July, 2019

6 Construction Voices on Moving to the Cloud


More and more contractors are moving to the cloud; Hear their reasons why

How to Achieve an Injury-Free Jobsite

Construction Dive

The construction industry has begun to shift from reactive to proactive when it comes to safety performance. Still, with three construction-related fatalities happening every day, there still remains room for improvement

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Top 5 Ways Active Construction Sites Should Prepare for Hurricane Season

Construction Business Owner

To help contractors combat as much risk as possible, Skanska U.S.A. Director of Environmental, Safety & Health, FL, Daimon Perez, offers his top five actions active construction sites should take far before the threat of a hurricane is present. In no particular order, they are as follows

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Requirements of High Performance Concrete

The Constructor

High performance concrete (HPC) is produced in order to meet several requirements which are crucial for a successful construction of buildings in. Concrete Technology High Strength Concrete High Performance concrete

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Starting an Adaptive Reuse Commercial Construction Project

Commercial Construction

This column from Chuck Taylor, Englewood Construction’s director of operations, was originally published by GlobeSt.com. An adaptive reuse construction project, such as the conversion of this former grocery store into Englewood’s headquarters in Lemont, Ill.,

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The Impact of Technology on Construction Data


Viewpoint and Dodge Data & Analytics teamed for an in-depth industry report on the power of data in construction

New AI-enabled technology quickly identifies bridge defects

Construction Dive

The system uses drones to cut the labor costs of bridge inspections by up to 70%, the developers say

Business Facilities’ 15th Annual Rankings: State Rankings Report

Business Facilities

By Business Facilities Staff. From the July/August 2019 Issue. T he rankings ecosystem is getting crowded and, like everything else in 21st Century America, it appears to be dancing to the tune of reality TV. The competition is the show: there must be winners and losers.

Cannabis Manufacturer Charged with RCRA but No CDS Violations

Green Building Law Update

In a criminal case that says significantly more about the prosecution than the indictment on its face, the Federal government is prosecuting a leading cannabis industry manufacturer and distributor for criminal transportation of hazardous waste.

Confirmed: Blue-Collar Workers Are NOT Stronger Than The Sun

FDR Safety

We’ve hit the unofficial middle of summer with this past weekend’s Fourth of July celebrations and things are just heating up across the US. The kids are busy with camps and summer fun and family trips are on the horizon.

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Difference Between Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Steel Structures

The Constructor

Reinforced concrete structures and steel structures follow a similar load transfer method but they differ in several factors like material, Building Technology Guide Difference Between Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Steel Structures reinforced concrete Steel Structures

5 Key Construction HR Management Issues — And How Technology Can Help


Managing human resources in construction can bring a series of complex challenges. But modern technologies are simplifying the processes

New cool roof technologies adapt to the weather

Construction Dive

These prototypes solve a common drawback of traditional cool roofs by including attributes that adjust with the seasons


Business Facilities’ 2019 Metro Rankings Report

Business Facilities

By Business Facilities Staff. From the July/August 2019 Issue. 15th Annual Rankings: 2019 Metro Rankings Report. ATLANTA NO. 1 IN GROWTH POTENTIAL. W e’ve subdivided our metro Economic Growth Potential ranking into small, medium and large categories this year.

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State Law Trumps on Location of Solar Panels

Green Building Law Update

“Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right” is how a new decision on solar energy generating stations by Maryland’s highest court begins, quoting The Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun.”.

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Michigan Businesses Rely on Wolgast for Construction

Wolgast Corporation

For our 100 th blog, I wanted to do a special feature about our ro ots and coverage of the great State of Michigan. We have ties to resources and communities coast-to-coast.

Dutchland Tank Installation Showcased at Lynchburg WWTP

PC Construction Blog

Last Wednesday, our construction team onsite at the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant hosted a Hard Hat Luncheon to celebrate and showcase the installation of the four-million-gallon precast post-tensioned combined sewer overflow tank for the City. All Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment

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State of the Construction Industry: July 2019 Roundup


The skilled labor shortage, new technologies and the possibility of construction jobsites on Mars are the stories that got our attention in July

CBP: No new border wall has been built with Trump in office

Construction Dive

The Washington Examiner reports that the only completed projects in the 30 months since Trump took office have been replacements for existing barriers

TN Named Best Business Climate, NC No. 1 In Growth Potential

Business Facilities

Tennessee has been named the state with the Best Business Climate and North Carolina is the top-ranked state for Economic Growth Potential in Business Facilities’ 15th Annual Rankings Report , released this week.

USGBC Wants You to Comment on the Next Version of LEED

Green Building Law Update

The U. Green Building Council is looking for the future of LEED and has officially opened a call for feedback and ideas for the next version of LEED. This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to influence the next version of the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

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What is Scaffolding? Its Types, Parts Used in Construction.


What is Scaffolding? While the term formwork is generally used for all temporary works for holding concrete, etc. The term scaffolding is generally used for the temporary structure used to. Read more What is Scaffolding? Its Types, Parts Used in Construction. The post What is Scaffolding?

Types of Soil, Properties & Uses in Construction

Construction Test

Types of soil , properties & uses in construction , here we described types of soil based on quality, size and moisture their properties and uses for construction and plantation. What is Soil.

Your Ultimate Guide to Portland, Oregon for Collaborate 2019


Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 is coming up! As you plan for your upcoming trip to Portland, take a look at our ultimate guide to Portland

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Lawmaker introduces bill to create OSHA heat standard

Construction Dive

OSHA has recommendations for protecting workers from heat-related injuries and illnesses but no formal national standard

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Israel A Rising Star In Artificial Intelligence

Business Facilities

Israel has emerged as a leading player in Artificial Intelligence and Tel Aviv has been named as an Emerging AI Hub in Business Facilities’ 15th Annual Rankings Report. Israel finished sixth in BF’s global ranking for Artificial Intelligence, with the U.S.,

12 Factors Influencing Bearing Capacity of Soils

The Constructor

The bearing capacity of soil is influenced by many factors for instance soil strength, foundation width and depth, soil weight and surcharge, and. Geotechnical Engineering bearing capacity

A new museum debuts inside the Empire State Building


This morning, a $165 million, 10,000-sf museum opened on the second floor of the Empire State Building in New York City, completing the second of a four-phase “reimagining” of that building’s Observatory experience, which draws four million visitors annually

Why Automation is a Do-or-Die Decision in Construction

Construction Business Owner

To an outsider, construction contracting probably seems like easy street right now. But there are two huge challenges facing the industry that are putting contractors in an unusual bind.

Challenging Construction Cultures to Think Differently


How contractors can achieve behavioral change and succeed with any improvement initiative or implementation project

Report: 60% of US construction activity concentrated in 10 states

Construction Dive

Of the more than 11,200 U.S. projects GlobalData tracks, California by far leads with $524.6 billion in the works, followed by Texas, New York and Florida

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With James Chavez, South Carolina Power Team

Business Facilities

James Chavez, President and Chief Executive Officer, South Carolina Power Team, discusses recent economic development successes, the Site Readiness Fund, workforce development and foreign investment. Read: Snapshots: 60 Seconds With James Chavez, South Carolina Power Team at BusinessFacilities.com.

Applications of Reinforced Concrete

The Constructor

Applications of Reinforced Concrete is mainly due to its versatility, adaptability and resistance to fire and corrosion resulting in negligible. Concrete Technology Concrete Types in Construction reinforced concrete Uses of RCC