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In most US cities, construction work continues as shutdowns loom

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While Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, have stopped all construction, other areas are banning some types of projects or shutting down all but "essential" services. Where does that leave contractors

How A Business Dashboard Can Help You Drive Your Construction Company

Contractor Bookkeeping

(Note: We are tracking the latest construction industry news and online resources for contractors in time of COVID-19). Business dashboards are a valuable business intelligence tool, offering an "at-a-glance" big picture view of a company's performance.

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How COVID-19 is Changing How We Work


A look at how a global pandemic is altering business and how working in the digital age could ease the pain. Viewpoint News

What Is Plaster | Plaster Ratio | History of Plastering | Requirements of Good Plaster


What Is Plaster? Plastering is the process of covering uneven surfaces and rough walls in the construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material known as Plaster, which is a mixture of cement or lime concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Precast Concrete Foundations- Features and Advantages

The Constructor

Precast concrete foundation construction is an off-site construction technique in which the foundation units are pre-engineered and manufactured in a.

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COVID-19 Contractor Resources


We’ve gathered some reliable news sources, access information and tips and tricks to navigate this situation a bit better. We are here to help. Viewpoint News

OSHA Alert: How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

FDR Safety

The following was prepared by the Sherman & Howard LLC law firm, Part I: Selecting a Company Representative. The most important step to take before an OSHA inspection even takes place is selecting a company representative.

OSHA 130

Injection Grouting: Purpose, Procedure, and Field Considerations

The Constructor

Injection grouting is a process of filling the cracks, open joints, voids, or honeycombs, in concrete or masonry structural members, under pressure. How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Grouting Injection Grouting Pressure grouting Repairing

Hotel construction pipeline ends 2019 with record high

Construction Dive

Though there were a record number of hotels planned and underway as of the close of the year, Lodging Econometrics' results and forecast do not include the potential impact of the coronavirus

Championing Technology: Gamuda Berhad’s Approach to Building Smarter


A conversation with Ronan Collins and Tony Joseph of Gamuda Berhad, Malaysia’s largest civil engineering contractor on digitizing field processes. Client Spotlight

The path to LEAN Construction Planning, Procurement, and Integrated Project Delivery

Job Order Contracting

The path to LEAN construction planning, procurement, and integrated project delivery, IPD… 1. Focus upon outcomes that mutually benefit all participants and stakeholders. Strategy and process before technology.

Sumter Original Brewery Establishing Operations In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The local craft brewery's $6.5 million investment will create 20 new jobs in Sumter County, SC. Read: Sumter Original Brewery Establishing Operations In South Carolina at

Force majeure clauses take center stage in contractors' coronavirus response

Construction Dive

The time is now for firms to protect themselves from the potentially devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, according to attorney Trent Cotney. Careful bidding and specific contract provisions can help mitigate the risk

Azimuths and Bearings in Surveying-Difference & Determination

The Constructor

Azimuths and bearings are horizontal angles measured to represent or locate a line with respect to a meridian. Here, the important features of.


The Myths of LEAN Construction and Integrated Project Delivery

Job Order Contracting

Don’t be fooled by the myth that LEAN Construction and Integrated Project Delivery focus exclusively up technique and process and don’t have associated implementation tools and services.

Governors Request $150B In Federal Aid To Combat COVID-19

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In response to COVID-19, governors are requesting $150 billion in immediate direct aid to states, and an increase in the federal share of Medicaid funding for states. Read: Governors Request $150B In Federal Aid To Combat COVID-19 at

Remote control: What construction companies are doing to keep work going

Construction Dive

Amid the coronavirus response and workers increasingly being advised to work remotely, some firms shared with Construction Dive their response to teleworking in an industry where in-person jobsite work is essential

Difference Between Carpet Area and Built-up Area


What Is Carpet Area? Carpet area means it is an accurate area that can freely be covered by a carpeted inner a house and is the area of the house, excluding the thickness of the inner walls. If you had to lay out a wall-to-wall carpet in your entire house, the chosen area covered would be […].

Fire Damage Mechanism of RC Structure and Assessment Method

The Constructor

Fire cause concrete surface cracking and crazing, chemical decomposition, and microcracking and spalling. These impacts can significantly change the.

Managing The COVID-19 Crisis: Seven Tips For Business Leaders 

Business Facilities

Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, offers tips for business leaders as they guide their teams through the Coronavirus crisis. Read: Managing The COVID-19 Crisis: Seven Tips For Business Leaders at

Trump signs emergency coronavirus bill granting paid leave opposed by construction group

Construction Dive

The bill contains two key provisions covering workers employed by private entities and individuals that employ fewer than 500 employees

 What Is Bleeding In Concrete | What Is Segregation In Concrete


What Is Bleeding In Concrete? Bleeding in concrete is sometimes referred to as water gain. This is a special form of separation, in which some water from the concrete flows to the surface of the concrete, with the lowest specific gravity among all concrete components.

Best Value Construction Delivery Methods – Alliance Contracting, LEAN Construction, Integrated Project Delivery

Job Order Contracting

There are multiple types of construction delivery methods that strive to achieve superior outcomes to traditional design-bid-build, design-build, CM@R, etc. These including alliance contracting/project alliancing, LEAN construction, integrated project delivery, LEAN job order contracting.

Most Employees Working From Home Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Business Facilities

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, 88% of organizations have encouraged or required their workers to work from home, according to a Gartner survey. Read: Most Employees Working From Home Due To Coronavirus Pandemic at

Construction Dive's coronavirus headquarters: Up-to-date coverage for contractors

Construction Dive

Your source for Construction Dive's ongoing coverage of how the novel cornavirus is impacting construction nationwide

What Is a Field Dry Density Test | Different Type of Field Density Tests


What Is Field Density Test? Various types of field density tests are being practiced in different parts of the world for the evaluation of in-situ soil compaction and knowing the relative degree of Compaction.

Site 56

Functions of Admixtures in Fresh and Hardened State of Concrete

The Constructor

admixtures (singular or combination of admixtures) are added to concrete or mortar or grout mixture to achieve or improve desired properties in the. Concrete Admixtures Concrete Admixtures Guide Concrete Technology How To Guide Admixtures Guide Concrete Admixture

Alabama Researchers Join Global Fight Against COVID-19

Business Facilities

Scientists and researchers in Alabama are engaged in the global effort to stem threats posed by the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. Read: Alabama Researchers Join Global Fight Against COVID-19 at

Bechtel reports 14.5% dip in total revenue in 2019

Construction Dive

The multinational energy contracting giant, considered the largest U.S. construction firm in terms of revenue, also reported decreases in backlog and new projects, while it's also experienced coronavirus-related setbacks in 2020

Testing for Silt Content in Sand


Why We Measure the Silt Content from the Sand? Silt content is a fine material that’s less than 150 microns. It’s unstable in the presence of water. It’s unstable in the presence of water. If we utilize silty sand for bonding, it will reduce the strength and cause rework.

Factors Affecting Performance of Admixtures in Concrete

The Constructor

There are many factors that influence the performance of admixtures in concrete such as type of admixture, dosage, compatibility of the admixture. Concrete Admixtures Concrete Admixtures Guide Concrete Technology How To Guide Admixtures Guide Concrete Admixture Mix Design

Louisiana: Advanced Aero Services Brings MRO To Shreveport

Business Facilities

Aero’s maintenance, repair and overhaul facility at Shreveport Regional Airport will serve commercial airline customers. Plans include a narrow-body hanger. Read: Louisiana: Advanced Aero Services Brings MRO To Shreveport at

How contractors are responding to the COVID-19 crisis

Construction Dive

Despite paralyzing levels of uncertainty brought on by the rapidly changing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, contractors like Bechtel, DPR, Layton and Suffolk are trying to prepare for whatever might come next