January, 2019

Exoskeleton suit allows construction workers to lift 200 lbs

Construction Dive

Sarcos Robotics' Guardian XO Max full-body exoskeleton robotic system is controlled by sensors that respond to human movement within milliseconds

Commercial Construction Trends: Three Headlines That Won’t Die In 2019

Commercial Construction

After nearly 10 years of publishing Hard Hat Chat (more to come on our blog’s 10 th anniversary later this year), we know there’s never a shortage of fresh topics and trends to discuss in the commercial construction industry.

Field Density of Soil by Rubber Balloon Method

The Constructor

Rubber balloon test method is an in-situ test conducted to determine field density of soils especially compacted soils. Apparatus required, test. Geotechnical Engineering Material Testing Guide Soil Engineering Dry Density of Soil Field soil density rubber balloon method Soil density

How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Construction Marketing

If you’ve been on a construction team or helped out a construction site, you understand the importance of maintaining a functional work environment.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Test Your Construction Industry Knowledge!


Take a Short Quiz on Construction Trends and Statistics and See How Much You Know. Ever wonder…. What is the largest construction related project? How long did it take? How much did it cost? Do you know just how large the construction industry is or what it’s projected to be in the near future?

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St. Petersburg is Bold in Mandating Envision

Green Building Law Update

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida passed a progressive ordinance last week mandating that City infrastructure projects and newly constructed and renovated City building be third party certified as green. The new Ordinance 359-H, passed by the St.

ISO publishes first international BIM standards

Construction Dive

The guidance will provide the necessary framework to help designers and contractors from different countries collaborate more efficiently on all phases of construction projects and will encourage BIM's wider use

BIM 114

Concrete Topping Slab-Types, Minimum Thickness, and Purposes

The Constructor

Concrete topping slab is an overlay designed to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant, and a finished floor surface for multiple purposes; like. Building Technology Guide Concrete Work Procedure Flooring How To Guide Strengthening & Retrofitting Work Procedures

Small Projects to Make Your Kitchen Look New

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Even the most loved and lived-in kitchens can benefit from a sprucing up after just a few years of constant use. Making an older kitchen look new again doesn’t have to be a big budget ordeal. A few carefully chosen DIY home projects can have your kitchen look brand new for a fraction of the cost of a remodel. The projects do not have to be major structural upgrades or big appliance purchases.

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8 Construction Trends to Pay Close Attention to in 2019


As 2019 kicks into full gear, the construction industry is in the midst of a fascinating transition, with contractors transforming their operations across the globe to integrate new technologies, ideas and opportunities. Though the political and economic landscapes remain a […].

OSHA Penalty & Record Keeping Changes

FDR Safety

On January 23rd OSHA released its annual Federal Register report containing the changes within the organization. We recommend reading the article in its entirety but have included many of the highlights below. OSHA Penalties Increased Due To Inflation.

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Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year

Business Facilities

The Commonwealth secures BF's top annual honor with a diversified and successful high-tech growth strategy. Read: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year at BusinessFacilities.com.

3D: 3 viable printing tech developments for construction

Construction Dive

Completion of the world's longest 3D-printed pedestrian bridge and other recent milestones indicate the technology is making big advancements

How to Cut Control Joints in Concrete Slab?

The Constructor

Control joints are provided in the concrete slab to reduce cracks formed due to shrinkage. The specifications of the control joints such as the depth. Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Technology How To Guide

How to Avoid Disputes in Construction

Construction Marketing

Disputes in the construction industry are very common. Solving a dispute is much easier than preventing it in the first place. However, most investors and contractors don’t seem to realize this until they find themselves in the midst of such a problem.

Improving Your Construction Technology Knowledge in 15-Minutes


You can learn a lot in 15 minutes. Viewpoint’s Take 15 webinar series — launched last year — has been met with rave reviews, and we have a whole slew of new topics planned throughout 2019.

Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam.


So, Let’s Get Started. A beam is a horizontal member provided to transfer the load from the upper structure to column and walls or foundation. It can transfer both dead. Read more Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam. The post Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam.

Contractor Loans: An Expert's Guide On How To Finance Your Business

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Chad Otar. Running a contractor operation takes a pretty special individual, especially since there are going to be so many different moving parts with each and every project your contracting outfit takes on.

How connected devices are driving a new wave of data center construction

Construction Dive

While demand for massive data centers is subsiding, smaller facilities with better geographic spread will need to come online to support video streaming, smart devices, 5G and more, says DPR Construction's Tom Maples

Effect of Excess Water in Concrete Mix

The Constructor

The use of excessive water in the concrete mix may facilitate easy placing of concrete but it produces less quality product. The damage of concrete. Concrete Durability Concrete Technology Concrete Mix Design Concrete Properties Water Cement Ratio

3 Wooden Furniture Making Tips

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Wooden furniture is not going away any time soon. Carpenters and woodworkers have continually found ways of reinventing and reincarnating wood furniture over time. This is done by coming up with creative designs and shapes that ensure that wooden furniture remains stylish for the long haul.

State of the Construction Industry: January Roundup


We’re one month into 2019 and already there are some big stories making waves across the United States — from the government shutdown and battle over a potential border wall to the impacts from tariffs and concerns of a slowing economy.

3D Drone Mapping Captures Project Conditions from the Air

PC Construction

Waterhead Mill, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, is a four-story, brick building originally built in the early 20th century as a corduroy mill. The building is situated on a two-acre site surrounded by the Concord River. All Commercial Projects Technology & Innovation

Denmark to build nine industrial, energy-producing islands surrounded by a ‘nature belt’


URBAN POWER, an architecture firm based in Denmark, has recently unveiled a plan to build nine islands that will be used for fossil-free energy production, act as a flood barrier, and add a publicly accessible nature area

7 trends that will shape commercial construction in 2019

Construction Dive

Is a trend really a trend if it repeats year after year? Many construction trends are similar to those in years before, but will affect markets in nuanced ways

Polymer Modified Mortar- Types, Properties, and Applications

The Constructor

Polymer modified mortar is produced by mixing water with polymeric admixtures, Portland cement, and sand. The addition of polymer improves mortar. Concrete Admixtures Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Technology

Volkswagen Will Create 1,000 New Jobs In Tennessee

Business Facilities

The company has selected Chattanooga as the U.S. base for its electric vehicle production and will invest $800 million in the facility. . Read: Volkswagen Will Create 1,000 New Jobs In Tennessee at BusinessFacilities.com. Automotive Business Clusters/Corridors Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing Tennessee corporate expansion Electric Vehicles EV production Hamilton County LEED Site Selection Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Volkswagen AG VW

Build Toward Construction Industry Success in 2019


Welcome to 2019. It’s a new year. It can be new you. You’ve made a list and checked it twice…or not. Sometimes, that list gets messy or doesn’t exist at all. Either way, it’s OK! Make a list with a […].

3 Technologies that Turn Business Challenges Into Advantages

Construction Business Owner

Through digital transformation with these 3 technologies, construct a successful 2019 at your company

Tall mass timber code changes receive final approval


The International Code Council (ICC) has approved all 14 of the tall mass timber code change proposals.

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With BuildingConnected deal, Autodesk readies customers for the digital wave

Construction Dive

Autodesk's $275 million acquisition of the bid management platform, its third deal in recent months, allows users to fully digitize reluctant construction processes, CEO Andrew Anagnost told Construction Dive

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6 Sustainable Innovations Shaping Construction

The Constructor

Sustainable innovation is the process in which sustainability considerations including environmental and economy are taken into account from idea. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

Top 5 Online Marketing Trends In 2019 With Actionable Tips For Contractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today more than ever, we live in a world where information is accessible at the touch of a button, a few clicks on your keyboard, or even just a voice command. Although it's hard to predict where new technologies will lead us, one thing is for certain - we are now all digitally connected.

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