December, 2018

Tenant’s New Defense to Hazardous Substance Liability

Green Building Law Update

Buried in the omnibus spending bill signed earlier this year were amendments to the Superfund law that for the first time make clear that tenants can qualify as bona fide prospective purchasers, protected from cleanup costs from the presence of hazardous substances on a property.

The 7 most striking construction technology innovations of 2018

Construction Dive

As the year wraps up, we're looking back at the technological strides that have been made, spanning artificial intelligence, drones, robotics and more

Incentives for Contractors to Train and Modernize

John Chaney

There are a number of tax incentives available to contractors for training and educating workforces. The post Incentives for Contractors to Train and Modernize appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.

Commercial Construction Industry Trends: Reflecting on the Highs and Lows of 2018

Commercial Construction

A strong pipeline of senior living construction was a “high” of 2018. After a busy and eventful year in commercial construction, we always find it valuable to reflect back on the last 12 months and review the positives and negatives that impacted our business – including those that are specific to our company as well as the commercial construction industry as a whole – as we prepare for the opportunities and challenges the New Year is likely to bring.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

2018 CMA STAR Awards – Winners Announced

Construction Marketing Blog

Winners of the 2018 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards are announced by program sponsor, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA). The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories.

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State Not County has Authority to Regulate Solar Farms

Green Building Law Update

At a time when solar panels are de riguere a recent decision by a Maryland appellate court limiting the authority of local governments to regulate the location and specifics of construction of a solar farm has broad implications far beyond this case.

Court: General contractor can be cited for subcontractor violations

Construction Dive

A U.S. Court of Appeals judge ruled that GCs can be issued safety violation citations for hazards on a jobsite that don't affect their employees

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The Best Construction Gifts for the Kids on Your List

John Chaney

We love construction. Truly. I mean, we work at a software company so we don’t build anything. Not like that. We make the software that enables all you lovely people to build better and faster — and to budget. But it’s […].

4 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions for 2019

Commercial Construction

It has been another successful year for Englewood Construction, and with the calendar flipping over to December we’re excited to see what 2019 will bring. Here are our predictions of the four commercial construction industry trends we expect will shape our work in different sectors – and the construction landscape overall – in the year ahead: Senior Housing Communities Woo Workers with Facility Updates.

4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home for An Electrician

Construction Marketing Blog

Electricity is an important part of your daily life. Most of the devices you use in your homes such as TVs, light bulbs, smart home devices, and heating systems cannot function without electricity.

HIROTEC AMERICA Building New Plant In Tennessee

Business Facilities Blog

The automotive supplier will invest about $40 million and create more than 100 jobs in Fayetteville, TN over the next three years. . Read: HIROTEC AMERICA Building New Plant In Tennessee at

Blockchain has come to U.S. Real Estate

Green Building Law Update

Earlier this year a precedent setting property sale in Vermont was the first real estate transaction in the United States using blockchain, portending a new era in the sale of land and improvements.

US 137

The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risks of technology

Construction Dive

It's all about the allocation of risk, legal experts explain. Humans are responsible for computing errors just as they would be for a bulldozer mishap

DOT 109

Are There Tax Incentives Your Company Is Missing Out On?

John Chaney

Loads of New Tax Savings for Construction Companies! The post Are There Tax Incentives Your Company Is Missing Out On? appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor. Best Practices Featured North America Trends Construction Accounting Construction tax incentives

Commercial Construction Looks to Advanced Technologies

Contractor Magazine

74 percent of contractors anticipate using technologies like drones, equipment tagging, wearables, and virtual reality in the next three years

What is a Reinforcing Bar Used For?

Construction Marketing Blog

Concrete is a popular building material that’s often preferred for its sturdiness. During construction, reinforcing bars, or reo bars, are added to offer tensile strength, allowing the concrete to bond more effectively.

Everything In Texas Is Big—And Getting Bigger

Business Facilities Blog

The Lone Star State has been the busiest exporter among U.S. states for 16 consecutive years, shipping out $264 billion in goods in 2017. Read: Everything In Texas Is Big—And Getting Bigger at Business Clusters/Corridors Capital Investment Featured Foreign Direct Investment Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life State Focus Taxes & Incentives Texas BF-Sept/Oct-2018 Irving Marble Falls Odessa

Texas 81

Free Hand Sketching; Its Methods, Instruments, Principles.


So, Let’s Get Started. What is Free Hand Sketching? Free Hand Sketching is used to transfer the idea of an engineer’s abstract world to the real world in 2D and. Read more Free Hand Sketching; Its Methods, Instruments, Principles.


Company of the Year: Hoar Construction

Construction Dive

As Hoar nears the $1 billion annual revenue benchmark, its leadership is faced with an excellent dilemma: How do we preserve the culture and core values that have brought us success on this scale

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The Top 10 Surveyor Posts of 2018

John Chaney

As 2018 comes to a close, two things are clear: it was a transformative year in the construction software space, and there’s more activity than ever about our industry to keep up with. That’s partially why we started this blog […].

Additive manufacturing heads to the jobsite


In September 2017, a partnership that included Autodesk and the Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing LAB in the Port of Rotterdam unveiled the first ship propeller to be made using 3D printing techniques

5 Tips To Help You Get A New Roof

Construction Marketing Blog

The crown of your home is your roof. We all know how a faulty leaking damaged roof can be frustrating to live under especially during the rainy seasons. Your home’s protection and comfort start with the roof and you can’t put these two important elements on the line.

Westside Regional Water Reclamation Facility Under Construction

PC Construction Blog

PC Construction’s Westside Regional Water Reclamation Facility Improvements project in Daytona, Florida, is kicking into high gear. This CMAR project will be constructed in collaboration with our key subcontractor partners, including S.E. Cline Construction, Cogburn.

5 Ways to Promote a Culture of Safety at Your Company

Construction Business Owner

Read 5 ways to promote a culture of safety at your company. Here's why prioritizing worker safety makes good business sense

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ABC: Construction momentum should remain strong in 2019

Construction Dive

Contractors can expect continued industry upticks through next year, but factors like rising material prices and the labor shortage could present some obstacles beyond that

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Just How Much is Your Disconnected Jobsite Costing You?

John Chaney

An Interactive Infographic Comparing Two Very Different Construction Projects. The post Just How Much is Your Disconnected Jobsite Costing You? appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor. Best Practices Featured North America Software cloud based construction software cloud construction management software construction field software construction productivity construction project management infographics integrated construction software

New concrete slab system expands floor further with joints that are fewer and farther between

GCP Applied Technologies

New concrete slab system expands floor further with joints that are fewer and farther between. Phillip.fry@gc…. Wed, 12/19/2018 - 16:07. GCP Applied Technologies. December 19, 2018.

Data and analytics are becoming essential for EC firms competing to rebuild America’s infrastructure


An expanding engineering and construction industry faces a digital future that is not only reshaping cities but also how the industry’s businesses operate. This is one of the key observations that Deloitte Consulting presents in its recent paper “2019 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook.”

The Story of Wolgast’s Speed

Wolgast Corporation Blog

Speed is one of the most coveted aspects when it comes to commercial construction and nothing improves speed like doing a project right the first time. You could argue that cutting corners can sometimes make it faster, and that’s true until it causes rework, back tracking, or failures down the road.

All About the Bucket Attachment

Construction Business Owner

Bobcat's advice on finding the best bucket attachment to improve productivity and profitability

How industry drone leaders scaled their programs

Construction Dive

Drone experts at Skanska USA and PCL Construction outline the steps their firms took from early adoption to enterprise expansion

Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations

John Chaney

A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations Technology is booming in the construction industry, but not all contractors are prepared for the rapid-fire pace at which technology is being […].

McKesson Moving Global Headquarters To Texas

Business Facilities Blog

Moving its corporate headquarters from San Francisco to Las Colinas supports the company’s multi-year strategic growth initiative. Read: McKesson Moving Global Headquarters To Texas at Corporate Headquarters Daily News Featured Office, IT & Call Centers Texas Workforce Development corporate expansion Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Employment Healthcare Irving LEED McKesson relocation Site Selection WELL Building