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Denmark to build nine industrial, energy-producing islands surrounded by a ‘nature belt’


URBAN POWER, an architecture firm based in Denmark, has recently unveiled a plan to build nine islands that will be used for fossil-free energy production, act as a flood barrier, and add a publicly accessible nature area

How connected devices are driving a new wave of data center construction

Construction Dive

While demand for massive data centers is subsiding, smaller facilities with better geographic spread will need to come online to support video streaming, smart devices, 5G and more, says DPR Construction's Tom Maples

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3D Drone Mapping Captures Project Conditions from the Air

PC Construction Blog

Waterhead Mill, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, is a four-story, brick building originally built in the early 20th century as a corduroy mill. The building is situated on a two-acre site surrounded by the Concord River. All Commercial Projects Technology & Innovation

Test Your Construction Industry Knowledge!


Take a Short Quiz on Construction Trends and Statistics and See How Much You Know. Ever wonder…. What is the largest construction related project? How long did it take? How much did it cost? Do you know just how large the construction industry is or what it’s projected to be in the near future?

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Commercial Construction Trends: Three Headlines That Won’t Die In 2019

Commercial Construction

After nearly 10 years of publishing Hard Hat Chat (more to come on our blog’s 10 th anniversary later this year), we know there’s never a shortage of fresh topics and trends to discuss in the commercial construction industry.

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St. Petersburg is Bold in Mandating Envision

Green Building Law Update

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida passed a progressive ordinance last week mandating that City infrastructure projects and newly constructed and renovated City building be third party certified as green. The new Ordinance 359-H, passed by the St.

State of the Construction Industry: January Roundup


We’re one month into 2019 and already there are some big stories making waves across the United States — from the government shutdown and battle over a potential border wall to the impacts from tariffs and concerns of a slowing economy.

ISO publishes first international BIM standards

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The guidance will provide the necessary framework to help designers and contractors from different countries collaborate more efficiently on all phases of construction projects and will encourage BIM's wider use

BIM 114

How to Avoid Disputes in Construction

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Disputes in the construction industry are very common. Solving a dispute is much easier than preventing it in the first place. However, most investors and contractors don’t seem to realize this until they find themselves in the midst of such a problem.

Effect of Excess Water in Concrete Mix

The Constructor

The use of excessive water in the concrete mix may facilitate easy placing of concrete but it produces less quality product. The damage of concrete. Concrete Durability Concrete Technology Concrete Mix Design Concrete Properties Water Cement Ratio

Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World


A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World. Season 2 of A Viewpoint on Construction kicks off with an insightful discussion about cybersecurity.

Complex brick patterns fall into place with mixed reality tool

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Fologram scales 3D models to workers' environments via HoloLens headsets so they can accurately assemble tough designs in hours rather than days

3 Wooden Furniture Making Tips

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Wooden furniture is not going away any time soon. Carpenters and woodworkers have continually found ways of reinventing and reincarnating wood furniture over time. This is done by coming up with creative designs and shapes that ensure that wooden furniture remains stylish for the long haul.

Fixing Moisture Problems in Concrete slab

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Concrete slabs on grade and basement slabs are weak to detrimental effect of moisture which lead to various problems. For instance, lifting tile off. Building Technology Guide Flooring Paints & Decoratives

Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World


Season 2 of A Viewpoint on Construction kicks off with an insightful discussion about cybersecurity

The biggest Q4 OSHA contractor fines

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The agency proposed hefty penalties for several construction companies, including one for more than $420,000

OSHA 101

OSHA Penalty & Record Keeping Changes

FDR Safety

On January 23rd OSHA released its annual Federal Register report containing the changes within the organization. We recommend reading the article in its entirety but have included many of the highlights below. OSHA Penalties Increased Due To Inflation.

OSHA 130

Bond Beam Block vs. Lintel Block

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Bond beam block and lintel blocks are concrete units which are used especially for masonry purposes. The differences between both bond beam block and. Building Technology Guide Masonry Construction Others Bond beam bond beam block concrete block concrete masonry lintel lintel Block

State of the Construction Industry: January 2019 Roundup


We’re one month into 2019 and already there are some big stories making waves across the United States

Houston suburb looking for private partner to develop new hotel, convention center

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Cities all over the U.S. are expanding and upgrading their convention center facilities to draw more trade shows and conferences

Voting begins in 2019 Best Construction Blog competition

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It’s time to start voting for your favorite blog(s) in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition. This year’s competition has 24 entries, with several returning blogs (and some former Besst Construction Blog winners) competing against first-time entries. The voting rules are simple.


Fire Bricks – Properties, Types and Uses

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A fire brick is a special type of brick made using fire clay and has a good resistance against high temperatures which are used in kilns, lining. Building Materials Building Technology Guide bricks Fire bricks Fire Resistant refractory bricks

Register now for the 2019 Digital Construction Roadshow!


The 2019 Product Roadshow visits 4 cities to present our Viewpoint One strategy in a series of interactive, educational, and networking sessions – Read on to see why you should attend. Why Attend?

Nod given to what could be US' tallest mass timber building

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The 21-story Milwaukee project demonstrates that mass timber allowances in the next edition of the International Building Code could see more wood high-rise proposals approved across U.S. cities

Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam.


So, Let’s Get Started. A beam is a horizontal member provided to transfer the load from the upper structure to column and walls or foundation. It can transfer both dead. Read more Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam. The post Difference Between Plinth Beam and Tie Beam.

Breathe Bricks- Operation Mechanism, Applications, Advantages

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Breathe Brick is a masonry system which is designed and constructed to constitute and be part of ventilation system of buildings. It filters polluted. Brick Masonry Building Technology Guide Smart Materials

Test Your Construction Industry Knowledge!


Take a Short Quiz on Construction Trends and Statistics and See How Much You Know

California wage deal could boost housing development

Construction Dive

Proposed legislation could offer regulatory relief to residential developers in exchange for guaranteed wages for workers and other benefits

Deals 87

Construction spending is projected to increase by more than 11% through 2022


Field Density of Soil by Rubber Balloon Method

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Rubber balloon test method is an in-situ test conducted to determine field density of soils especially compacted soils. Apparatus required, test. Geotechnical Engineering Material Testing Guide Soil Engineering Dry Density of Soil Field soil density rubber balloon method Soil density

Engineering the Digitalized Jobsite

Construction Business Owner

Last week, Autodesk announced the official closing of its acquisition of BuildingConnected, an online bid management solution designed to serve general contractors and subcontractors.

FMI: Despite market growth, contractors should still 'recession proof'

Construction Dive

The consulting firm suggested taking precautionary measures against a potential downturn while construction businesses are still booming

GenieBelt and APROPLAN merge to create a new force in construction technology


We are extremely proud to announce that GenieBelt and APROPLAN have agreed to enter into a merger agreement that will give customers an end-to-end digital solution covering the construction phase with on-site planning, progress communication, and on-site follow-up communication.