July, 2022

How does Inflation Affect Construction Industry?

The Constructor

Inflation is a major challenge for the construction industry as it leads to an increase in the prices of building materials, hiring rates of. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project

Proper Ventilation: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Construction Marketing

Indoor air quality is an issue of increasing concern. An Environmental Protection Agency test found that 96% of American homes have indoor air quality problems. These findings made the agency declare indoor air quality among the top five risks affecting public health.


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The Connected Construction Professional Series: Finance & Accounting Roles

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How Construction Accounting and Finance Can Work Smarter and Make Better Sense of the Numbers with a Connected Construction Management Suite. Construction Best Practices

Rankings Recognize Best Metros For Corporate HQs, Business Climate

Business Facilities

In Business Facilities’ 2022 Metro Rankings Report, cities across the U.S. and Canada are hot spots for corporate headquarters, best business climates.

Metro 114

Report: Optimism for Construction Growth in the Next Year Remains High

Research reveals 96% of respondents are very or fairly optimistic about their organization’s growth prospects for the next year. Over half of respondents see digital technology as the greatest growth opportunity. Don't be kept in the dark when it comes to the future. Read the report today!

Protecting Your Investment from Vehicle-into-Building Crashes

Wolgast Corporation

Without proper obstruction, motorists accidentally drive their cars into buildings 60 times a day in the US, causing damage and loss to businesses and homeowners. The Storefront Safety Council is a group of volunteers that are “passionate about ending vehicle-into-building crashes.”

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Saudi Arabia’s Mirrored Skyscrapers to House Nine Million People

The Constructor

Saudi Arabia has unveiled the images of yet another mega project called the “Mirror Line” in the city of Neom. The structure involves the construction of two parallel, mirrored buildings with a height of 500 meters running across 75 miles.

Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Help

Construction Marketing

Roof maintenance is an important aspect of home ownership. Many people tend to overlook it and may not notice issues arise. A bad roof can lead to water getting into your house, causing damage to its interior while also increasing your energy costs.

Hot Tips: How Contractors are Beating the Summer Heat

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Trimble Viewpoint customers came through with some hot tips for staying cool during the summer months! Construction Best Practices

Virginia Leads States In Tech Talent Pipeline, Cybersecurity Rankings?

Business Facilities

Virginia once again earned top spots for both Tech Talent Pipeline and Cybersecurity in Business Facilities' 18th Annual Rankings Report.

The Ultimate Free Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Spreadsheets and in-house tools can no longer manage the sophistication and the demand for data of modern construction. Our free buyer’s guide will help you identify what construction software you need and the key features you should be looking for.

How to Wash Greasy Work Clothes?

Work Gearz

Greasy work clothes take our life to clean them! But not anymore with some most effective tips that I am going to share with you in this article. I have been through this tough time multiple times and have tried various ways to save my favorite workwear from the grease and oil stains.

5 Types of Kitchen Island | Top Kitchen Island Styles | Best Kitchen Island Shapes


What do you mean by Kitchen Island? The kitchen island is a freestanding type unit that adds to boost the functionality of kitchen activity and also boosts the aesthetic of … 5 Types of Kitchen Island | Top Kitchen Island Styles | Best Kitchen Island Shapes Read More ».


Carbon Concrete: Production and Advantages

The Constructor

Carbon concrete is a sustainable construction material produced from concrete and carbon fibers or bars. The carbon is incorporated into the concrete through mesh-like textile mats placed between its layers or as randomly or uniformly dispersed fibers throughout the concrete.

Residential Siding: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Material and Color

Construction Marketing

Whether you just bought a new home or want to upgrade an existing one, installing new siding can help you add lasting beauty to your space, boost curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

The Ultimate Procurement Software Buyer’s Guide

With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference and a solid starting point. This free buyer’s guide is a must for anyone wanting to solve procurement or vendor management pain points.

The Connected Construction Professional Series: IT Roles

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How Construction Internet Technology Professionals Can Connect Their Tech Stack to Streamline and Safeguard Their Company’s Data and Workflows. Construction Best Practices

Metro Rankings Report Honors Thriving Industrial Parks, Logistics Leaders

Business Facilities

Elk Grove Business Park, IL leads Industrial Parks, while Memphis, TN tops Logistics Leaders in Business Facilities’ 18th Annual Rankings Report.

Metro 104

Building an Earthbag Dome at Vanirah Farm

Natural Building

The folks at Vanirah Farm in India have been building an earthbag/superadobe dome that will function as a winter community kitchen. Building the main structure with earthbags was fast, but the finishing work has taken a lot of time. They are also building a large earthbag rainwater harvesting tank.

Maine 82

25 Types of Light Switches | Light Switches Types With Pictures | Best Types Of Electrical Switches In The Home


Introduction To Light Switches Light Switches are essential electrical devices; we use switches all the time for controlling the lighting.

Building the Foundations of the Future: Digital Construction in 2022 and Beyond

FlowForma surveyed 100+ construction executives. This eBook details their opinions and delves into their drivers for workflow and process automation, reliance on manual processes, digital capabilities and goals for process automation, and digital transformation initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

What is U-Value of a Building Component?

The Constructor

The U-value of a building component measures the energy (heat) lost through a square meter of the material for every degree difference in temperature between the inside and the outside environment.

Important Things to Know Before Building a Commercial Building

Construction Marketing

No matter the industry, a lot of companies need a building. Whether it is a small storefront or a large warehouse, there are certain things that every commercial building will need to have. However, every building is also highly dependent on each business’s particular needs. .

Hiring Construction Workers: The Inside Scoop on What Young Professionals Want

Viewpoint Construction Technology

3 Best Practices for Attracting and Retaining Young Talent for Your Construction Workforce. Construction Best Practices

Texas, Michigan, California Top Industry Rankings

Business Facilities

Texas, Michigan, California have each nabbed top industry rankings in Business Facilities' 18th Annual Rankings Report.

Stop Making These Mistakes and Start Scaling Your Specialty Contractor Business

Anything that is built on a poor foundation will soon crumble from the ground up. This is literally the case in the construction stage of projects and it applies just the same during the pre-construction stage. This free eBook is your ultimate guide to scaling your business with customizable software as early as during the bidding stage.

Target Value Delivery in lean construction

Lets Build

When you need to deliver on high-value projects, it makes sense to seek out more efficient, effective ways to go about it.

Risk 112

12 Types of Corrosion With Pictures | Classification of Corrosion | Top 12 Types of Corrosion In Metal


What Is Corrosion? Corrosion is the most common phenomenon that we observe in our daily lives, you must have noticed that some objects are made up of iron material and … 12 Types of Corrosion With Pictures | Classification of Corrosion | Top 12 Types of Corrosion In Metal Read More ».

What is Ashcrete?

The Constructor

Ashcrete is an environmentally friendly material that is considered a substitute for traditional concrete. The invention of ashcrete is the result of efforts toward the production of sustainable construction materials.

6 Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Construction Marketing

Now that summer is here, many homeowners now realize the importance of their AC units. However, summer is also a time when many people have problems with their units, from strange noises to poor performance.

The Specialty Contractor's Guide to Job Cost Accounting

Supply chain challenges and rising material costs are forcing specialty contractors to pay more for what they need to complete each job. Following a simple set of principles, this easy-to-follow guide can help you manage job costs, ease the pains of accounting, and run a more profitable businesses.

The Top 5 Reasons ANZ Contractors Should Be Moving to the Cloud

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How today's leading contractors are benefitting from making the move to a hosted environment. Construction Best Practices

Locations For eCommerce And Distribution: Made To Order

Business Facilities

As consumer buying patterns evolve, eCommerce and distribution operations require a changing set of location-related assets for success. .


Movement Joint in Tile Assemblies


Avoid cracking tile floors with proper joint installation. Division 09 - Finishes All Posts