April, 2018

Safety Culture Exercise: Improving Attitudes Towards Safety

FDR Safety

Creating an effective Safety Culture is something we at FDRsafety preach daily to our clients, partners, friends, and family.

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The Last Straw for a Rational Environmental Policy?

Green Building Law Update

In the wake of the 48th anniversary of Earth Day yesterday, among the hottest environmental issues of the day appears to be criminalizing the plastic drinking straw. The import of the “war on drinking straws” must be true because this week there is a viral video viewed on YouTube more than 5.5 million times of a 2015 incident where a Texas A&M University research team in Costa Rica found a plastic straw stuck in the nose of a sea turtle.

The Carpenter Contractor Trust An Introduction

Construction Marketing Blog

It’s all marketing. Well, it isn’t, exactly. But the reason we hear that cliché so frequently is that it carries with it a ring of truth that resonates within all of us. The Carpenter Contractor Trust (www.CCTNetwork.org), or simply “The CCT,” is a labor management trust formed in 2001.

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How to Modernize Construction Management

John Chaney

Although historically the construction industry has been slow to go digital , times are changing. There’s an industry transformation happening in construction, driven by modern technology, and these changes are significantly elevating construction management.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

ASA Event in Naples

Collaborative Construction

During the first week of April I presented in Naples, Florida to Southwest Chapter of the American Subcontractor's Association.

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Two Tips For A Safer Project

FDR Safety

The United States is and has always been one of the fastest growing nations in the world. Not only are we constantly building, we are doing so at a rapid pace and massive scale.

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Methods to Check Verticality of Structure during Building Construction

The Constructor

Checking verticality works would encounter during building construction at several stages such as during installing vertical formworks of columns and. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

The Benefits of Using Steel in Construction

Construction Marketing Blog

The trade of steel is an important part of the global economy, with about five million people involved in making this metal worldwide and a further million people employed in service centers, galvanizing plants and trading. Every year the world produces about 1,600 million tons of crude steel – the equivalent weight of about 160,000 Eiffel Towers. It’s also of vital important to the US.

Mobile Tech Gains Traction on Construction Jobsites

John Chaney

Five years ago, the mobile technology landscape on construction sites looked very different. The variety of tech used was much more limited, and many contractors didn’t consider this technology a priority. JBKnowledge’s 2017 Construction Technology Report found that 41.4

The Closing Experience Podcast

Collaborative Construction

During the first week of April I presented at two events in Florida. The first event was hosted by Cottrell Title out of Naples and focused on the potential transfer of title to real property on the blockchain. Sponsored by Cottrell Title, the event was held Tuesday April 3, at the Naples Area Board of Realtors facility. On Monday, the day before the event, James P. Schlimmer, the managing partner at Cottrell Title invited me to discuss blockchain on Cottrell Title's Closing Experience Podcast.

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Dotted Line: Cultivating bid-winning relationships with public agencies

Construction Dive

Effective communication and trust are keys to productive relationships with local and federal officials

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OSHA’s Repeat Violation Policy: How To Prepare.

FDR Safety

EHS Today : “A recent court decision extending the time limitation for OSHA to assess repeat violations has upped the ante for employers who until now chose not to contest more routine violations because of the cost of defending them.

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Embedments in Concrete and When it is Used in Reinforced Concrete

The Constructor

What are embedments in concrete? Embedments are any items for instance pipes, ducts, sleeves, and conduits placed in concrete elements for different. Concrete Concrete Technology

5 Tips To Using A Steel Pipe Flange For The First Time

Construction Marketing Blog

A pipe flange is a mechanical device which serves the purpose of joining pipes together. It can be in the form of a welding neck where it’s welded to the flange collar or threaded where it’s screwed to the flange. Other methods include the use of a lap joint to make connections using a stub end, or a socket weld or a slip on. Here are 5 tips to use a steel pipe flange for the first time: 1. Use Slip-on Flanges In Low-Pressure Services.

Women to the Rescue: How to Solve The Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

John Chaney

If you work in the construction industry, you likely know the labor shortage has been a significant problem for some time now. Beyond just a shortage of workers, a gap in skilled labor is particularly challenging for contractors. Construction firms are struggling to find trained carpenters, welders, masons and other construction professionals. To address this shortage, construction organizations across the country have begun focusing on women as a target demographic for hiring.

Seven Deadly Construction Accounting Mistakes Kill Profit And Growth

Contractor Bookkeeping

"Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Know Your Numbers And Advertise".

U.S. road work-zone fatalities up 7%

Construction Dive

Officials says more traffic and road work and distracted driving are to blame for the increase in fatalities

Top Utilities: Powering Growth

Business Facilities Blog

Our Editor’s Choice selections for Top Utilities include the leaders who are upgrading their grids, diversifying their energy sources and doing what it takes to power economic development. Read: Top Utilities: Powering Growth at BusinessFacilities.com.

Inspection Checklists for Construction of Urban Stormwater System

The Constructor

Checks that need to be carried at different stages of urban stormwater system construction includes checklist for excavation, trenching, pipes before. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

How maintaining warehouse floors can reduce the risk of accidents

Construction Marketing Blog

Unemployment has dropped to below 5%, with positive employment figures showing that the economy added more than 230,000 new jobs in February. Yet, there has been much debate and concern over the state of industries – so how come? It’s not just here in the US either, over in the UK the unemployment is an identical rate of 4.7%. Yet we do need to realize that the face of employment has shifted massively. The job providing locations today aren’t so much factories but warehouses.

5 Ways to Prepare for New Revenue Recognition Standards

John Chaney

Contractors today deal with challenging projects, often with multiple performance obligations. These megaprojects are frequently bundled together and involve complex financials. The new GAAP revenue recognition standards developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board are here, and these standards are designed with complex projects in mind. When implemented properly, they offer improved cash flow and better accounting insight, which benefits contractors and customers.

The World is being Forced to Rethink Recycling

Green Building Law Update

Maybe not since Plato wrote about the value of reusing waste in the fourth century BC has recycling undergone the wide fluctuation, good and bad, that we are seeing right now. Today, the world has been forced to rethink its approach to waste. China is driving the change in recycling. Most recently, China imposed a 25% tariff on U.S. scrap aluminum.

How to recruit talented workers away from competitors

Construction Dive

In this tight labor market, contractors provide insights for luring capable field and office staff from local construction firms

Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage

Business Facilities Blog

As cyber threats multiply at an exponential rate, an emerging cybersecurity sector tries to keep pace, with government agencies forming close alliances with world-class institutions of higher education. Read: Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage at BusinessFacilities.com.

Strategies to Protect Buildings Constructed on Brownfield Land

The Constructor

The term Brownfield land is used for a land that has been developed previously, i.e. buildings and associated infrastructures have been constructed. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

AGC of Maine Bestows Highest Honor on The Hiawatha Project

PC Construction Blog

PC Construction was one of only five contractors statewide to be honored with a 2018 Build Maine Award from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Maine. The award in the Building Division category recognized PC’s. All Awards Commercial Projects

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State of the Construction Industry: April Roundup

John Chaney

Technology coming to the construction industry isn’t a new topic. But if this month’s news is any indication, the trend toward new, inventive construction technology continues to move along quickly. We’ve recently seen increases in mobile technology on the jobsite , drones , technology for project management and plenty of other tools that can change the way contractors work.

10 futuristic technologies that are changing construction


It’s no secret that technology is revolutionising literally every aspect of modern day life. The construction industry, continually being updated and upgraded with the latest technology, is one such example of this.

These bricks could be a game-changer for insulation

Construction Dive

Filled with aerogel, which also is used in NASA spacesuits, the walls conduct heat up to eight times better compared to a standard masonry wall


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles To Invest Over $1B In Michigan

Business Facilities Blog

FCA will modernize its Warren Truck Assembly to produce Ram Heavy Duty trucks, relocating truck production from Mexico and adding 2,500 new jobs. Read: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles To Invest Over $1B In Michigan at BusinessFacilities.com.

Recommendations for Good Brick Masonry Construction Practices

The Constructor

Several recommendations for good site brick masonry construction includes practices for accuracy and tolerances, appearance, durability, structural. Brick Masonry Building Technology Guide Buildings

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Weekly Product Gallery: Fire protection products

Contractor Magazine

Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Project Management?

John Chaney

Contractors have a lot to keep track of daily: from crews on the jobsite and subcontractors to equipment, materials and ever-changing conditions. Plus, they need to make sure all parts of a job are executed according to plan, both in terms of cost and schedule. To keep things organized, most contractors use technology in some capacity to facilitate day-to-day workflows for project management , scheduling, accounting , estimating and more.