June, 2019

5 Ways Leading Contractors Keep Their Clients Happy


Improving collaboration between contractors and clients is key to building long-term relationships. Simply getting the job done isn’t enough for today’s leading contractors.

Tech Toys: 3D concrete printing, VR ladder training and more

Construction Dive

Also, Unity Reflect will allow for Autodesk Revit changes to be seen instantly in Unity VR/AR systems and a Japanese firm will use U.S.-based based drone platforms to inspect and repair concrete infrastructure

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4 Construction Industry Trends in 2019

Construction Equipment

Robots in Construction According to an article in Tech Native, much of the construction process will be automated by 2050. Drones could be capturing site data so that 3D models can be sent to robots and unmanned machines. Robots may also specialize in hard-to-reach or unsafe places that are too

Maryland Reverting to Certifiable In Lieu of Certified Green Building

Green Building Law Update

In response to an act of the Maryland legislature in 2018, the state is proposing a watershed revamp of its current mandatory green building requirements for new public school buildings. The public is being invited to comment on the proposal.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Editor’s Picks: Sweet Spots For High Tech

Business Facilities

The leading high tech hubs have developed a startup ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs and plants the seeds for sustainable growth from innovators who bring scaleable products to life. Read: Editor’s Picks: Sweet Spots For High Tech at BusinessFacilities.com.

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What’s New This Year at Viewpoint Collaborate


Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 has quite a reputation among contractors across the nation

Modular can deliver projects 50% faster, McKinsey finds

Construction Dive

The research company said modular could give the construction industry the "productivity boost it needs" — and $22 billion in annual savings in the U.S. and Europe combined

Two Schools Unite as One

PC Construction

On June 17, the City of Lewiston school department held an open house for the new Robert V. Connors Elementary School. To commemorate the completion of construction, elementary students from the Longley and Martel Schools. All Education & Campus

EPA Cancels Pesticide Registrations to Save the Bees

Green Building Law Update

In a rare move, the EPA issued product cancellation orders for certain pesticides effective May 20, 2019.

Governor’s Report: Leading By Example In Louisiana

Business Facilities

Under Gov. John Bel Edwards, Louisiana has become a national leader in cyber security and a global leader in water management and coastal restoration. Read: Governor’s Report: Leading By Example In Louisiana at BusinessFacilities.com.

Hempcrete Blocks for Construction

The Constructor

The construction industry has been actively looking out for more and more eco-friendly construction materials. Hempcrete or hemp concrete being a. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Smart Materials Eco-friendly material Hemp Hemp concrete Hempcrete Hempcrete blocks Sustainable development

How to Simplify Construction Data Collection from the Field


4 Key Benefits that Digitized Data and Connected Mobile Solutions are Bringing to the Jobsite

Experts to AEC firms: stop ignoring cybercrime vulnerabilities

Construction Dive

Although the industry is at high risk for hacking and the average data breach costs $3.8 million, most contractors aren’t prepared, say presenters at this week's ENR FutureTech conference

The slow story (or when will you finally report on the Best Construction Blog winner)?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Voting for the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition opened in January, and concluded at the end of March. Why then, haven’t I announced the finalists for the judged portion of the competition?

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Net Zero House Lawsuit Filed Against Home Builder

Green Building Law Update

A lawsuit has been commenced in Maryland alleging that two net zero homes are not. The facts are gleaned from a review of the court pleadings and are instructive for everyone buying or selling a green building.

Global Investment: Destinations Of Choice

Business Facilities

Attracting foreign direct investment has become a top priority for economic development organizations seeking to leverage the status of the U.S. as the top global destination for FDI. Read: Global Investment: Destinations Of Choice at BusinessFacilities.com.

12 Basic Components of a Building Structure

The Constructor

The basic components of a building structure are the foundation, floors, walls, beams, columns, roof, stair, etc. These elements serve the purpose of. Building Technology Guide building components Building Construction substructure superstructure

State of the Construction Industry: June 2019 Roundup


Deadly safety incidents and increased cybersecurity threats are in the spotlight for contractors as June 2019 comes to a close

Safety 215

More construction firms see the value of lean

Construction Dive

Companies like Skender, Brasfield & Gorrie and Southland Industries are leveraging lean construction practices to save time, money and resources

The Industrial Internet of Things: Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

Contractor Magazine

Driving business value for process control industries through smart connected assets

Brownfield Laws can Save Green Building and the Planet

Green Building Law Update

It is widely accepted that the greenest building is one already built. So, why then on the 20 th anniversary of many state brownfield programs, is there so little correlation between green buildings and brownfields?

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Cybersecurity: Catching Up With The Bad Guys

Business Facilities

Millions of skilled cybersecurity professionals are needed on the front lines of the global battle with cybercriminals who are causing trillions of dollars worth of damage annually. Read: Cybersecurity: Catching Up With The Bad Guys at BusinessFacilities.com.

Components of Building Substructure

The Constructor

The basic components of a building substructure are the foundation and plinth beam. These components safely transfer the load from the superstructure. Building Technology Guide components of building Foundation substructure

Declare Your Independence from Subpar Construction Software


Integrated Construction Software Boosts Productivity

Report: Technology is necessary for construction skills gap

Construction Dive

A new survey by the Autodesk Foundation and Deloitte says that technology adoption also could leave some construction workers behind if they are not continuously upskilled

The Jobsite’s Invisible Injury

Construction Business Owner

Thousands of construction workers suffer hearing loss from excessive noise exposure on the job every year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects nearly one in four adults in the United States.

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Weekly Product Gallery: Duravit, Armstrong, Matco-Norca, Lennox, ASCO, GrayWolf

Contractor Magazine

This week's gallery highlights these products: a free-standing tub; a variable-speed fire pump; large flange sillcocks; a high-efficiency heat pump; a series of water treatment valves; and a cloud-based platform for temperature, humidity and other measurements

Logistics & Distribution: Delivering The Goods In A Real-Time Economy

Business Facilities

Efficiency, optimization and speed have always been top priorities in logistics and transportation. Today, as digital transformations are ushering in the next revolution of industry, known as Industry 4.0, these priorities are even more crucial.

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What are the Earthquake Effects on Structures?

The Constructor

Earthquake is the most dangerous natural phenomenon that generate sizable destruction in structures. It is reported that, two sources of mistakes. Earthquake Engineering Loads Structural Design Structural Engineering Design Structural

5 Ways Leading Contractors Keep Their Clients Happy


Forward-thinking communication and collaboration, a positive culture and modern technology key to building long-term client relationships

Analysts: Infrastructure, modularization, resiliency top industry drivers

Construction Dive

While a recession is likely on the horizon, several segments of the construction industry will experience massive growth in the next few years, say experts from McKinsey and Dodge

How to Solve the Talent Gap in Construction

Construction Business Owner

The construction industry has a hiring problem. As baby boomers exit the workforce, the industry is seeing an increase in open job reqs. With millennials making up 35% of the workforce, construction companies are wondering what they can do to make the industry more attractive to job seekers

Emotional intelligence is bettering the construction industry


For many, the idea of emotional intelligence in construction reaffirms the notion that every generation gets a little softer. Unfortunately, this common misconception can create a persona that draws people away from wanting to work in the industry, specifically as a skilled laborer or tradesman.