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Calm before the storm? What the construction industry can expect in 2019

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Recession may hold off another year, economists say, but contractors should still keep an eye on risks and strategize around labor to prepare for the worst

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3 Secrets to Serving Up Restaurant Construction Success from a Top Restaurant Contractor

Commercial Construction

Earlier this month, the Englewood Construction team was honored to be recognized as one of the Best Restaurant Contractors in Chicago by Chicago Architects.

Some useful tips to work out the costs of concrete

Construction Cost Estimating

While going to estimate the cost of new concrete, different types of variables should be taken into consideration which range from surface prep, formwork, reinforcing materials, and finish work, as well as the cost of the ready-mix concrete. It will compute the total price of the job.

Green Building Codes Not Eligible for Copyright Protection

Green Building Law Update

A decision earlier this month by the Eleventh Circuit United States Courts Of Appeals goes further than other modern courts in describing that building codes when adopted by local government cannot be copyrighted.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Concrete Forms – Types and Selection of Concrete Forms

The Constructor

Concrete forms can be defined as a solid barrier that helps to hold the fluid concrete in place until it hardens and acquire a particular shape. Building Technology Guide Formwork/Shuttering

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Pre-Qualification of Construction Managers – An Essential Ingredient for a Successful Project

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With ever-increasing costs of construction and the need to complete quality construction projects in a timely and safe manner it is critical that owners utilize professional and ethical designers and constructors on their project teams.

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The 6 Best Construction Project Management Books to Learn From

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Laura Buckler. Being a manager, especially in such a challenging industry as construction, can be very demanding. You have to look confident, even in situations when you are not that familiar with the topic or don’t really know how to handle certain situations.

6 green certifications contractors should know about

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Though they trail LEED and Energy Star, several other unique benchmarks for building in a way that is healthy for both occupants and the environment are gaining ground and can't be ignored

Procedure of Plastering Work

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Plastering work is a thin layer of mortar, applied over the masonry and it acts as a damp-proof coat over the brick masonry work. Plastering work. Building Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips How To Guide IS Codes Work Procedures

CMA STAR Awards – Extended Entry Deadline

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The Construction Marketing Association is extending the original STAR Awards entry deadline an extra three weeks. The extended entry deadline is November 16, 2018. Showcase your construction marketing talent before it’s too late.

Some vital definitions in surveying

Construction Cost Estimating

Surveying is the art to create horizontal measurements for finding out the relative position of several objects on the surface of the earth. Objective of surveying - To work from the whole to the part, To determine the new station by minimum two methods Categorization of surveying: 1.

10 contractors profiting from sustainable building

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These are the industry leaders, per ENR revenue rankings, that are implementing sustainable practices in innovative, effective ways

Marketing In The Construction Industry – Everything You Need To Know

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To achieve success with marketing in the construction industry, you only need two things: The right message. An audience that can say yes. Yes, millions of dollars per year are spent by firms in the construction industry trying to get clients to recognize their brand and award them contracts.

Data culture: The missing link to bring construction together


We have many times referred to the importance of capturing and analysing data in construction. What about the introduction and development of a healthy data culture, though?

16 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

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Heavy construction equipment are used for various purposes in large projects. Selection of different types of heavy equipment depends on the size of. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments construction equipment Excavation heavy equipment

The most spine-tingling structural scares since last Halloween

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Large-scale construction projects are almost always tricky, but when the possibility of a structural flaw or defect enters the picture, contractors can face a downright scary situation

Construction Productivity: Why It Matters

ENR Construction

The average craftperson wastes 70% of his or her day on administrative tasks, transitioning or simply waiting on equipment, materials, and information. How technology can help

A Few Words On Silo Syndrome And Safety

FDR Safety

We are a nation of silos… A silo, as most of us know, is a tall, self-contained cylindrical structure that is used to store commodities such as grain after a harvest.

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Maplehurst Bakeries Investing $53M In Tennessee

Business Facilities Blog

The bakery company will create 90 new jobs in an expansion of its Lebanon, TN donut production facility. . Read: Maplehurst Bakeries Investing $53M In Tennessee at Business Clusters/Corridors Capital Investment Daily News Featured Food Processing Tennessee bakery corporate expansion Employment Maplehurst Bakeries Site Selection Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Weston Foods Wilson County

Digital Deals abound with integrations, new products and 3D printing breakthroughs

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The first firm to receive a U.S. building permit for a 3D-printed home was backed by D.R. Horton, America’s biggest home builder, to kick off two weeks in which more than a dozen deals were signed. Here are the highlights

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How Complete Data Connectivity Improves the Jobsite

Construction Business Owner

In the current construction market, one of the key indicators of a company's future success is its ability or inability to adopt technology.

Sustainability guidelines for ready mix plant certification

GCP Applied Technologies

Sustainability guidelines for ready mix plant certification. michael.delros…. Fri, 11/02/2018 - 19:24. GCP Applied Technologies. November 02, 2018.

Fuel Total Systems Investing More Than $60M In Tennessee

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The automotive components manufacturer will create 150 new jobs at a new manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant, TN. Read: Fuel Total Systems Investing More Than $60M In Tennessee at

The cost of allocating design risk to contractors

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Design flaws are a constant risk in construction, but the contractual allocation of that risk can sway considerably from project to project

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Top Free Construction Software

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Various free construction software are available in online which increases productivity, efficiency and helps in scheduling and costing of project. Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project

Achieving Net Zero: The Role of Embodied Carbon


In a data-driven world, you need to know what to measure. If there’s one metric to measure climate impacts, it’s carbon.

The four keys for social media (and overall) marketing success

Construction Marketing Ideas

Sometimes you can distill marketing basics to some simple points. In a recent eletter, Mark Mitchell outlined four fundamentals for social media success. When you look at these rules, I think you’ll discover they apply to virtually all forms of marketing and business development.

What you need to know about green building and sustainability

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Rural Florida Creates Inviting Environment For Residential & Manufacturing Growth

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Florida’s 28 million miles of untapped, rural land creates an environment that is primed to manage both residential and manufacturing growth, with each complementing the other. Read: Rural Florida Creates Inviting Environment For Residential & Manufacturing Growth at

Achieving Net Zero: The Role of Embodied Carbon


In a data-driven world, you need to know what to measure. If there’s one metric to measure climate impacts, it’s carbon.

Systematic Payments: Why Should Businesses Use Payroll Service?

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Today's Guest Article Is From Sheena Justine Baxter. Content Writer And Editor. Running a small business can be hectic. There are plenty of tasks for a business owner to oversee when handling the managing of daily operations.

Behind the lens: What drones do beyond images

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Drone use in construction soared 239% last year, with firms realizing the tool not only can capture images and video, but also offer tremendous data-collecting capabilities

SSAB Investing $100M In Alabama Steel Mill

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The Sweden-based company will increase steel production capacity and create up to 50 jobs at its plant in Axis, AL. Read: SSAB Investing $100M In Alabama Steel Mill at Alabama Capital Investment Corporate Headquarters Daily News Featured Foreign Direct Investment International Manufacturing Taxes & Incentives Alabama Department of Commerce Axis Business Incentives corporate expansion Mobile Site Selection SSAB Steel Mill