July, 2020

A Force Majeure Decision during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Green Building Law Update

There has been much speculation and supposition about the interplay of force majeure provisions in leases and other contracts in response to government orders closing businesses during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, but now there is an authoritative court decision that may provide persuasive authority.

Workforce Training: Coping With Crisis Requires A New Skillset

Business Facilities

Companies are building digital training programs and creating ecosystems of “learning partners” to produce and deliver digital content to a broad base of employees. Read: Workforce Training: Coping With Crisis Requires A New Skillset at BusinessFacilities.com.

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Proven Job Order Contracting Practices that Drive Improved Construction Outcomes

Job Order Contracting

INTRODUCTION. Proven Job Order Contracting Practices have evolved to enable the consistent delivery of quality repair, renovation, maintenance, and new construction project on-time and on-budget. Solutions such as the OpenJOC(TM) Framework, optimize the integration off people, process, information, and enabling technology to drive best value outcomes for both real property owners and construction services providers.

Is Your Construction Data Selling Your Projects Short?

Viewpoint Construction Technology

When it comes to project status review meetings, a lack of good data can lead to headaches. Here's how the right technology can help. Construction Best Practices

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Bird Friendly Building now the Law in Howard County

Green Building Law Update

Howard County, Maryland has become the first jurisdiction in the state and one of few places in the country to pass a mandatory “bird-friendly design” law for new construction of privately owned buildings.

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How to Cut Costs & Plan for a Future Beyond COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

How to Cut Costs & Plan for a Future Beyond COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 07/01/2020 - 05:39. As leaders steer their businesses through the fog of the coronavirus pandemic, fear and uncertainty are often two unwelcome, but likely, drivers of business decisions. COVID-19 related disruption is causing widespread panic. When companies sense a financial pitfall, it’s tempting to cut costs—and to do so promptly.

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3 Tips On How To Find The Perfect Commercial Construction Contractor… And Be A Great Construction Client

Commercial Construction

Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to talk with Restaurant Development + Design Magazine for an article on “How to Find the Perfect Construction Partner” that just published in the July/August issue. The final piece is a great resource that’s relevant to pretty much every commercial real estate sector – not just restaurant development – and covers important points that should be on anyone’s checklist when vetting and choosing a construction partner for a commercial real estate project.

Alberta Contractors Feeling Impact of COVID 19


Weekly Construction News Analysis. The post Alberta Contractors Feeling Impact of COVID 19 appeared first on cnstrctr. All Posts Construction News construction contracotr contractor coronavirus covi covid covid19 delay owner schedule schedule delay scheduling

How to Get Change Orders in Order

Viewpoint Construction Technology

5 Best Practices to Ensure Change Orders are not Bringing Your Company Down. Construction Best Practices

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Marketing and Accounting Teamwork?

Construction Marketing

In the past, the marketing and accounting functions within a company were not frequent collaborators save the annual budgeting or forecasting process. Today, thanks to technology, software and systems, marketing and accounting teamwork is not only possible, but effective. Similar to other functional areas, digital transformation is deployed by marketing and accounting, supporting teamwork between functions that were perhaps working against each other.

Which face coverings are best for preventing jobsite coronavirus spread?

Construction Dive

While any mask will help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, new research points out the types that maximize safety

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The 12 Best Construction Podcasts of 2020

Construction Junkie

Construction Junkie's 6th Annual Best Construction Podcast Competition has officially come to an end and the results have been tallied. It was a very exciting competition this year, with a few records broken along the way.

Lien 100

Daily progress reports in construction: Cutting down on the admin work

Lets Build

What is a daily progress report in construction? Every day is a new day in a construction site and those who are involved need to be kept in the loop of what has occurred. One of the easiest ways to do that is by filing a daily progress report.

SiO2 To Invest $163M In Alabama Expansion

Business Facilities

In response to a contract to supply the federal government with COVID-19 vaccine vials, SiO2 Materials Science will create 220 jobs at its Auburn, AL facility. Read: SiO2 To Invest $163M In Alabama Expansion at BusinessFacilities.com.

A New and Improved Vista Experience

Viewpoint Construction Technology

The Viewpoint Vista interface has been modernized to provide a better overall user experience. Viewpoint Technology

New Lead (Pb) in Soil Standard Now Effective in Maryland

Green Building Law Update

The EPA has described lead as the number one environmental public health hazard in the U.S. And despite that the CDC has in the past identified childhood lead poisoning prevention since 1971 as 1 of 10 great U.S. public health achievements which has included success in reducing human exposures on average, the amount of lead used within the U.S. has since that date actually increased. There is little debate that no amount of lead is safe.

Chicago office building constructed with coronavirus-fighting features

Construction Dive

The $26 million Fulton East is the first in what experts say will be a trend of projects designed to maximize tenants' health and social distancing

Klein Tools Releases New Lineup of Personal Cooling Products for the Jobsite

Construction Junkie

Summer is officially upon us, which many states seeing temperatures in the 90s and 100s. While heat exhaustion may not be the only summer dangers on construction sites , it does play a major role in overall health and wellness throughout our hottest months.

Tunneling Failures – Causes and Remedies [PDF]

The Constructor

Tunneling is one of the most intricate and expensive projects in engineering and construction. With increasing demands and the emphasis on reducing.

Virginia: Expanding The Envelope For Growth

Business Facilities

Already at the forefront of emerging growth sectors like cloud computing and cybersecurity, Virginia continues to expand its high-tech portfolio. Read: Virginia: Expanding The Envelope For Growth at BusinessFacilities.com.

How Adding a Service Component Can Help Protect Your Business in Difficult Times

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Expanding beyond construction by adding service work to your portfolio can both grow and protect your business. Construction Best Practices

What To Do If Your Construction Business Is Operating At A Loss

Contractor Bookkeeping

Operating at a loss means you’re spending more money than you’re making. And while it’s not uncommon, especially for new businesses, it’s still not an ideal situation and shouldn’t continue in the long term. Otherwise, you will eventually run out of cash reserves and be out of business.

Modular Monitor: The benefits of value engineering

Construction Dive

Optimizing a modular project requires early collaboration and a focus on design, experts say

Smartvid.io Uses AI to Measure COVID-19 Safety Compliance on Jobsites Throughout the Country

Construction Junkie

Most construction sites are back up and running now amid the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, but that has led to an increase in responsibilities for employers to protect their employees.

Sydney will be home to the world’s tallest hybrid timber tower


The new headquarters building for Atlassian, an Australian software company, is set to rise 40 stories in Sydney

CoffeeTech Industries Investing $56M In Texas 

Business Facilities

The coffee company will build a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Seguin, TX, where it will create more than 90 new jobs. . Read: CoffeeTech Industries Investing $56M In Texas at BusinessFacilities.com.

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A Conversation on Bringing Order and Profitability Back to Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Viewpoint's Matt Harris recently discussed the construction industry landscape on the Construction Genius podcast. Construction Technology/News

A Study in Modular Methods: What Your Peers Are Saying

Construction Business Owner

A Study in Modular Methods: What Your Peers Are Saying. Elizabeth Manning. Tue, 07/07/2020 - 15:56. In the last few years, a lot of attention in the industry has been focused on modular construction.

Facebook building $800M Chicago-area data center

Construction Dive

During peak activity, the project, with Mortenson as its general contractor, will employ 1,200 construction workers

Hilti Announces New Wearable Exoskeleton for Tradespeople

Construction Junkie

Heavy lifting, exhausting overhead work, and awkward positions are just some of the perks of working in construction, but they can also lead to chronic back and shoulder pain for many later in life. One technology that I’ve been following pretty closely in the past few years has been exoskeletons , which promise to alleviate at least some of those problems. At a recent press event, Hilti has thrown their hat into the ring with an exoskeleton announcement of their own.

A new report predicts significant demand growth for mass timber components


Last year, contractors used mass timber to construct an estimated 78 buildings in the U.S., representing 4 million sf of space. A comprehensive new report on the North American mass timber market projects that the number of mass timber buildings could double every two years.

GE Investing $62M In Kentucky Expansion

Business Facilities

GE Appliances will expand production at its Appliance Park manufacturing complex in Louisville, KY. The project will create 260 new jobs. Read: GE Investing $62M In Kentucky Expansion at BusinessFacilities.com.