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Four Reasons Why You Should Become Landscape Industry-Certified

Green Industry Professionals

Becoming landscape industry-certified can be a competitive advantage, which can win you the job over the next guy

Serious Dump and Read-Mix Delivery Truck Accidents Edge Higher

ENR Construction

The trend continued in the wrong direction in 2016, the U.S. reports

Some useful guidelines for repairing of concrete

Construction Cost Estimating

The longevity of modern concrete is maintained for a prolonged period when the concrete is proportioned and arranged at the construction site in a perfect manner.

Everything In Texas Is Big—And Getting Bigger

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The Lone Star State has been the busiest exporter among U.S. states for 16 consecutive years, shipping out $264 billion in goods in 2017. Read: Everything In Texas Is Big—And Getting Bigger at Business Clusters/Corridors Capital Investment Featured Foreign Direct Investment Magazine Highlights Quality Of Life State Focus Taxes & Incentives Texas BF-Sept/Oct-2018 Irving Marble Falls Odessa

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Free Hand Sketching; Its Methods, Instruments, Principles.


So, Let’s Get Started. What is Free Hand Sketching? Free Hand Sketching is used to transfer the idea of an engineer’s abstract world to the real world in 2D and. Read more Free Hand Sketching; Its Methods, Instruments, Principles.


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Concrete Slab Types- Construction, Cost, and Applications

The Constructor

Reinforced concrete slab is crucial structural element which provide flat surfaces in buildings. slabs are classified into one-way slab and two-way. Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Work Procedures

Mining Technology Slow to Make an Impact

Construction Equipment

Mining companies are not seeing benefits for technology such as machine learning, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The paper cites the examples of several firms that boasted about gains to be made with AI technology but have yet to follow though. Although some mines are AI projects


The Highlights Of Our 2018 And Some Helpful Reminders

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It’s been another great year for Fast Easy Accounting. For those of you who have been with us through all these years, we appreciate your support; without our contractor clients, subscribers, podcast listeners, blog readers, and guest bloggers, we wouldn’t get to where we are today.

Christmas Cheer

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It’s time to take a welcome Christmas break. This is the day for family, community and, if you are Christian, some religious celebrations. We can take a break, enjoy our company and traditions, and prepare for the new year. Season’s Greetings


How to Pour Concrete Foundation?

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Pouring concrete foundation is considerably important phase of foundation construction and plays vital role for the success of the the project. So, Concrete Work Procedure Work Procedures

60-Mile-Long Drone Inspection Flight Points to the Future

ENR Construction

The successful demonstration of safe operation of an inspection drone by a pilot located miles away and beyond visual line of site will help the Federal Aviation Administration develop rules and guidelines for routinely permitting commercial inspection flights in the future

Soil Nailing Method & Component

Construction Cost Estimating

Soil nailing method is used to reinforce and fortify the subsisting ground. Under soil nailing method, the bars are narrowly placed and set up into a slope or excavation as the construction continues from top down.

“Talk triggers” — is this the solution to developing word-of-mouth marketing?

Construction Marketing Ideas

You may find value in checking out this blog posting by Jay Baer. He advocates a word-of-mouth business development strategy called “talk triggers” A talk trigger is a strategic, operational differentiator that compels conversation.


So how was your 2018?

Contractor Magazine

“Another year gone by,” they say with a little shake of their heads as if they can hardly believe it


Energy Sector Expects 2019 Growth in Renewable and Natural Gas Projects

ENR Construction

Construction in the energy sector is expected to grow 3% to 5% in 2019, though it faces headwinds with uncertain trade policies

Details about floor area and site coverage

Construction Cost Estimating

Given below, the detail information on the floor area and site coverage which should be included in a floor plan. Lot area: The entire square footage of a property. Floor area : The entire square footage of a house.

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The pains and pitfalls of SEO (or do you really need to delete unread posts/pages?)

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Matt Handal, publisher of the consistently useful eletter and information relating to proposals and AEC marketing at has written to me about a quandry.

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Open 2019

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Open 2019" is mostly about opening our minds to the Edge of Change that is already upon us

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Caltrans Selects Granite for Two Projects Worth More Than $520 Million

ENR Construction


Different types of thumb rules for determining the total construction cost of the building

Construction Cost Estimating

This construction video tutorial is very useful for site engineer. In this video, one can learn how to determine the construction cost of the entire building as well as the required quantities of materials on the basis of thumb rules.

Construction of Concrete Chimney Crown

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Chimney crowns also termed as chimney cap or chimney top plate, is a cover provided on the top of chimney chase to prevent the entrance of rain water. Building Technology Guide How To Guide chimney chimney cap Chimney crown

Why Isn’t Your Quality Program Working?

Contractor Magazine

In our experience, there is one major factor that influences whether a quality program is fully adopted: getting buy-in


Shutdown Affects Some, But Not All, Infrastructure Programs

ENR Construction

Federal-aid highways funds keep flowing because they draw on trust fund

Uses and advantages of digital theodolite in surveying & engineering works

Construction Cost Estimating

In this exclusive civil engineering tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step guidelines for employing digital theodolite. The surveyors extensively use this tool for conducting topographic survey. With this tool, it is possible to determine both the horizontal and vertical angle.

Why Use a Locally Researched Unit Price Book for your Job Order Contract?

Job Order Contracting

Simple. A locally researched unit price book provides greater visibility into actual construction costs likely to be encounter. Sure, you might consider using a national average reference cost book for a Job Order Contract (if allowed) and attempt to make it relevant to your location by using a localization factor. However, logic, experience, and research would quickly cause you to rethink that approach. “A previous study of CCIs conducted … uncovered a major issue in the use of.

EGIA 'Cracking the Code' Show: Getting Pumped for 2019!

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Learn how you can you ensure your company is ready to hit the ground running and maximize its potential in 2019


Wanhua Chemical Plant On Pace for 2Q 2019 Construction Start

ENR Construction

Construction on a $1.25-billion chemical complex recently announced for St. James Parish is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019

Variations among Wet, Moist, and Damp Subgrade

Construction Cost Estimating

Subgrade is taken as the most vital element of the pavement structure as it functions as a foundation for other pavement elements which are developed upon it and resist detrimental influences of weather and various traffic loads.

Bobcat Produces Grading System How-to Video

Construction Equipment

Bobcat has produced a video explaining grade-control options available on its attachments. The video includes descriptions and applications for laser grading systems, sonic and slope systems, and 3D ready systems.


Why Isn’t Your Quality Program Working?

Contractor Magazine

In our experience, there is one major factor that influences whether a quality program is fully adopted: getting buy-in


Alaskan Way Viaduct Closure Jan. 11 Marks Three-Week Switch to Tunnel

ENR Construction

More than 90,000 vehicles traveling the viaduct each day will need to scatter to limited options

Details about bond failure in reinforced concrete beams

Construction Cost Estimating

To operate as reinforced concrete member, the strain of steel should be equivalent as that of concrete; with the existence of any slip, the composite action of concrete and steel will become invalid.

Concrete Slab Types- Construction, Cost, and Applications

The Constructor

Reinforced concrete slab is crucial structural element which provide flat surfaces in buildings. slabs are classified into one-way slab and two-way. Building Technology Guide Composites Concrete Technology Concrete Work Procedure Flooring Precast Concrete Prestressed Concrete Work Procedures