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Is Your Construction Data Selling Your Projects Short?

Viewpoint Construction Technology

When it comes to project status review meetings, a lack of good data can lead to headaches. Here's how the right technology can help. Construction Best Practices

Robot roundup: 5 recent innovations in construction tech

Construction Dive

Here’s a look at a handful of robotic innovations that could be making their way to U.S. jobsites

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How to Cut Costs & Plan for a Future Beyond COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

How to Cut Costs & Plan for a Future Beyond COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 07/01/2020 - 05:39. As leaders steer their businesses through the fog of the coronavirus pandemic, fear and uncertainty are often two unwelcome, but likely, drivers of business decisions.

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What Does Composite Toe Mean?

Work Gearz

Why be the old school guy when the modern things are more appealing and trustworthy? I mean… why to stick to steel toe boots when composite toe caps are better, safer, stronger and lighter ? .


Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How to Protect Your Construction Data in Uncertain Times: Part 2 of 2

Viewpoint Construction Technology

In the second part of this blog, we look at real-life examples of cybersecurity attacks and the measures to protect against them. Construction Best Practices

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The Hershey Company Investing $135M In Virginia

Business Facilities

With its second major expansion of Stuarts Draft manufacturing operation since 2019, the chocolate company will create 110 new jobs in Augusta County, VA. Read: The Hershey Company Investing $135M In Virginia at

Construction Estimates – Definition, Purpose, and Types [PDF]

The Constructor

An estimate for any construction work may be defined as the process of calculating the quantities and costs of the various items required in. Construction Engineering & Management Estimating & Costing

10 Rules of Effective Crisis Management

Construction Business Owner

10 Rules of Effective Crisis Management. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 07/02/2020 - 09:42. What would you do if your office called to report that a crane at one of the company’s construction sites toppled over, killing several workers and pedestrians?

COVID-19 health screenings raise privacy considerations for contractors

Construction Dive

While employee screenings and temperature checks are best practices for keeping coronavirus at bay, there are legal implications that construction firms need to be aware of, according to experts

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Questions To Ask As Your Construction Business Reopens

Contractor Bookkeeping

(Note: Celebrate Independence Day with a coupon code found at the end of this post). As small business owners look to operations after reopening, there are some critical business questions to ask.

Infrastructure Spending To Fight US COVID-19 Recession


Weekly Construction News Analysis. The post Infrastructure Spending To Fight US COVID-19 Recession appeared first on cnstrctr. All Posts Construction News construction contractor coronavirus covi covid covid19 infrastructure recession spending

IoT and Digital Twins


The growth of Digital Twin technology parallels the growth of the IoT—Internet of Things. Many research firms are tracking both the IoT and Digital Twin markets, but not all use the same definitions.

COVID-19 presents new challenges for minority-owned construction firms

Construction Dive

The coronavirus' economic fallout could make it more difficult to find minority-owned companies for public and other projects

Deere Initiative to Integrate Smart Technology

Construction Equipment

Deere & Co. has launched the Smart Industrial strategy, a new vision and operating model it says will accelerate its success in the integration of smart technology innovation with manufacturing. The strategy is designed to unlock new value for customers and to help them become more profitable

Are hospitals prepared for the next pandemic?


WSP USA had an emergency response team in place, a legacy from a previous acquisition. So the firm was ready when healthcare systems sought assistance to increase their capacity to treat infected patients. .

Tennessee: A Pledge To Recover

Business Facilities

Tennessee is doing its best to transition from “temporarily closed” to “permanently open” using statewide initiatives that protect individuals and support businesses. Read: Tennessee: A Pledge To Recover at

Hard hat device facilitates social distancing, contact tracing

Construction Dive

Originally designed to monitor safety and productivity, the WakeCap can also retrace workers' movements in the event that an employee contracts the coronavirus, according to the startup's director of business development

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How to Perform Rate Analysis for Earth Excavation? [PDF]

The Constructor

Rate analysis for earth excavation establishes the rate of labor and equipment required to excavate a site. Unlike other rate analysis works, the. How To Guide Rate Analysis

Location intelligence distinguishes new SaaS offering


San Diego-based Inertia Systems today officially announces the launch of Inertia Platform, a cloud-based SaaS enterprise construction management platform that automatically connects and coordinates teams, processes, project and quality management through BIM and smart drawings

Centene Corporation To Create 3,000 Jobs At New Charlotte HQ

Business Facilities

The fast-growing healthcare enterprise will invest more than $1 billion in Mecklenburg County, NC. Read: Centene Corporation To Create 3,000 Jobs At New Charlotte HQ at

Tech startup competition seeks solutions to jobsite problems

Construction Dive

Firms have until the end of July to pitch their ideas in CEMEX Ventures' Construction Startup Competition 2020, which is looking for "the missing piece" in the construction technology landscape

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Construction Common Data Environment Tool (CDE)

Job Order Contracting

4BT BiC is a Construction Common Data Environment Tool (CDE) for the efficient management of public sector facilities planning, procurement, and project delivery.

John Stone to Run Deere Construction, Forestry, Power Systems

Construction Equipment

John Stone is the new president over worldwide construction, forestry, and power systems for Deere & Co. He will be responsible for the overall management and performance of the company's construction and forestry operations throughout the world and for the continued success of the Wirtgen

Agero To Create 900 Jobs In Tennessee

Business Facilities

The driver assistance services company will invest $2 million to expand its operations in Clarksville over the next five years. Read: Agero To Create 900 Jobs In Tennessee at

Nooses found on several US and Canadian jobsites

Construction Dive

The offensive symbols of racism were discovered on construction sites in cities including Las Vegas and Toronto this month, according to local news sources

New affordable housing development comes to the Bay Area


MBH Architects, in collaboration with Jon Worden Architects, has designed a new affordable housing project that provides low-cost rentals low-income families and seniors in the heart of Sonoma County

4 Steps to Take After Const. Accident

Construction Equipment

While workers are required to wear protective gear to avoid getting injuries while working, accidents can still happen. Below are four steps to take following an accident on site: Seek medical attention: get first aid as you wait for an ambulance to arrive. Do not neglect minor injuries; sometimes

Amazon Is Expanding In Delaware

Business Facilities

A new distribution facility will create more than 1,000 new, full-time jobs, bringing Amazon’s total employment in the state to 3,500. Read: Amazon Is Expanding In Delaware at

Report: US cities' massive budget cuts impact infrastructure, capital expenses

Construction Dive

As some projects continue, others may not take off as municipalities slash budgets and the coronavirus continues to threaten the country, a survey from the National League of Cities found

Surprise Jobs Rebound Could Trigger Recovery

Pro Builder

Surprise Jobs Rebound Could Trigger Recovery. mbeirne. Fri, 07/03/2020 - 06:00. Could home building construction lead the economic recovery? Home starts increase in towns and rural markets compared with big cities. NAHB Housing Policy Briefing.


WakeCap Assists with Social Distancing

Construction Equipment

Construction companies need to automate processes and streamline activities to ensure they mitigate and reduce the risks while maintaining operations. WakeCap provides a unique solution that provides real-time location services to monitor the workforce. The solution connects workers with zero

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What You Can Do To Keep Your Equipment Moving, Not Missing

Construction Business Owner

What You Can Do To Keep Your Equipment Moving, Not Missing. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 07/01/2020 - 05:15. For Robert Turner, fleet operations manager at RIPA & Associates, the phrase “ignorance is bliss” does not apply. In underground utility contracting, ignorance is anything but bliss.