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Customer Relationship Management: Why Good Relationships Are Good Business in Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Most people think of commercial construction as a physical, “bricks and sticks” industry. But if you ask me, commercial construction is first and foremost about relationships.

On the 25th Anniversary of Lead Based Paint Disclosures

Green Building Law Update

Use of lead is not new. Lead was one of the first metals discovered by man and was in use before 3000 BC. Beginning in 753 BC, the ancient Romans used lead for making water pipes and kitchen cookware. Today many believe lead poisoning was the culprit for the infertility of Julius Caesar (.

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“Show Me”: Assessing The Foundation For Worker Training

FDR Safety

FDRsafety continues to encounter situations where workers are allegedly “trained.” Unfortunately, we find that much of this training has no foundation… Let me explain. First, we fully understand that appropriate industry practice is to have an experienced worker training a new employee.

Key Construction Tradeshow Tactics for Delivering ROI

Construction Marketing Blog

Trade shows offer construction companies a unique way to connect with their target audiences for a little face-to-face time. There’s really nothing like it today.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Turning AP From a Burden to a Boon


University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. saved 400 hours a year and earned money with Viewpoint ePayments.

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What Happens if Concrete is Not Cured Properly?

The Constructor

When concrete is not cured properly, its durability, strength and abrasive resistance is affected. Due to inadequate curing, concrete develops. Concrete Technology

Arkansas: Creating Competitive Communities

Business Facilities

A new Competitive Communities Initiative in Arkansas aims to make locations across the state even more attractive for new and expanding businesses. Read: Arkansas: Creating Competitive Communities at

5 Reasons our New HR Management Solution Has Construction Pros Swooning


Construction human resources departments of all sizes are facing a similar and significant challenge — finding and retaining the talent needed to complete their jobs.

Cloud app creates drone deliverables in hours instead of days

Construction Dive

Using a Microsoft Azure app, drone services provider Dudek is speeding up the process of stitching together aerial imagery for projects on the scale of the California bullet train, for example

Corrugation and Shoving in Flexible Pavements – Causes and Remedies

The Constructor

Corrugation and shoving are the defects usually occur in flexible pavements. Weak sub-grade conditions, improper rolling, poor mixing, temperature. Repair/Protection Guide Transportation Bituminous Pavement Corrugation Flexible Pavement shoving washboarding

“Show Me”: Evaluating Employee To Employee Safety Training

FDR Safety

FDRsafety continues to encounter situations where workers are allegedly “trained.” Unfortunately, we find that much of this training has no foundation… Let me explain. First, we fully understand that appropriate industry practice is to have an experienced worker training a new employee.

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Scheduled Maintenance – 17th March


There will be scheduled maintenance this coming Sunday 17th March 2019 between the hours 6am-12pm AEDT (UTC+11). Monthly updates will be carried out on all Windows servers to improve stability and security. Email will be sent out when the system becomes available.

3 finalists bid to design, build $750M Albany, New York, lab

Construction Dive

Teams competing for the public health project include AECOM Tishman, Skanska, Gilbane, Turner, McCarthy and more, after beating out contractors such as Walsh, Consigli and Suffolk

Concrete 3-Day, 7-Day and 28-Day Strength Test Results and Acceptance

The Constructor

The standard concrete compressive strength test is carried out at 28 days. 3-days and 7-days concrete tests is carried out only to monitor the early. Concrete Technology

Student’s Eagle Scout project aids peers and first responders

The Korte Company

Jackson Marchal is about to be an Eagle Scout. But they don’t just give that away—he has to earn it. Like many Boy Scouts hoping to receive the organization’s highest rank , Jackson must complete projects and earn merit badges. His final project is in progress.

Why It’s Critical to Have a Sound Cybersecurity Strategy


It wasn’t all that long ago that data security was something that most of us took for granted

OSHA fines Pennsylvania contractor $209K for excavation violations

Construction Dive

Etna Construction did not provide employees protective systems or teach them how to recognize dangerous excavation conditions, the agency said

Factors Affecting Selection of Hydraulic Turbine

The Constructor

The hydraulic turbines or water turbines are important hydraulic machines of the hydropower plant. There are different types of turbines such as a. Fluid Mechanics Hydraulic Structures Turbines & Pumps bulb deriaz francis kaplan Pelton tubular Turbine


Building smarter healthcare through better healthcare interior design

The Korte Company

Healthcare interior design projects pose unique challenges for design teams. Many of the finishes chosen for a new, expanded or renovated healthcare facility are more than just passive elements that create a “look and feel” of a facility.

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5 Reasons our New HR Management Solution Has Construction Pros Swooning


Improving Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Benefits Enrollment

Plaza Construction to lead phase 2 of $400M NYC casino expansion

Construction Dive

The segment involves expanding gaming space in the Queens venue and building a 10-story hotel by the end of 2020

Cistern and its Types

The Constructor

The cistern is an element of canal fall and it is provided on the downstream portion to dissipate the surplus energy of water leaving the crest. Hydraulic Structures Irrigation Water Resources Canal falls cistern cistern element

How To Manage Late Payments For Builders, An Expert Guide

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From John Dela Cruz. One major headache for builders are the late payments of invoices. Builders seldom get the payment for their completed construction work at the right time and date.

Telling the story really effectively: The Korte Company Blog

Construction Marketing Ideas

General contractor The Korte Company has published its blog for several years, and it has entered and done well in the Best Construction Blog competition with successful results. The blog’s quality is defined by its depth and story-telling capacities.


Hotel construction pipeline reaches 8-year high in 2018

Construction Dive

The number of projects in development and construction has steadily climbed, with New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles among the world's top five cities by pipeline count, a new report finds

Walking the Tightrope of Tough Decisions

Construction Business Owner

Tips on how to handle the hard conversations & move projects forward on the jobsite by expert Mark Anderson.


World Plumbing Day Underscores Dire Need for Training Next Generation of Plumbers

Contractor Magazine

'Currently, millions of stable, highly-lucrative trade jobs remain unfilled, and the health of our communities is at risk '

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When is wood not really wood?


Wood has been used as a building material for structures, tools, and weapons for hundreds of thousands of years. And while it is a natural resource, wood has undergone many changes as a material from its earliest uses in primitive weapons.

Top contractors partner with AI firm to prevent jobsite accidents before they happen

Construction Dive

By sharing images and project data, Suffolk, JE Dunn, Clayco and more will boost the AI engine's ability to spot risks, which can cost contractors as much as $36,000 per incident

Toyota Ramps Up U.S. Investment

Business Facilities

By 2021, Toyota will now invest nearly $13 billion in its U.S. operations with plans to add nearly 600 new jobs at American manufacturing plants. Read: Toyota Ramps Up U.S. Investment at

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Mortar Admixtures – Types, Uses and Benefits in Masonry Construction

The Constructor

Mortar admixtures typically offer properties such as waterproofing, water-repellency, efflorescence control, air entrainment using plasticizers to. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Admixtures Guide Air-entraining admixtures masonry construction mortar admixtures Retarding Admixtures

Newly developed building materials could have big impact on sustainability


Recently developed products such as transparent wood, hydrogel embedded in walls, and bricks that help filter air pollution could make a substantial impact on building sustainability in coming years.

Los Angeles development booming

Construction Dive

Luxury residential projects lead a building spree that has 4 million square feet of new commercial construction remaking the city's downtown