August, 2017

Aconex continues 31% growth trend

Extranet Evolution

Aconex continues to grow revenues, effectively doubling in two years. Two-thirds of its business now comes from outside Australasia.

Green Globes to be Approved in Maryland

Green Building Law Update

Last week the Maryland Green Building Council voted unanimously to recommend that Green Globes, at the two Green Globes level, be approved by the Maryland Secretaries of Budget and Management and General Services as a “high performance building” as defined in Maryland law.

What is Guniting? Procedure, Applications and Advantages of Guniting

The Constructor

Guniting is a process used in construction for repair, rehabilitation and slope stabilization purpose. Procedure, applications and advantages of. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Special Concrete in Construction Concrete Technology special concrete

The Miracle Of Skyscraper Demolition: Making A Building Disappear


Demolitions always look fun but they are extremely challenging and costly projects. There is a vast number of different, yet indispensable, parameters that should be taken into account before a project like that begin. Safety and process efficiency, of course, are the top priorities.

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Asite (briefly) excited about Australia

Extranet Evolution

Since the mid-2000s, the Australian SaaS construction collaboration market has been led by Aconex, but rivals are queuing up to chip away at its domestic dominance.

The Sustainable Market Grows

ENR Construction

Owners, designers and contractors are divided over the market’s future and what set of standards will be used going forward

Modern Methods of Construction -Details and Applications

The Constructor

Modern construction methods involves proper planning and design to reduce construction time, cost and maintains overall sustainability of each. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

The 50 Construction Blogs That Will Change How You See Our Industry


We hereby bring you our list of 50 biggest construction blogs and places to get updates about the construction industry. A great list for you to check out in order to find influential companies in the industry, that talks about the newest trends and pulse of the industry. The list.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Game Winner

Business Facilities Blog

Are you ready for some football? Loyal readers of this space know that we’ve occasionally taken a jaundiced view of economic development projects that are dependent on professional sports leagues and their migratory franchises.

Training the Professional Problem-solver

Constructor Magazine

Manufacturers rely on rep firms to provide critical training to the plumbing trades


Extranet Evolution outage

Extranet Evolution

On 12 August, during a server migration by my website host, a database got corrupted and “Extranet Evolution” disappeared, as did my company site. I was initially unaware of this, due to my attention being focused elsewhere ( see below ). However, the fault was identified and rectified yesterday. Apologies for any inconvenience. During 2016, my father’s health started declining.

Unique Strategy Massively Increases Contractor Cash And Profits

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors Are Selling Their Time First, Skill Second. Value of Time – Your time as the Contractor is the most valuable. I hope you are doing the tasks that only you can do. Yes, you can do your contractor bookkeeping. My question is: Why Would You? Your answer – I have a cash flow problem. Spending hours doing your bookkeeping will not solve that.

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Fire Resistance of Concrete Materials and Structures

The Constructor

Performance of concrete during fire is appreciable. Fire resistance of concrete materials, structures and methods to improve fire resistance are. Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology Fire Resistance of Concrete Fire Resistant propertiesofconcrete

Mental Health In Construction: The Ugly Truth


Did you know that working in construction you are six times more likely to die from suicide than from a fall from a height?

Employee Relocation Trends Changing Shape

Business Facilities Blog

The U.S. workforce is changing and, with it, so are the ways in which employees are being relocated for companies across the U.S. Global relocation services company Cartus Corporation recently released its 2017 Domestic U.S.

US 39

Make Good Business Decisions

Constructor Magazine

Industry associations provide ongoing training to help contractors differentiate themselves in the marketplace

24OnOff makes time management mobile

Extranet Evolution

Start-up 24onoff has announced the UK launch of a new project management app for web and smartphones (Apple iOS and Android), helping digitise everyday paper-based tasks such as creating timesheets and invoices, as well as tracking man hours and managing documents (read this BIM+ article ).

Replacing Hard Hats with Safety Helmets

Construction Equipment

While traditional style hard hats for construction workers are better than nothing, doesn't it make better sense to wear purpose-designed headgear that does a far better job of protecting the worker in a dangerous work environment?

Types of Soil Movements -Causes and Recommended Suitable Foundations

The Constructor

Various types of soil movements occur disregard of the stresses imposed on the ground by foundations. Causes and suitable foundations for ground. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Foundation

The Nightmare Of Improving Efficiency In Construction


During the last years, the discussion around the need for increasing efficiency in construction has got more and more intense. We recently touched upon the issue of modernisation of the UK Industry, and the final remarks were a strong wake-up call for anyone who is interested in the future of.

Locations For The Food Processing Industry: The Food Puzzle

Business Facilities Blog

By the BF Staff. From the July/August 2017 Issue. M idway through 2017 the Food Processing industry already has seen a number of expansions and relocations along with new facility construction. And if the first half of the year is any indication, many more announcements are on the horizon.

Nexstar Network developing online technical training program

Constructor Magazine

NexTech Academy is designed to take a person with no experience in plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical work and educate them to become a highly proficient technician

RIB revamps iTWOcx

Extranet Evolution

RIB’s cloud-based construction collaboration platform has been updated, with its SaaS operations contributing about 13% of total group revenues.

High Powered Content Management Now Affordable for Small to Medium Firms (plus Upcoming Webinar)

What Revit Wants

Recently I undertook a very detailed and intensive research project focused on BIM and Revit Content Management Systems. The results of that research will eventually become fully available… In fact it will be discussed in detail at an upcoming webinar (register here).

Revit 31

Direct Design of Concrete Pipes for Sewer Sanitary

The Constructor

There are three methods for design of concrete pipes for sewer sanitary. Direct design of concrete pipes, its applicability and criteria are. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology Pipeline

Sewer 39

Construction Daily Reports: A Big Pain For Superintendents And Foremen


It’s no secret that construction daily reports are one of the biggest struggles for foremen and superintendents. There is no doubt that keeping close track of your project’s daily progress is fundamental.

Maine 32

Home Goods Manufacturer Creating 200 Jobs In Georgia

Business Facilities Blog

Safavieh, a manufacturer and distributor of home goods, will create 200 jobs and invest more than $60 million in a new Chatham County, GA distribution facility. Safavieh will build a 1.1 million-square-foot facility at the Savannah River International Trade Park. Photo: Safavieh.

ServiceTitan expands to east coast

Constructor Magazine

California-based ServiceTitan opens an Atlanta office in their first expansion to better connect with customers; looking looking to hire the best and brightest talent in the region

Simple mobile reporting via SiteReportPro

Extranet Evolution

A very recent addition to the growing market for mobile site reporting apps is Site Report Pro , developed by Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK-based Pipe Flow Software (aka Daxesoft Ltd).

My Internship at PC Construction

PC Construction Blog

This summer, I was assigned an internship at PC Construction’s project at the Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans, Vermont. This project included the renovation of the main lobby, addition of clinic spaces, the renovation. All Our Crew Intern