February, 2020

Contractors increasingly involved in shaping blueprints through Generative Design practices

Construction Dive

Proponents of generative design believe that it can streamline the design process and allow contractors to exert influence that is beneficial to a project’s ultimate design

Shopping Mall Development Trends: Are Ghost Kitchens the Answer for Vacant Mall Space?

Commercial Construction

CRE developers and owners are continuing to think creatively about filling vacant shopping mall space, and recently the idea of bringing in “ghost kitchens” to fill obsolete retail square footage has started to gain traction.

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5 Tips to Achieving the Best Construction Project Management


Effectively managing today’s construction projects can be a complex, exhaustive process. But it doesn’t have to be. Construction Best Practices

Contractor Networking - How To Connect With Local Business Owners

Contractor Bookkeeping

Making a few good local business connections can go a long way in helping your construction business grow. Networking can spark mutually beneficial partnerships, lead to new opportunities, and attract more clients through word of mouth.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Will Apply Only to Intentional Takes

Green Building Law Update

Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a rule clarifying that the scope of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act only extends to conduct intentionally injuring birds. Conduct that results in the unintentional (incidental) injury or death of migratory birds is not prohibited under the act.

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Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete | Type of Non-Destructive Testing Concrete


What Is Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete? This test provides immediate results, strength, and real properties of the concrete structure. Non-destructive testing of concrete is a method to obtain the compressive strength and other properties of concrete from existing structures.

Why Your Construction Business Needs You To Say No

Contractor Bookkeeping

Being open to new possibilities is a positive trait shared by most construction company owners —but saying yes to all the people you meet and opportunities that come your way can get you into trouble.

Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals

Job Order Contracting

The following is an outline of basic Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals when reviewing a construction cost estimate and conducting a construction cost audit. Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals.

Difference Between Pelton, Francis and Kaplan Turbines

The Constructor

The Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines are water turbines that are rotary machines which convert kinetic energy and the potential energy of the. Turbines & Pumps Difference Between Pelton


Real-World Examples of the Power of Real-Time, Integrated Construction Data


Why Viewpoint clients Precision Concrete Construction and Satterfield & Pontikes Construction chose an integrated cloud construction solution. Client Spotlight

One Trillion Trees

Green Building Law Update

The One Trillion Trees Initiative was launched at the World Economic Forum last month.

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OSHA New Enforcement Action For The Metals Industry

FDR Safety

OSHA National Emphasis Program Amputations Prevention Effective 12/10/2019. OSHA Intent: .

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Skanska-Corman-McLean JV to start $463M Maryland bridge

Construction Dive

Once the design-build bridge and roadway construction is complete, the existing bridge will be demolished and used to create artificial reefs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

Contour To Add Airline Base At Indianapolis International Airport

Business Facilities

The Tennessee-based regional airline's new nonstop routes will create up to 55 new jobs in central Indiana by the end of 2023. Read: Contour To Add Airline Base At Indianapolis International Airport at BusinessFacilities.com.

Bookkeeper, Accountant, And CPA For Contractors - Understanding Roles

Contractor Bookkeeping

The tax season is here. This is when most construction company owners think about getting their construction bookkeeping system in order, so they can file their annual tax return for the previous year.

What is the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) and Why Does it Matter to Your Business?


The Get It Right Initiative, or GIRI aims to bring contractors together to identify new ways to boost productivity and project quality. Construction Best Practices

179D Tax Deduction Allocated from Government Buildings

Green Building Law Update

On December 20, 2019, the President signed legislation reviving the Section 179D energy efficient commercial building tax deduction and while much has been written about the much needed boost to green building, little has been said about the enormous benefits available from government owned buildings. The § 179D federal tax deduction was brought back from the dead. This was Congress’ tax extenders bill bringing back to life expired tax provisions. This post will not consider the extended tax breaks for racehorses and auto racetracks nor the reduction in taxes for domestic beer and spirts, and not the § 179D deduction for privately owned buildings, but rather it will focus on the energy efficient commercial building deduction for government owned buildings. Unremarkable, the Tax Extender and Disaster Relief Act of 2019 amended the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, SEC. 131. ENERGY EFFICIENT COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS DEDUCTION. IN GENERAL. – Section 179D(h) is amended by striking ‘‘December 31, 2017’’ and inserting ‘‘December 31, 2020’’. EFFECTIVE DATES. – The amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply to property placed in service after December 31, 2017. But the import of those few interlineated words, is in the instance of energy efficient commercial building or property that is installed on or in property owned by a Federal, State, or local government or a political subdivision where the owner of the property may allocate the § 179D deduction to the person primarily responsible for designing the property (the designer). Of course, the government does not pay federal income tax such that it cannot utilize a tax deduction , so that tax deduction may be allocated to a taxpayer. The deduction will be allowed to the designer for the taxable year that includes the date on which the property is placed in service. The § 179D deduction had been in effect since January 1, 2006, but the systems and buildings must have been placed in service by December 31, 2017, which is when § 179D expired, prior to this revival. And it should not be lost on anyone that this tax deduction was revived back to December 31, 2017 (. when it last expired) and will remain effective through December 31, 2020. The IRS has issued guidance, that a designer is a person that creates the technical specifications for installation of energy efficient commercial building property (or partially qualifying commercial building property for which a deduction is allowed under § 179D). A designer may include, for example, an architect, engineer, contractor, environmental consultant or energy services provider who creates the technical specifications for a new building or an addition to an existing building that incorporates energy efficient commercial building property. A person that merely installs, repairs, or maintains the property is not a designer. If more than one designer is responsible for creating the technical specifications, the government owner of the building may determine which designer is primarily responsible and allocate the full deduction to that designer, or at the owner’s discretion, allocate the deduction among several designers. An allocation of the § 179D deduction to the designer of a government owned building must be in writing and will be treated as satisfying the requirements of tax code with respect to energy efficient commercial building property (or partially qualifying commercial building property for which a deduction is allowed under § 179D) if the allocation meets the simple and straightforward requirement of the IRS guidance and contains: (1) The name, address, and telephone number of an authorized representative of the owner of the government owned building; (2) The name, address, and telephone number of an authorized representative of the designer receiving the allocation of the § 179D deduction; (3) The address of the government owned building on or in which the property is installed; (4) The cost of the property; (5) The date the property is placed in service; (6) The amount of the § 179D deduction allocated to the designer; (7) The signatures of the authorized representatives of both the owner of the government owned building and the designer or the designer’s authorized representative; and (8) A declaration, applicable to the allocation and any accompanying documents, signed by the authorized representative of the owner of the government building and designer. In most instances that allocation form is no longer than one page. A tax deduction of $1.80 per square foot (i.e., this tax incentive is based on the area of the building not the dollar amount expended) is available to owners of new or existing buildings who install (1) interior lighting; (2) building envelope, or (3) heating, cooling, ventilation, or hot water systems that reduce the building’s total energy and power cost by 50% or more in comparison to a building meeting minimum requirements set by ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 for buildings and systems placed in service after January 1, 2017 (before that date ASHRAE 90.1-2001 was used). Note the maximum amount of the § 179D deduction to be allocated to the designer is the amount of the costs incurred by the owner of the government owned building to place the energy efficient commercial building property in service. A partial deduction may be allocated. Be aware the Department of Energy maintains a public list of software that may be used to calculate energy and power consumption and costs for purposes of the comparison against the prototype ASHRAE 90.1-2007 building. Selection of the ideal software for a particular building type can be key. In 2020 when Big Pharma is “out” and Jagged Little Pill is “in” many if not most new buildings constructed this year in states where the adopted energy code is the 2015 IECC or later, will meet the required level of performance above the ASHRAE standard. And LEED as well as 4.0 projects will in the vast majority of instances qualify. Deductions of $0.60 per square foot are available in instances in which individual lighting, building envelope, or heating and cooling systems that partially qualify by meeting certain target levels or through an interim lighting rule issued by the IRS. Bringing back to life the dormant § 179D tax deduction will not bring about the zombie apocalypse (. I’m fairly confident?) but it will revive the moribund U.S. green building industrial complex, including incentivizing energy efficient government building. Moreover, given that buildings use more than 40% of energy in the U.S., this tax incentive can benefit not only the designer of a government owned building, but given the concomitant one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions coming from those buildings (more than any other sector in the economy), also repairing the world. This law firm regularly works with owners, tenants, designers and others in securing green building incentives, including advantaging the § 179D tax deduction. Codes and Regulations Energy Environmental Green Building 179d 179d allocation energy efficient commercial building environmental attorney Kaplow LEED Section 179d Stuart Kaplow

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“Safety Professionals Staffing Safety Professionals” – Behind The Curtain at FDRsafety

FDR Safety

Staffing construction projects is a hectic job regardless of the scenario. Staffing safety professionals can be even more difficult. We have a unique process to ease the pain of staffing safety positions for our clients.

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AIA pushes back on possible Trump architecture mandate

Construction Dive

The AIA said an executive order mandating neoclassical architecture styles for federal buildings would increase construction costs and schedules and result in sub-optimal buildings

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Gulfstream Investing $35M In Texas Expansion

Business Facilities

The aerospace company will expand its operations the Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Denton County, TX, creating about 50 jobs in the process. Read: Gulfstream Investing $35M In Texas Expansion at BusinessFacilities.com.

Six Effective Ways To Save Money As A Construction Business Owner

Contractor Bookkeeping

We are always looking for ways construction contractors like you save time and money. These tips will help you make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. Reduce staff costs. Without a doubt, having someone to help deal with routine tasks can significantly improve productivity.

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Frequency of Earthquakes Worldwide

The Constructor

Frequency of earthquake is how often a given earthquake with certain magnitude occurs. On average, earthquake with magnitude of 2 and smaller, which. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Earthquake frequency

Low Carbon Concrete for the First Time Required by Law

Green Building Law Update

The negative environmental impact of concrete, the most common man made substance on Earth, has not been meaningfully responded to in 2020. Cement use in concrete is the largest single material source of greenhouse gas emissions in building.

JOC TASK ORDER Process Overview – USACE

Job Order Contracting

The following is a JOC TASK ORDER Process Overview as defined by the USACE. A Job Order Contract involved Projects and/or Task Orders. Each Project requires at least one Task Order.

Boston Dynamics showcases robot dog's construction capabilities

Construction Dive

The robotics maker has teamed with national contractor HITT to demonstrate how Spot performs on automated and remote-controlled image capture and other tech innovations

Your Time To Register For LiveXchange Is Running Out!

Business Facilities

If your company is planning a corporate expansion or relocation project, then you can't afford to miss LiveXchange. Registration closes in 30 days! Read: Your Time To Register For LiveXchange Is Running Out! at BusinessFacilities.com.

3D Printing Captures UVM STEM Complex

PC Construction

PC Construction’s Virtual Construction Department recently teamed with The University of Vermont’s FabLab to produce a 3D print model of the University’s award-winning STEM Complex. The construction of the STEM Complex was completed by PC. All Education & Campus Our Crew

Want To Turn Your Home Into A Creative Space? Here’s What You Need

The Constructor

While working in a creative field, you’ll often find yourself disturbed if the ambiance around you isn’t fit to be your workspace. To avoid reaching.


Architecture Billings Continue Growth into 2020

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Starting the year on a strong note, architecture firm billings strengthened slightly in January, according to a new report today from The American Institute of Architects. AIA’s Architecture Billings Index score of 52.2 for January compared to 52.1*

Best Value Facilities Construction/O&M Planning, Procurement and Project Delivery

Job Order Contracting

Best Value Facilities Construction/O&M Planning, Procurement and Project Delivery can only be achieved with a concerted focus upon change management, education, and leadership.

Worker killed at $1.5B Amazon airport project in Kentucky

Construction Dive

The worker, 46-year-old Loren Shoemake, was an employee of subcontractor Columbus Steel Erectors

Business Facilities LiveXchange: Will We See You In Charlotte?

Business Facilities

Only 15 spots remain for this year's Business Facilities LiveXchange event, April 19-21, 2020 at The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, Charlotte, NC. Read: Business Facilities LiveXchange: Will We See You In Charlotte? at BusinessFacilities.com.

Types of Concrete Construction Joints | Tips on Placing Joints in Concrete | Tips on Placing Joints in Concrete


Concrete joints are used to compensate when concrete expands or shrinks with changes in temperature. Concrete joints are normally used to prevent cracking when concrete contractions, creating training, tools, sawdust, and placement of joint builders.