removal of three nearby buildings, is scheduled to take six months

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Hamilton County, IN Creates Workforce Recovery Task Force

Business Facilities

The Task Force is an effort to jumpstart a recovery plan for local businesses and is being spearheaded by the Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC). Read: Hamilton County, IN Creates Workforce Recovery Task Force at

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Coming up with the new normal: How construction can turn the COVID-19 crisis into a transformative force

Lets Build

These words as expressed by David Philp (Global BIM/IM Consultancy Director at Aecom and Head of B.I.M at UK BIM Task Force) during the recent Virtual Town Hall , organised by LetsBuild, perfectly describe the situation that the construction industry is currently in.

[VIDEO] 3D Printer Makes Machine End-Use Parts

Construction Equipment

Hidromek, a manufacturer of construction machinery based in Turkey, is using the Loop Pro 3D printer to produce end-use parts of its construction vehicles. Seeking to reduce its downtimes and associate costs, Hidromek opted to leverage 3D printing in its vehicle manufacturing processes to help

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Place Your Vote for the Best Construction Podcast of 2020

Construction Junkie

After a round of nominations, the stage has been set for the 6th annual Best Construction Podcast Competition presented by Construction Junkie. This year we have several familiar faces, as well many new podcasts.

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Peterbilt Dealer Opens in South Louisiana

Construction Equipment

The Peterbilt of Louisiana Group has opened Peterbilt of Houma to serve the southern part of the state. The Peterbilt of Louisiana Group operates six dealerships, five in Louisiana and one in Mississippi. The four-acre Peterbilt dealership includes a 14,200-square-foot facility with eight service

South Korea's SMTown Coex Atrium LED Facade contains a giant crashing wave


The SMTown Coex Atrium in Seoul, South Korea has a new art installation gracing the large LED screen that wraps the outside of the building. The screens, which were installed in 2018, are the largest outdoor, high-definition LED advertising screens in South Korea.


3 Ways to Improve Your Safety Record with Jobsite Tech

Construction Business Owner

3 Ways to Improve Your Safety Record with Jobsite Tech. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 05/20/2020 - 10:25. 3 directives to help you significantly decrease the safety incidents and near-misses happening on your construction jobsite

9 Best Work Boot Brands History, Values & Iconic Boots

Work Gearz

There are so many different brands of work boots available in the market, and a wide variety of boots and footwear are available for workers in every occupation. In the midst of all these competing brands, you might feel overwhelmed which one to pick.

Aggregate Impact Value Test, Procedure, Result & Standards


The post Aggregate Impact Value Test, Procedure, Result & Standards appeared first on Civiconcepts. AGGREGATE PRACTICALS CIVIL ENGG.

What Is Flooring | Types of Flooring.


Flooring. The purpose of flooring is to get a good hard, level, and beautiful surface for living. The floors directly resting on the ground are known as ground floors while the floors of every storey are called upper floors.

Construction Starts Show Sharp Contraction in April

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Total construction starts declined 25% from March to April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $572.2 billion as COVID-19 and economic recession hit the construction sector. In April, nonresidential building starts fell 37% from March, while residential dropped 25%.

Don’t underload Tier 4 generators — it leads to wet stacking and engine failure

CK Power

All diesel generators are susceptible to wet stacking — and all the performance problems it causes — if operated at low loads for prolonged periods of time. Tier 4 units are even more vulnerable to the effects of wet stacking than older models. Long story short?

Powering Up


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant changes in energy supply and demand patterns.

Amazon HQ2 Pile Driving Finishes Two Weeks Early

ENR Construction

Pile driving for Amazon’s $2.5 billion HQ2 in Alexandria, Va. finished two weeks early


“The Weekly,” a live streaming program for the design and construction industry, debuts May 28


“The Weekly,” a new live streaming program featuring expert insights, timely discussion, and industry innovations, launches Thursday, May 28, at 1:00 pm Eastern/10:00 am Pacific.

What are different structural shapes used in steel structures amd its Importance and Function?

The Constructor

What are the different structural shapes used in steel structures? Kindly named it and explain the importance and function of these structural


Architecture billings continue historic contraction


Demand for design services in April saw its steepest decline on record, according to a new report today from The American Institute of Architects (AIA). AIA’s Architecture Billings Index (ABI) score of 29.5 for April reflects a decrease in design services provided by U.S.

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Which are the Materials used in Low Cost Building?

The Constructor

Which are the low-cost materials that are used in the construction of a low-cost house, mainly? From Earthwork, Concrete, DPC, Brick/Stone/Woodwork

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Firms Find the Technology to Keep Working Through a Pandemic

ENR Construction

Embracing new technologies seen as key for companies and owners looking to keep project bids and schedules on track

Bare-Frame Rebuilds Work for Waste Management

Construction Equipment

A bare-frame rebuild removes every component system from the machine down to its skeleton, assesses each part’s condition, replaces worn systems with brand new parts, adjusts settings, updates supporting technology, and gives the unit a shiny new coat of paint. After the rebuild, the OEM’s dealer

Federal Regulator Cited Failed Michigan Dam Multiple Times

ENR Construction

10,000 Midland County, Mich., residents were forced to leave their homes when heavy rains May 19 and 20 swelled the Titabawassee River to a record high and caused the Edenville and Sanford dams to fail

From shopping mall to eSports supercenter


For the past year, LPA designers have been engaging with executives from the esports industry to explore concepts for the next generation of esports facilities.


Seattle-Area Wet Weather Treatment Station Passes Halfway Point

ENR Construction

A $262 million project near Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood will treat up to 70 million gallons of polluted stormwater that currently flows into the Duwamish River during severe rainstorms

How to Calculate the Specific Gravity of Cement with respect to IS code?

The Constructor

How to Calculate the Specific Gravity of Cement with respect to IS code? The post How to Calculate the Specific Gravity of Cement with respect to IS


Construction Apprentice Programs Face New COVID-19 Learning Curve

ENR Construction

Restrictions already have disrupted the craftworker pipeline, with many programs shuttered, severely limited and now coping with new rules of engagement

St. Louis is first Midwest city to pass building energy performance standard


Buildings in St. Louis will have to meet energy efficiency standards after the city became the first in the Midwest to pass a building energy performance standard