August, 2019

Shovel-Ready Sites: Ready To Hit The Ground Running

Business Facilities

By the BF Staff. From the July/August 2019 Issue. I n order to attract new development, locations have to be prepared for it and have sites that are ready to hit the ground running. States across the U.S.

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What are the Causes of Concrete Formwork Failures?

The Constructor

There are several factors that may lead to the failure of formwork during and after concrete placement. Improper bracing can cause formwork failure. Building Technology Guide Formwork/Shuttering formwork

How to Get Your Supers to Actually Fill Out Daily Reports

Source. Construction daily reports are a vital part of managing construction projects. They provide an ongoing record of incidents, conditions, and the full range of tasks related to a project in progress. The benefits of daily reports are undeniable.

Construction Lead Services-Comparison of Dodge and ConstructConnect

Construction Marketing Blog

A few years back we took a look at the two largest construction lead services serving the commercial construction market: Dodge Data & Analytics and ConstructConnect.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

5 Technology Adoption Lessons Contractors Can Learn from The Avengers


We put together a list of superhero lessons that contractors can learn from some of our favorite Avengers

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Optimism high amid uncertainty

Construction Dive

Commercial builders mostly expect profit to grow this year despite economic warning bells around debt and trade, according to an ABC confidence index

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Arizona: Job Growth Is Surging In The Grand Canyon State

Business Facilities

With a booming economy fueled by a business-friendly climate and a thriving startup ecosystem, Arizona was fourth among U.S. states in GDP growth in 2018. Read: Arizona: Job Growth Is Surging In The Grand Canyon State at

How to Achieve Economy in the Cost of Formwork Construction?

The Constructor

The reduction of formwork construction is essential in declining the total cost of the project because it accounts for up to 60% of the entire cost. Building Technology Guide Formwork/Shuttering formwork formwork economy

PC Paddles to Benefit McClure Miller Respite House

PC Construction Blog

On Sunday, the PC Paddlers took to the water yet again to participate in Dragonheart Vermont’s annual Dragon Boat Festival. Our team had a strong showing, coming in 4th out of 45 teams participating in. All Community

How Real-Time Job Costing Elevates Construction Management


Real-time access to and processing of job cost data is vital to the health of contractors' projects

5 Ductless Mini Split Myths

Contractor Magazine

Misconceptions and outdated information about ductless systems can keep homeowners from making the best decisions


How to land a government construction contract

Construction Dive

A procurement expert says common myths should not hold construction companies back from bidding on a sector that offers huge growth opportunities

New England: A Rising Tide Of Jobs, Wages

Business Facilities

All six New England States experienced gains in wages and salaries in 2018, with the income surge averaging more than four percent in 2Q 2018. Read: New England: A Rising Tide Of Jobs, Wages at

7 Cracking Control Methods in Concrete Dams

The Constructor

In concrete dams, cracks are formed mainly due to shrinkage of concrete due to temperature variations. These cracks may develop internally in the.

Paris will soon be home to the world’s largest rooftop farm


Located on the roof of Pavillion 6 of the Parc des Expositions Viparis porte de Versailles, an exposition center currently under reconstruction, the farm will use aeroponics to grow over 30 different fruit and vegetable species.


That’s the (Streamlined) Field Ticket!


Viewpoint's Field Management solution is helping contractors streamline field tickets and T&M billing

Why the True Margins Are in How You Use Your Data

Construction Business Owner

How would it impact your decision-making process if you knew with a high level of certainty that workers making less than a certain amount were 30% more likely to get hurt on the job? What if you were confident that educating your project managers resulted in 20% less turnover in your employees?

Where contractors are most likely to exceed the budget

Construction Dive

Budget overruns can pop up in any part of a project's budget — specifically, these four major areas

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Pure Michigan Means Pure Opportunity

Business Facilities

With its affordable cost of living, highly skilled workforce, culture of innovation and premier quality of life, businesses are turning to Michigan for new opportunities. Read: Pure Michigan Means Pure Opportunity at

5 Methods to Increase Structural Stiffness

The Constructor

The improvement of structural stiffness is crucial because the trend of building construction is toward taller, wider floor, and longer span. Structural Engineering Tall Buildings Buildings Shear Walls Structural Design

Prefab factory in the sky: Mace Group built working factories on top of under-construction skyscrapers


One Dozen Reasons Contractors are Moving to Cloud-Based Construction Software


Here are 12 reasons why your construction organization should be considering change sooner rather than later

How to Use the Spread to Formulate a Better Bidding Strategy

Construction Business Owner

The leaders of top construction firms will always ask why they are or are not selected. Objectivity and organizational improvement can mean all the difference between being the leader and the first loser. Find out hoe to incorporate these best bidding practices at your company.

Report: Construction starts slow in 7 of top 20 US markets

Construction Dive

A Dodge analysis finds that growth in commercial and multifamily starts has declined in the first half of the year compared to last year in key markets including Seattle, San Francisco and New York City

Arglass Yamamura Chooses Georgia For First U.S. Glass Plant

Business Facilities

The glass container manufacturing company will invest $123 million and create more than 150 new jobs at its new Valdosta, GA plant. Read: Arglass Yamamura Chooses Georgia For First U.S. Glass Plant at

How Coarse Aggregate Affects Mix Design of Concrete?

The Constructor

Coarse aggregate is one of the essential components of concrete and occupied largest volume. That is why it greatly affects concrete mix design. Building Materials Building Technology Guide How To Guide Mix Design Guide

Weaving mental healthcare spaces into the neighborhood


When I was growing up, we often discussed mental health and wellness in our home.

5 Keys to Maximizing Your Construction Software Investments


Why it's important to keep up to date with construction software and how you can formulate a winning technology empowerment plan

How to Spark a Craft Workforce Revolution

Construction Business Owner

By 2031, 41% of the current workforce will retire, and exiting baby boomers will only continue to exasperate the shortage. How many of your employees plan to retire in the next 5 years?

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8 ways warehouse construction has evolved

Construction Dive

21st century warehouses require specialized construction techniques, precise scheduling and highly experienced teams to meet industries' expectations

Sequel Wire And Cable Investing $53M In Indiana

Business Facilities

The wire fabrication startup will establish operations in Marshall County, IN, and expects to create 120 new jobs by the end of 2024. Read: Sequel Wire And Cable Investing $53M In Indiana at

7 Common Design Faults Causing Damage to Concrete

The Constructor

There are number of common design faults that lead to the damage of concrete and hence the capacity of the structural member would be reduced. Detailing Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design

Construction Jobs Rise by 4,000 in July

Construction Equipment

Construction employment increased by 4,000 jobs in July, and by 202,000, or 2.8 percent, over the past 12 months, while the number of jobseekers rose, according to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). “Job

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