February, 2019

Trump executive order extends Buy American policy

Construction Dive

The directive asks federal agencies to encourage contractors on infrastructure projects to buy iron, aluminum, steel, cement and other goods domestically

Making Sense of the Construction Tax Landscape


One of the biggest challenges that contractors’ finance and accounting departments face is keeping up with all of the ever-changing tax regulations, incentives and procedures.

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How to Repair Active Cracks in Concrete?

The Constructor

Active cracks in concrete are live cracks which expand in length, width, and depth over time. These cracks are formed due to overloading and thermal.

Build Quality Leads with Enhanced Google Ads Tactics

Construction Marketing

The construction market is expected to remain competitive in 2019 and that’s a positive position for companies. A strong market correlates to higher demand and more potential business for you to gain. It may also cause more competitors to enter the construction services space as well.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

LEED Prerequisite Now Prohibits Smoking Cannabis

Green Building Law Update

The U.S. Green Building Council issued a LEED Interpretation in 2018 ruling, “smoking of cannabis is considered a form of smoking for the purposes of both the interior and exterior smoking provisions of the LEED Prerequisite Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control.”.

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Kiewit pegged for $5B Louisiana LNG export terminal

Construction Dive

Under the turnkey EPC contract, Kiewit will design, engineer, construct, commission, test and guarantee the Venture Global LNG Inc. facility

Bringing Industry Expertise to Your Doorstep: A Peek at Viewpoint’s 2019 Digital Contractor Roadshow Speakers


We’re gearing up to launch our 2019 Digital Contractor Roadshow series and we are thrilled! Last year , we visited more than 20 cities and enjoyed networking and learning about construction industry trends and challenges with over 600 contractors across the United States.

Israel Is Innovating Its Way To Success

Business Facilities

A diverse, highly educated workforce and an entrepreneurial spirit have made Israel a magnet for a wide spectrum of businesses, from startups to multi-national corporations. Read: Israel Is Innovating Its Way To Success at BusinessFacilities.com.

Incorporate These 4 Video Trends into Your 2019 Marketing Efforts

Construction Marketing

Video content has taken its rightful place in construction companies’ strategic marketing conversations. It provides a powerful way to communicate your brand, share your story, and build relationships through sight, sound and motion.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

How to Stop Moisture in Concrete Floor?

The Constructor

Commonly, concrete floors are vulnerable to moisture and suffer from different detrimental influence of moisture such as lifting tile off the floor, Building Technology Guide Building Tips Flooring Paints & Decoratives

Top 5 Challenges of Starting a GC Business

Contractor Magazine

While all new businesses face challenges, the construction industry faces specific challenges that business owners must be prepared for

Marines 3D-print concrete footbridge in field

Construction Dive

This was the first time in the Western Hemisphere that a bridge was 3D-printed onsite rather than in a controlled environment like a factory

Season 2 — Episode 2: Construction Economics and the State of the Industry


?Anirban Basu, chairman and CEO at the Sage Policy Group, Inc., joins the podcast

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Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year

Business Facilities

Virginia may be for lovers, but these days the Commonwealth also is getting a ton of love from emerging high-tech growth sectors and businesses looking for the perfect corporate HQ site. Read: Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year at BusinessFacilities.com.

10 Budget Tips for DIYers

Construction Marketing

For lack of a better word, DIYing, as most of us have come to know it, is increasingly becoming a trending consumer behavior. There are so many reasons as to why most people opt to DIY than seeking a professional hand or opinion.

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What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Applications and Advantages

The Constructor

What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Super hydrophobic cement, which is also known as luminescent cement, is produced by modifying the structure of. Building Technology Guide Smart Materials

How New Technology Can Help Construction Finance Pros

Contractor Magazine

CFOs should partner with their IT teams to modernize their back-office systems, and prepare to handle a flood of data from the field

Developer to convert Texas mall into $1B mixed-use complex

Construction Dive

Vacant shopping malls such as the Collin Creek Mall in Plano, casualties of the online shopping trend, are ripe for conversion to a variety of uses

Texas 121

Business Intelligence for Construction is On the Rise & It’s Obvious Why Contractors are Loving It


A Challenging Industry Warrants Sophisticated Tools. Considering contractors face ongoing high pressure to perform and operate with razor-thin profit margins, there’s no doubt: construction is a challenging industry.

KF Aerospace Investing $23M In Ontario Expansion

Business Facilities

The expanded aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facility at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) will create more than 275 new jobs. . Read: KF Aerospace Investing $23M In Ontario Expansion at BusinessFacilities.com.

3 Pros and Cons to Buying vs. Renting Heavy Equipment

Construction Marketing

When buying assets for your company, you need to think about the investment that you lay on the table. See it as an asset, use it carefully, and you will reap the fruits of having it in your firm. In regards to this topic, many CEOs have differing opinions as to whether or not you should buy or rent heavy machinery. When I mention the word “heavy machinery,” I mean caterpillars, excavators, and the likes. However, both aspects (buying and renting) have their pros and cons.

Mix Ratio of Sand/Cement Screed for Floor

The Constructor

Mix ratio of sand/cement screed for floor varied based on the intended use of the screed. Added to that, cement type, grade of aggregate and the. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Flooring Mix Design Guide Recommended Mix

Skilled Labor Shortage Still Troubling the Residential Construction Industry

Contractor Magazine

The Skilled Labor Fund and its partners presented industry labor shortage challenges and its initiatives to aid in reversing the trends at Design & Construction Week

South Texas county backs $1.8B steel mill project with new reinvestment zone

Construction Dive

State and local governments are willing to compete for projects like the Steel Dynamics mill in San Patricio County in part because they stimulate the economy during construction

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Season 2 — Episode 2: Construction Economics and the State of the Industry


A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Season 2 — Episode 2: Construction Economics and the State of the Industry. Anirban Basu, chairman and CEO at the Sage Policy Group, Inc.,

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Top 10 Countries, Regions For LEED Green Building

Business Facilities

Mainland China topped USGBC'S list of global green building leaders outside the U.S., with more than 68 million gross square meters. Read: Top 10 Countries, Regions For LEED Green Building at BusinessFacilities.com.

Green 101

What is an SDS Drill?

Construction Marketing

An important item in a workshop toolbox is the SDS drill. It is absolutely useful and virtually indispensable when it comes to drilling hard surfaces. SDS drills were first manufactured in the mid-1970s. Before the advent of the SDS drill, it was very cumbersome and remarkably difficult for workers to bore holes into concrete or other similar surfaces. What Does SDS Mean?

15 TV Shows Every Civil Engineer Should Watch

The Constructor

If you are a budding Civil Engineer or a construction enthusiast and you have the urge to really understand what you are getting into, and visual. Others Civil Engineering Marvels civil engineering shows

Chicago Cubs Set to Begin Fifth Spring Training at Sloan Park

Contractor Magazine

Sloan Park now features redesigned Optima sensor faucets

VR forklift training removes risks, reduces costs

Construction Dive

The software transports trainees to a "simulated work setting," which can be useful for other heavy construction equipment training scenarios as well

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State of the Construction Industry: February Roundup


Worker safety, adapting to change and technology and innovation driving the future of the construction industry were some of the themes we saw highlighted in industry news throughout February.

2018 Economic Development Deal Of The Year: Silver Award

Business Facilities

A partnership between Japanese auto giants Mazda and Toyota brings a $1.6-billion automotive assembly plant to the Huntsville, AL region. Read: 2018 Economic Development Deal Of The Year: Silver Award at BusinessFacilities.com.

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