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The Financial Effects Of A Safe Workplace

FDR Safety

In my 35+ years of working in the safety industry, I have had one goal each day: Help individuals safely return home to their families. There is no greater benefit of safety than this. This doesn’t mean that it is the only benefit.

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Top 7 homebuilder trends


Homebuilder trends in 2018 Certain trends stick around for what seems like forever, while others only last for a year or two, or sometimes even less. The homebuilding industry is at the moment under a significant paradigm shift, as new trends pop up in the sector on a constant basis.

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5 tips for making winning bids

Construction Dive

From getting on lists to looking the part, contractors share how they position themselves for success

Episode 5 – Building Towards a Safer Jobsite


A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Episode 5: Building Toward a Safer Jobsite. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three people out of every 100 are injured every day on the job in construction.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Voice of Blockchain Event

Collaborative Construction

I'll be presenting at the Voice of Blockchain event in Chicago at the Navy Pier this Saturday. Anyone interested in learning more about how blockchain connects the digital world to the built environment need to attend. Follow the link below to learn more. Voice of Blockchain James James L.

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Border wall prototypes not up to snuff, tests found

Construction Dive

Customs and Border Protection tests uncovered issues with the 2017 prototypes' constructability, engineering and aesthetics

Safety Spotlight: OSHA’s Top 10 Most-Cited Standards


During the busy summer construction season, most contractors are focused on getting as many projects done as they can. That means operating as efficiently as possible. When people are busy, though, safety can sometimes take a backseat to speed.

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Brickschain Pilot Project

Collaborative Construction

The ENR article linked below details the results of a very interesting pilot project in Minnesota in which a forward thinking general contracting firm, Gardner Builders partnered with an innovative startup firm, Brickschain , to deliver a robust building information model (BIM) on a functional blockchain platform.

Proportions of Cement Ingredients, Their Functions and Limitations

The Constructor

The Ordinary Portland cement contains different ingredients with varied proportions. Each ingredients imparts different property to the cement. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings Cement

Cement faces special challenges in quest for sustainability

Construction Dive

With each ton of the nearly 3 billion tons of cement produced per year globally releasing one ton of carbon dioxide, manufacturers are ramping up approaches to finding alternative methods and materials

Contractors Tout the Benefits of Modern Construction Software


Technology has completely changed the way construction companies do business.

The Financial Impact of a Workplace Injury

FDR Safety

In my 35+ years of working in the safety industry, I have had one goal each day: Help individuals safely return home to their families. There is no greater benefit of safety than this. This doesn’t mean that it is the only benefit.

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Shear Strength of Soil by Direct Shear Test

The Constructor

Direct shear test or Box shear test is used to determine the shear strength of the soil. It is more suitable for cohesionless soils. Theory Shear. GE Lab Tests Geotechnical Engineering Material Testing Guide Soil How To Guide

Mission Critical at the Department of Defense now includes Climate

Green Building Law Update

On August 13 the President signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. The $716 billion H.R.

Contractors expect more change in next 5 years than past 50

Construction Dive

Companies that believe "great change is imminent" are six times more likely to innovate, an AGC study titled "Managing Risk in the Digital Age" found

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Every Contractor Should be Paperless - And Here’s Why

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Anastasia Harold - Coolfront Affiliate Manager. Running a contracting company has countless challenges. Most of your time and energy is usually focused on customer satisfaction, rightfully so.

Deterioration of Concrete by Cation-Exchange Reactions

The Constructor

Concrete exposed to aggressive chemical solutions will result in some deleterious reactions which is carried out by cation-exchange. The reaction. Concrete

A look into higher kW Tier 4 Final generators

CK Power

CK Power has long been known as a provider of completely custom power solutions.

Skanska VP: Tech adoption no longer a choice for contractors

Construction Dive

To meet owners' requirements and attract younger workers, Stacy Scopano says contractors need to ramp up use of AI, AR/VR and other technologies

The Smart Home Movement: Following Consumer Demand

Contractor Magazine

Smart homes are moving past the early-adopter stage and through the acceptance and demand stages quickly


Reciprocating Pump – Components, Working and Uses

The Constructor

What is a Reciprocating Pump? Reciprocating pump is a positive displacement pump where certain volume of liquid is collected in enclosed volume and. How To Guide Hydraulics Lab Guide Turbines & Pumps


Florida The Friendly

Business Facilities

Florida has a skilled workforce ready to fill 21st century jobs. The state produces more than 28,000 STEM-oriented graduates each year and more than 100,000 Floridians work in the aerospace sector. Read: Florida The Friendly at

San Francisco to expand background checks on contractors after deadly tunnel accident

Construction Dive

The city will intensify its screening of contractors following a revelation that a contractor being investigated in the Twin Peaks Tunnel incident may have had a history of undisclosed safety violations

Construction Employment Reaches 10-Year High, Industry Unemployment Sets Record Low

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment increased by 19,000 jobs in July and by 303,000 jobs over the past year, reaching a 10-year high, and the industry’s unemployment rate and level hit an all-time low, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Sulphate Resistant Cement – Composition, Properties, Uses, Advantages

The Constructor

Sulphate Resisting Cement is a type of Portland Cement in which the amount of tricalcium aluminate (C3A) is restricted to lower than 5% and (2C 3A. Cement Concrete Concrete Admixtures Concrete Admixtures Guide Foundation Engineering Pile Foundation Special Concrete in Construction Tests on Cement

Meet the new vo-techs


Anyone looking for the latest trends that are driving K-12 education might turn their attention to the $82 million, 375,000-sf Olathe (Kan.) West High School, which opened last fall in this Kansas City suburb.

Washington state union crane operators strike

Construction Dive

For the second time, the International Union of Operating Engineers and Associated General Contractors of Washington failed to reach an agreement on work conditions, hours and wages

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Orlando Invests $10 Billion In Transportation Infrastructure

Business Facilities

From a world renowned airport to new commuter rail, Orlando knows how to gets things moving. Read: Orlando Invests $10 Billion In Transportation Infrastructure at Daily News Featured Florida Tourism Transportation & Infrastructure Central Florida Infrastructure KPMG Orlando Economic Partnership Orlando International Airport Sponsored Content Transportation

Low Heat Cement- Composition, Properties, Uses and Advantages

The Constructor

Low heat cement is a special tailored cement which generates low heat of hydration during setting. It is manufactured by modifying the chemical.

Weekly Product Gallery: Sloan, Milwaukee Tool, Ranger Design, American Standard, DeWalt, Rheem

Contractor Magazine

This week's gallery features a sensor faucet line with Wi-Fi capability; a cordless compact cut-off tool; customizable workspace shelving; a bath faucet collection; metal storage options for tools; and a smart thermostat

Oregon first state to codify timber high-rises

Construction Dive

Wood buildings in Oregon can now be built up to 18 stories high without the design having to undergo special testing prior to permitting

More districts are reusing empty offices, stores, and other buildings to upgrade their schools


The average age of the 84,000 public elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. is 44 years since construction, and 12 years since a major renovation, according to the Department of Education.

Blast Furnace Slag Cement – Manufacture, Properties and Uses.

The Constructor

Blast furnace slag cement is the mixture of ordinary Portland cement and fine granulated blast furnace slag obtained as a by product in the. Cement Concrete Concrete Admixtures Guide Concrete Types in Construction Tests on Cement