May, 2019

Construction Marketing Strategies That Won’t Demolish Your Budget

Construction Marketing Blog

If you hope to expand the client base for your construction company, excellent marketing is essential. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Several time-tested strategies won’t strain your budget. Here are seven smart, cost-effective ideas for maximizing your marketing reach. Leverage Search Engine Optimization. In today’s world, people turn to the internet when they want information. That makes an appealing, user-friendly website is vital.

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Attracting the next-generation workforce, and no, we don’t mean Millennials


Gen Tech. Gen Wii. Net Gen. Digital Natives. Homeland Generation. Plurals. iGeneration. If these descriptions of the next generation of our workforce sound like a foreign language to you, you’ll want to pay close attention. Millennials are no longer “the next generation.”

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4 Moves Toward a Project-Planning Method That Does More Than Check Boxes

Construction Business Owner

The first question a leader should ask is: Do we have an operational standard for preconstruction being used by every project manager, estimator and superintendent/foreman? If the answer is no, you have your first obstacle to overcome.

Dollar Saving Tips for Contractors


Sometimes, staying in the green can be difficult with large budgets and complex projects that have many details and variables. From designing effectively to reducing waste, we have come up with seven tips and best practices that can help contractors stay above water. Design Effectively.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

GSA Reviews more than 100 Green Building Systems and Selects 5

Green Building Law Update

Section 436(h) of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 requires the General Services Administration’s Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings to complete a review of high performance building certification systems every 5 years.

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Choosing the Right Size Dumpster For Your Next Project

Construction Marketing Blog

Every construction project results in waste that has to be eliminated to create space for free movement of people and things. The trash is usually created when certain structures are demolished.

OSHA is asking for input on the Control of Hazardous Energy

FDR Safety

On May 20, 2019, OSHA published an RFI asking for input on the Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) as shown below. link]. The control of hazardous energy is regulated under OSHA’s control of hazardous energy (Lockout/Tagout) standard.

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STEM Leaders: Moving To The Head Of The Class

Business Facilities

The battle for America’s future as a global technology leader is being waged in locations that have initiated innovative programs to increase the number of graduates with STEM skills. Read: STEM Leaders: Moving To The Head Of The Class at

Paper vs. Clunky Software vs. Integrated Construction Solution


Place your bets. Who will win the construction heavyweight belt? Paper. It’s always there when you need it.

Recycled Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil Can Trigger Insurance Pollution Exclusion

Green Building Law Update

In a case having broad implications given the wide mandatory recycling of restaurant waste cooking oil across the country, in a decision filed on April 29, 2019, a federal appeals court held that contaminated recycled fat could trigger the “pollution exclusion” in an insurance policy.

Trump lifts US tariffs on North American steel and aluminum

Construction Dive

The United States will lift its tariffs on industrial metals from Mexico and Canada in exchange for new enforcement measures to prevent Chinese steel from being imported

How to Assess Your Water Heater to Determine if it Needs a Repair

Construction Marketing Blog

You probably never put much thought into it, but a water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. You use it to heat the shower, cooking water, hand washing and a lot more. These are things that are easy to ignore, until you can’t have them.

Carpooling: A Terrible Idea For Teens

FDR Safety

Carpooling- a concept that makes all the sense in the world for a number of reasons. It saves you money; 4 people splitting a tank gas a lot cheaper than 1 person. It helps the environment; 1 car’s emissions harming the atmosphere is a lot better than 4 cars worth. It reduces traffic; less cars on the road typically means less stress. In most circumstances is hard to deny the positives of carpooling. For some of us, carpooling should be our greatest fear.

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The Commonwealth Of Virginia: A Location of Choice

Business Facilities

Home to the nation’s largest data center market, its third-largest port, the third-highest concentration of tech workers and the HQ of 37 Fortune 1000 companies, Virginia offers diverse opportunities for success. Read: The Commonwealth Of Virginia: A Location of Choice at

How to Simplify Construction Data Collection from the Field


4 Key Benefits that Digitized Data and Connected Mobile Solutions are Bringing to the Jobsite. It’s a special thing when you can see just how your construction organization is driving success — especially when you have a deep understanding into the activities that happen out in the field.

Maryland Appellate Court Upholds Local Government Pesticide Ban

Green Building Law Update

Last week the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the state’s intermediate appellate court, overturned an earlier circuit court decision, reinstating a Montgomery County ordinance significantly restricting pesticide use throughout the County.

More than 7K robots to take on construction work by 2025

Construction Dive

Midsize and major contractors are beginning to integrate intelligent machines to pair with BIM and building automation and to help with worker shortages and other productivity issues, a new report found

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How to do Consultancy in Construction? Features and Benefits

The Constructor

Consultancy in construction is performed by a group of professionals designated as consultants. Consultants are appointed by the client in order to. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction consultancy

Ground Broken for $262M Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy Project

PC Construction Blog

After nearly a decade in planning, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) celebrated the groundbreaking of the $262 million Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy project yesterday. PC Construction is the design-builder for this innovative project that will serve.

Fairmont, Minnesota: Growing Side By Side

Business Facilities

Agribusiness, manufacturing and distribution are thriving shoulder-to-shoulder in Fairmont, a rural gem in south central Minnesota. Read: Fairmont, Minnesota: Growing Side By Side at

Keep it Simple, Stupid


Modern technology is simplifying construction processes and reducing user burdens. In an industry as large and complex as construction, simplifying processes in any way possible can reap significant benefits for contractors in terms in of productivity, mitigated project risks and profitability.

Lending time and talent to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

The Korte Company

Some children in the U.S. are neglected or abused so badly that they can’t live with their families—if they have families at all. Who cares for them? Where do they go? Who do they turn to for help?

Video game-like tech draws younger, more skeptical workforce to construction

Construction Dive

The modern jobsite's move to simulators, controllers, VR headsets and more is bucking the perspective that careers in the industry are all grunt work

7 Types of Construction Defects in Reinforced Concrete Structures

The Constructor

Construction errors are main factors that lead to the development of defects in concrete structure. Defects in concrete structures can be due to poor. Concrete Durability Concrete Technology How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Concrete Repair Durability Repair of Concrete Repair/Maintenance

What You Need To Know Before Hiring Subcontractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

In Construction, hiring Independent Contractors can get very expensive, very fast! The Internal Revenue has a defined set of rules on what is the difference between an "Independent Contractor" and "Employee".

Backed By Big Electric Vehicle Investments, The Future Of Tennessee’s Auto Industry Is Here

Business Facilities

Tennessee has been the nerve center of the South’s auto sector for nearly four decades, and is shaping up to be a hub for electric vehicle investments. Read: Backed By Big Electric Vehicle Investments, The Future Of Tennessee’s Auto Industry Is Here at

Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 is Officially Open for Registration


The Rumors are True: We are Building Better Together. That’s right! We have officially launched registration for Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 ! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the first to invite you to our best user’s conference yet. What is Collaborate 2019?

HVAC Technician Training Resources

Contractor Magazine

Take a look at these accredited institutions to enroll in as an industry first-timer or to gain additional certifications as an industry veteran

Top construction execs reveal challenges, opportunities

Construction Dive

Leaders at AECOM, PCL and STO Building Group discuss labor, tariffs, integrated project delivery and preparing for a potential slowdown

Analysis Methods for Buildings Frames

The Constructor

Elastic analysis deals with the study of strength and behavior of the members and structure at working loads. Frames can be analyzed by various. Analysis of Frames Structural Analysis Structural Engineering

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Five Basic Construction Accounting Tasks To Complete Every Month

Contractor Bookkeeping

Proper construction accounting is all about the details. The answers you need to operate and grow your company are in reports. Everything starts with cash because "cash is fact, profit is an opinion."

Retail Rush: Goodyear, Arizona

Business Facilities

One of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., nestled in the West Valley of the Greater Phoenix region, Goodyear, AZ is in the midst of a retail boom that continues to grow. Read: Retail Rush: Goodyear, Arizona at

The Future of the Connected Jobsite


Marcum’s Chuck Schwartz highlights the benefits and challenges of connected construction jobsites.