June, 2022

5 Safety Precautions For Multi-Level Construction Sites

Construction Marketing

Construction workers face various challenges in the course of their work. These challenges include using dangerous tools and poisonous chemicals and being around unsafe working environments. All these pose risks to the health of these workers. .

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Construction Industry Trends: May 2022 Roundup

Viewpoint Construction Technology

From increased project starts to a look at where the construction industry stands with its DEI efforts, here's a look at some of May's headlines. Construction Technology/News


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2022 Construction Tips for Restaurant and Other Commercial Building Owners

Wolgast Corporation

The cost and availability of building materials can presently be described as highly unpredictable, so the pre-planning phase has become the key to Restaurant Construction more than ever before!

Workforce Development To Get The Job Done

Business Facilities

Access to a quality workforce is a top priority for companies considering where to relocate or expand. Here’s a look at what some top locations across the U.S. are doing to address today’s workforce.

Report: Optimism for Construction Growth in the Next Year Remains High

Research reveals 96% of respondents are very or fairly optimistic about their organization’s growth prospects for the next year. Over half of respondents see digital technology as the greatest growth opportunity. Don't be kept in the dark when it comes to the future. Read the report today!

What is SOV in Construction?

The Constructor

A schedule of values (SOV) is a comprehensive documented list of each construction task that constitutes a construction project, along with their. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management

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6 Factor to Consider When Replacing Your Front Door

Construction Marketing

Replacing your front door is a big decision. Not only does the door serve as an entrance to your home, but it also contributes to its curb appeal. Before you decide to replace your front door, there are several factors you need to consider.

How Tech-Enabled Contractors are Better Positioned to Recruit Smarter and Onboard Faster

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn how tech-enabled contractors are better positioned to recruit smarter and onboard faster. Construction Best Practices

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes | Best Ways To Protecting Pipes From Freezing | Top 6 Ways Preventing Frozen Pipes In House


Introduction To Frozen Pipes Winter season has arrived and that means we are all starting to pull out our winter clothes and bundling up and try to them keep warm, … How To Prevent Frozen Pipes | Best Ways To Protecting Pipes From Freezing | Top 6 Ways Preventing Frozen Pipes In House Read More ».

Ford To Create 6,200 New Jobs In Michigan, Ohio, Missouri

Business Facilities

Ford's $3.7B Midwest investment across Michigan, Ohio and Missouri will support production of 2 million EVs a year by end of 2026, strengthen portfolio of gas-powered vehicles.

The Ultimate Free Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Spreadsheets and in-house tools can no longer manage the sophistication and the demand for data of modern construction. Our free buyer’s guide will help you identify what construction software you need and the key features you should be looking for.

Why are green buildings important?

Lets Build

Over the last few decades, concerted global efforts have successfully tackled a number of looming environmental crises. From CFCs and acid rain to the hole in the ozone layer, it’s often the eleventh hour before mankind takes the necessary evasive action.

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What Should a New Employee Do for the First Week?

ExactHire - Restaurants

Are you interested in increasing new hire retention by 50 percent? How about boosting your team’s productivity by 62 percent? Then, you need a solid onboarding plan. One study found that companies with an effective onboarding plan retained 91 percent of their first-year hires.

7 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair Services

Construction Marketing

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re like most people, your AC is likely working overtime to keep you cool. How do you know when to repair your air conditioner? Here are some signs to look out for. The Unit Is Leaking Water or Refrigerant.

Construction Industry Trends: June 2022 Roundup

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Our monthly look at construction industry geadlines, with notes on the materials supply chain, project collaboration, and tackling inflation. Construction Technology/News

The Ultimate Procurement Software Buyer’s Guide

With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference and a solid starting point. This free buyer’s guide is a must for anyone wanting to solve procurement or vendor management pain points.

50 Types Of Light Bulbs | Incandescent Light Bulb | Best Light Bulb Types | Small Light Bulb


Introduction To Light Bulbs A light bulb has become one of the modern world’s beauties. Light bulbs are extremely common and they may be found almost anywhere on the earth.


Strategic Sustainability

Business Facilities

Among the growing green markets across the U.S. and Canada, recycling operations, electric vehicles, and supporting technology are making inroads.

Flakiness and Elongation Index Test for Aggregate

Learn Civil Engineering

Elongation Index is defined as the percentage of the weight of retained aggregate on different sets (sets which represent 7 gaps of different sizes) on elongation or length gauge to the total weight of aggregate sample for test.

New Zealand Couple Live Self-Sufficiently

Natural Building

Dan Whittington and Merve Yesilkr had been living semi off-grid together for the last five years. A combination of losing their jobs due to the pandemic mandates, the cost of living and a “what am I doing with my life” moment led them down the path of becoming completely self-sufficient.


Building the Foundations of the Future: Digital Construction in 2022 and Beyond

FlowForma surveyed 100+ construction executives. This eBook details their opinions and delves into their drivers for workflow and process automation, reliance on manual processes, digital capabilities and goals for process automation, and digital transformation initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

Most Common Cranes Available for Rent

Construction Marketing

Before you begin any construction project, it’s important to know your options when it comes to renting vehicles and equipment. One of the most common vehicles to rent is the crane, which is among the most versatile pieces of equipment.

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4 Huge Takeaways From 2022 Vista User Summit

Viewpoint Construction Technology

A recap of some of the biggest trends, technologies and best practices from the 2022 Vista User Summit. Viewpoint Technology

40 Kitchen Essentials | Types of Kitchen Utensils | Top Kitchen Must Have Tools | Best Essential Kitchen Items


When we started our cooking journey than having kitchen essentials tools and cookware for cooks.


Food Companies To Bring 138 New Jobs To North Carolina

Business Facilities

In North Carolina, Utz Brands will create 115 new jobs in Kings Mountain, while D’Artagnan will create 23 new jobs in Granville County.

Stop Making These Mistakes and Start Scaling Your Specialty Contractor Business

Anything that is built on a poor foundation will soon crumble from the ground up. This is literally the case in the construction stage of projects and it applies just the same during the pre-construction stage. This free eBook is your ultimate guide to scaling your business with customizable software as early as during the bidding stage.

Insulation for Steel Buildings: Purpose and Types

The Constructor

Insulation for steel buildings is essential to maintain the indoor temperature and prevent corrosion (due to mold formation). Different insulation. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

A Guide to Working With Concrete in Cold Weather


Understand the requirements and planning process for pouring concrete in cold weather. Division 03 - Concrete All Posts Featured Articles General Construction Knowledge cold concrete pour weather

A General Guide to Flatbed Trucking

Construction Marketing

Flatbed trucking is the pinnacle of heavy-load transportation. Whether you need to haul lumber, pallets, steel, materials for construction, or equipment, a flatbed truck can be your answer.

2022 Trimble Viewpoint Construction Awards Open for Submissions

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Trimble Viewpoint Customers: Have a Cool Project, Applied Tech in Awesome Ways, or Achieved an Impressive HR Feat? Here’s Your Time to Shine! Viewpoint News

The Specialty Contractor's Guide to Job Cost Accounting

Supply chain challenges and rising material costs are forcing specialty contractors to pay more for what they need to complete each job. Following a simple set of principles, this easy-to-follow guide can help you manage job costs, ease the pains of accounting, and run a more profitable businesses.

8 Types of Kitchen Faucets | Kitchen Sink Faucets Types | Best Types of Sink Faucets


Introduction To Kitchen Faucets The kitchen faucets are used for dispensing cold water and hot water for washing or cleaning your plates, and dinner dishes, cleaning vegetables and fruits and … 8 Types of Kitchen Faucets | Kitchen Sink Faucets Types | Best Types of Sink Faucets Read More ».


Higher Education Partnerships: Closing The Gap

Business Facilities

Partnerships with higher education organizations are making a clear impact on businesses today, especially regarding workforce training.

What are Hard Costs in Construction?

The Constructor

Hard costs in construction cost estimation are the costs of physical construction elements like foundations, superstructure, interior finishes, Construction Engineering & Management Estimating & Costing