April, 2019

It’s Good to Talk: Why Two Way Radio Still Matters in Construction

Construction Marketing

In an age when mobile telephones have emerged as the defining technology of their day, it might strike us as a little puzzling that one of mobile’s predecessors still enjoys such popularity in industry. Two way radio technology is approaching 100 years old, yet across construction sites, processing plants, factories and warehouses the world over, it remains the go-to solution for wireless on-site communication.

U.S. Manufacturing: All The Way Back

Business Facilities

The U.S. manufacturing sector finally has regained the output levels lost during the Great Recession. But an exceptionally tight labor market might put a damper on the celebration. Read: U.S. Manufacturing: All The Way Back at BusinessFacilities.com.

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Construction Software According to Kids


Construction Software According to Kids. “If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.” ” – Akaine Kramarik. Yesterday, our Portland office participated in Take Your Child to Work Day, and we’re certainly glad we did. By 8am, our office was already teeming with children who were, well – stoked to get to miss school for the day I’m guessing.

Who Matters The Most? A Few Thoughts On Distracted Driving

FDR Safety

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month meaning organizations such as OSHA, M.A.A.D, and EndDD are releasing annual studies on distracted driving.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

The 10 traits successful contractors have in common

Construction Dive

In a crowded AGC convention session, a seasoned consultant listed the top traits among the industry's fastest-growing and most profitable contractors

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Best Practices for Event Follow-Ups

Construction Marketing

Event marketing is a proven strategy for success. In fact, according to statistics, 73% of B2B marketers say live events are better than other tactics for customer engagement.

Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral

Business Facilities

The city with the second largest land mass—and one of the fastest growing populations—in Florida offers plenty of opportunities for commercial development. Read: Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral at BusinessFacilities.com.

What Causes Construction Project Delays?


6 reasons your construction projects are not being completed on time and how to avoid them. It’s both frustrating and costly for contractors when a construction project is postponed.

Grading of Cement based on American and European Codes

The Constructor

In the earlier part of this series (Grades of Ordinary Portland Cement Based on IS Codes), I discussed the grading of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Building Materials Building Technology Guide

AI, robotics safety a bigger concern to construction industry than job security

Construction Dive

Construction workers worry less about the common conception that robots will steal jobs than they do about who's to blame for unsafe practices on the jobsite, according to a new survey

Maryland Bans Polystyrene and Enacts 31 other New Environmental Laws

Green Building Law Update

The Maryland General Assembly, the state’s legislative body meets in regular session for 90 days each year beginning the second Wednesday in January to act on more than 2,500 pieces of legislation.

Content for Every Stage in the Client Lifecycle

Construction Marketing

Quality content has the potential to help B2B marketers cost-effectively drive ROI. The key to pulling this off requires a commitment to providing content that puts your audience’s needs first. And it must happen at every point in the selling cycle. It’s also going to take some time and patience.

Workforce Training & Talent Acquisition

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Today’s workforce training and talent acquisition is a multi-faceted effort that brings targeted skills to students, and new workers to locations they’ll be happy to live in. Read: Workforce Training & Talent Acquisition at BusinessFacilities.com.

Uncertain Times Call for Construction Technology Growth


Today’s leading construction firms operate as digital contractors that take advantage of the latest technologies to gain competitive edges.

10 Construction Flaws to Avoid in Earthquake-prone Areas

The Constructor

Buildings require great designs and sound construction practices to be able to withstand the disastrous forces of an earthquake. There are several. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

The Dotted Line: What makes a successful RFP

Construction Dive

Owners seek contractors who flesh out a detailed request, giving them a ready plan of attack if they win the project

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Commercial Construction Delivery Methods: 3 Times To Go With A Negotiated Bid

Commercial Construction

Any long-time readers of Hard Hat Chat have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a big fan of the negotiated bid. Our firm takes pride in being a true partner to our clients, and we believe a great way to elevate that client relationship is to work on a negotiated basis – a process where the client hires a general contractor early-on in the project after agreeing on general conditions and a contractor fee.

5 Steps to Building Custom Doors For Your Barn

Construction Marketing

When building your barn door, you want to make it in a way that makes it easy to operate. You don’t want it too cumbersome or hard to operate. Building a barn door is a process, and missing even a single step may leave you with a door too hard to open and close.

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CKPC To Produce Highly Recyclable Plastics In Canada

Business Facilities

Through its Strategic Innovation Fund, Canada will invest US$36 million to support construction of the new US$3.3 billion polypropylene complex in Sturgeon County, Alberta. Read: CKPC To Produce Highly Recyclable Plastics In Canada at BusinessFacilities.com.

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Don’t Waste a Good Recession


Look into the Construction Crystal Ball with Leading Economist, Anirban Basu. Anirban Basu isn’t physic nor does he own a crystal ball. However, some may consider the knowledge he possesses close to having a sixth sense.

3D Printing in Construction Industry- Process and Benefits

The Constructor

The idea of 3D printing of structures, although still novel to many, is striding its way towards the root of the construction industry. Today, 3D. Construction Equipments Digital tools 3D Printing 3D printing in construction additive manufacturing contour crafting


NABTU: Union, wage protections must underlie $1T infrastructure plan

Construction Dive

Union leaders and lawmakers at a conference this week called for prevailing wages, project labor agreements and other standards to be included

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Job Costing For Small Construction Companies - The Key To Profitability

Contractor Bookkeeping

Job Costing, in its simplest terms, links the money you spent on a job against the money you received to do a particular job. It is the process of tracking all the costs related to a project to determine its profitability.

What you need to know about Plasma Cutting and Welding in the Modern Era

Construction Marketing

The welding process has improved dramatically over the past few decades. Today, welding and plasma cutting procedures are fast and more precise, thanks to the invention of highly advanced equipment.

Louisiana’s Agribusiness Sector Expands

Business Facilities

From sustainable row crops such as sugarcane and soybeans, to world-class fisheries, livestock production and vast forestlands, Louisiana is advancing itsr agribusiness industry through value-added projects. Read: Louisiana’s Agribusiness Sector Expands at BusinessFacilities.com.

The Rise of Business Intelligence in Construction


More and more contractors are moving to the cloud to embrace powerful business intelligence solutions to improve operations. The construction industry collects mounds of data.

How Stresses are Transferred from R.C. Columns to Footings?

The Constructor

The transfer of stresses, generated due to applied loads, in columns to the footings or piles are considerably crucial in order for a footing to. How To Guide Structural Detailing Structural Engineering Structural Structural Design

Bipartisan bill shoots for $125B infrastructure investment

Construction Dive

By eliminating capital gains taxes on certain foreign investments, supporters of the Invest in America Act hope to draw in more federal funds for state and local construction projects

Asphalt Road Construction Procedure

Construction Test

Asphalt road construction procedure is required to lay the any asphalt road like BM , DBM , BC etc with Quality control specifications like temperature , aggregate , JMF limit s. We described temperature control of asphalt mix , aggregate quality , JMF limit and frequency test on Asphalt road.

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10 reasons to choose Custom Home Builders in Charlotte

Construction Marketing

Owning a home is an important investment. Many homeowners find it hard to decide on whether to buy a home or have one custom built. With the help of a general contractor in charlotte , recent research shows that many people are opting for custom home builders.

Polycap Establishing First U.S. Manufacturing Facility In Virginia

Business Facilities

The Canadian company will invest $7.7 million and create 48 new jobs in Lebanon, VA. Read: Polycap Establishing First U.S. Manufacturing Facility In Virginia at BusinessFacilities.com.

Save the Sticky Notes for Bookmarks


Remove Paper Processes and Streamline Construction Human Resources. We get it. You’re busy.

8 Construction Tips for a Cool Summer

The Constructor

Air conditioners are an easy but very expensive(to your pocket as well as the environment) way to reduce the impact of the sultry heat waves of.