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Using TaBRA For Culture Change

FDR Safety

TaBRA (Task Based Risk Assessments) is a topic about which FDRsafety has written several times. Our previous blogs describe the “what,” “how, ” and “why” of the TaBRA method from a technical perspective.

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Modern Slavery Exists and We Must Stop It Now

Green Building Law Update

Equity 130

What is Soil Texture? Classification System of Soil Texture

The Constructor

What is Soil Texture? The texture of the soil is an indication of the relative content of particles of various sizes in the soil. It will indicate. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Soil Engineering

Construction labor shortage exacerbates safety issues

Construction Dive

Safety issues prominent in the industry such as substance abuse, aging employees and accelerated construction schedules are even worse when there's a smaller pool of workers

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Hand Tool Ratings – Construction STAR Ratings

Construction Marketing Blog

The new Construction STAR Ratings uses a proprietary algorithm to rate products and services within the construction industry that includes voice of the customer (VoC) research, and other factors. The Construction STAR Ratings are sponsored by the Construction Marketing Association.

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Industry experts talk AI: Colin Smith on why construction should care about AI


Some weeks ago we talked with Benjamin Dyer, CEO and co-founder of Powered Now, about the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence on the new age of construction. Today we are back with the third part of our interview series ‘Industry experts talk AI’. We have a quick chat on the reasons why construction should care about. Future of Construction AI experts Artificial Intelligence industry experts industry experts talk AI

Data offers vision into construction equipment blind spots

Construction Dive

Data about equipment rentals can be just as important to the bottom line as the equipment itself, but accessing it requires a breakdown of silos, Mark Bishop of United Rentals says

Facility Management Software – Construction STAR Ratings

Construction Marketing Blog

The new Construction STAR Ratings uses a proprietary algorithm to rate products and services within the construction industry that includes voice of the customer (VOC) research, and other factors. The Construction STAR Ratings are sponsored by the Construction Marketing Association.

Factors driving cold storage warehouse construction costs

The Korte Company

The production, processing, storage and transit of perishable goods is changing. Rapid modernization of one of the world’s most important networks has led to the need for greater cold storage warehouse capacity. Naturally, owners want to know how much they’ll need to invest if it’s time to build.

South Carolina Governor Presented With 2017 State Of The Year Award

Business Facilities Blog

The Palmetto State earned Business Facilities' annual award by doubling down on its solid manufacturing base while diversifying into new growth sectors. Read: South Carolina Governor Presented With 2017 State Of The Year Award at

State DOTs test sealant that could prevent concrete cracking

Construction Dive

Louisiana, Texas and Minnesota are testing a new sealant created to mitigate the effects of the seasonal expansion and contraction of pavement

Construction STAR Ratings Announced

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces the Construction STAR Ratings , a new program that rates products and services within the construction industry using a proprietary algorithm that includes voice of the customer (VOC) research, and other factors.

What is Steel Reinforcement? Types and Properties of Steel Rebars

The Constructor

What is Steel Reinforcement? Steel reinforcement are steel bars that are provided in combination with plain cement concrete to make it reinforced. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

The Global Climate Action Summit: A Quick Guide


stok is excited to join this year’s Global Climate Action Summit in welcoming world leaders to celebrate climate action and inspire greater commitments in support of the Paris Agreement.

How seasoned construction pros handle the cost of scaling up

Construction Dive

An upturn in home-buying and commercial development is a boon for the construction industry, but the pressure to grow can squeeze construction companies grappling with cash flow, expenses and expansion

LUMBERYARD Grand Opening Celebrated in Catskill, NY

PC Construction Blog

The grand opening of LUMBERYARD was enthusiastically celebrated last weekend, with events hosted by Alan Cumming and inaugural performances on Saturday and Sunday by acclaimed tap dancer, Savion Glover, and celebrated jazz drummer, Marcus Gilmore. All Commercial Projects

Your Guide to the Best Rental Equipment

Construction Business Owner

In today’s construction environment, the name of the game is agility. With concerns about labor and job complexity, contractors are constantly looking for ways to make their businesses more nimble and profitable.

WebstaurantStore Creating 300 Jobs In Florida

Business Facilities Blog

The ecommerce restaurant supply company will invest $1 million to expand in Tampa, and plans to create more than 300 new jobs. Read: WebstaurantStore Creating 300 Jobs In Florida at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Florida Office, IT & Call Centers Workforce Development corporate expansion Economic Development Employment Enterprise Florida Hillsborough County IT services restaurant supply Site Selection WebrestaurantStore

How to center tech investments around ROI, ease of use

Construction Dive

To successfully adopt a technology, contractors must strike the right balance between these and other priorities, according to authors of a recent report

What is “news” and how/when should you make it?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Every day,I wade through dozens of news releases. Most are easy to discard on a cursory glance. Overtly commercial product announcements, for which our media would not be suitable even for paid advertising, quickly go into the computer’s trash basket.

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Inside the Minds of Modern Leaders

Construction Business Owner

Today’s business environment requires a different kind of leader. Changing dynamics within internal environments and external landscapes are forcing leaders to think and act differently with increasing regularity.

Why Your Construction Company Needs A Website


PDF This Article. Whether you are a subcontractor, supplier, general contractor or a consultant, not having an website and online presence can be a lost revenue opportunity. But why does your construction company website really matter?

Bricklaying robot drastically reducing Nevada project timeline

Construction Dive

The SAM100 bricklaying robot can lay up to 250 bricks per hour, compared with a mason, who on average lays the same number of bricks in one day

Success in cold storage warehouse construction

The Korte Company

Cold storage warehouses are key waypoints in our nation’s food supply and distribution network. Due to changes in the way food is processed, moved, bought and consumed, cold storage warehouse construction is top-of-mind for players up and down the supply chain.

6 Steps to Build a Long-Standing Safety Program

Construction Business Owner

Anyone involved closely with workplace safety has heard presentations, webinars or people just generally talking about the need to develop an organizational “culture of safety” in order to reap long-term, incident-reduction benefits.

The website conversion process: How quality and quantity combine to provide your success metrics

Construction Marketing Ideas

Matt Handal of has written a useful e-publication, The Ultimate Guide to Converting Website Visitors to Clients. You’ll have to subscribe to his eletter to receive the book — part of his lead generation system.)

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Digital Deals: 3DR-Yuneec launch JV, Siemens doubles Bentley alliance, more

Construction Dive

Manitowoc pegged CM Labs to develop crane simulators, IngeniousIO raised $4 million and officially launched, and John Deere named a partner for better managing fleets

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Unique Contractor Bookkeeping Problems Regarding Accounts Payable

Contractor Bookkeeping

Common Issues With Accounts Payable. It is easy to put transactions in Accounts Payable (A/P) Aging Summary, and them forget about them. When writing a check from the checking QuickBooks does not automatically go look to see if you put something in Accounts Payable.

2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year Entries Being Accepted

Business Facilities Blog

The deadline for submissions for Business Facilities' 2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year is November 9, 2018. Read: 2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year Entries Being Accepted at Awards & Rankings Capital Investment Daily News Economic Development Featured 2018 Awards Deal of the Year Economic Development Awards Employment entries Expansion Site Selection submissions Workforce Development

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3 Leadership Styles to Identify the Next Generation of Leaders

Construction Business Owner

Thirty-eight years of exposure to the construction industry have provided me with a look at a broad spectrum of industry leaders, leadership styles and insights into a correlation between those varying styles and company success.

$1B infrastructure program announced in Indiana

Construction Dive

Eric Holcomb's plan includes $600 million to fast-track Interstate 69 and $190 million for highway improvements, among other measures

New Mexico Leads Nation in Construction Job Growth in July

ENR Construction

By adding 1,000 construction jobs, The Land of Enchantment paces nation, but Arizona and Nevada are not far behind

Resizable Dialogs in Revit 2019 - Not Noteblock Schedules

Revit OpEd

When you were making more dialog boxes re-sizable you missed one! It's really hard to be sure I'm selecting the correct family with this dialog. If not outright re-sizable, maybe put the Name field at the top and stretch out the list box underneath and make it at least as wide as the dialog?