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Understanding OSHA’s Confined Space Requirements

Safety Services Company

Understanding OSHA's Confined Space Requirements. Working in a confined space can be extremely dangerous. Confined spaces pose serious risks such as entrapment, exposure to noxious fumes, physical injury, and suffocation due to lack of airflow.

What is Fire Resistance of Concrete? Mechanism, and Influencing Factors

The Constructor

Fire resistance of concrete is the ability of concrete to withstand fire or to give protection against fire. This involves the ability of concrete. Concrete Durability Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Special Concrete in Construction Fire Resistance of Concrete Fire Resistant

Big Brother – Micro Manager?

Contractor Magazine

Managers now have access to more operational data than ever before, but amid gains in productivity are concerns about privacy and freedom

What Is Chicken Mesh for Plaster | Type of Chicken Mesh for Plaster | Why Use Chicken Mesh for Plaster


What Is Chicken Mesh for Plaster? Chicken mesh for plaster material virus three different Types of Chicken Mesh as Per Material Wier Mesh Fiberglass Mesh Plastic Mesh for Plastering 1. Wier Mesh As per below, different types of wire mess like.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Greenbuild was Proof Positive that LEED is Thriving

Green Building Law Update

The just completed 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Atlanta is absolute proof that the LEED green building rating system, with more than 100,000 projects registered and certified, is thriving.

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Solomon Group Creating 86 Jobs With Louisiana Expansion

Business Facilities

The New Orleans event and exhibits company will tap into the state’s Entertainment Job Creation Program. Read: Solomon Group Creating 86 Jobs With Louisiana Expansion at

What are the Four Virtues of Earthquake Resistant Buildings?

The Constructor

There are four virtues that any earthquake resistant buildings should have to a certain extent in order to withstand designated seismic forces. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Efficient Business Systems And The Value Of Documenting Your Processes

Contractor Bookkeeping

Too many construction businesses fall over because the owner has not established efficient business systems. This typically happens because the construction company owner is so caught up in the day-to-day operations that the fundamentals of proper business management get forgotten.

Texas Central signs preconstruction contract with Kiewit firm for $20B bullet train

Construction Dive

Electric Construction will help the developer define the project's scope of work in preparation for construction, which could begin next year

How Are Bridges Built


As human beings started to expand across lands and territories, we had a structure to overcome natural obstacles and barriers. Engineers exploited their tools to create bridges, linking us between towns and changing the whole landscape. How are bridges built?

I.S Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

The Constructor

Earthquake resistant building design guidelines are provided by set of Indian Standard codes (IS Codes). After observing Indian earthquakes for. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Addressing our Education-Emergency @ AHRExpo 2020

Contractor Magazine

Most of what we learn comes from our preparation to teach these sessions and feedback from them. Like the saying goes, "By teaching, we learn.&

Lawsuit threatens $275M Tennessee MLS stadium construction

Construction Dive

A local activist organization claims that a city agency's unfair alliance to investors in the Nashville FC team swayed its awarding of contracts to Populous, Mortenson and Messer Construction

What Is Bridge Pier | Type of Bridge Pier


Introduction of Bridge Human beings have been constructing bridges for about four thousand years. The oldest and still existing bridge in the world is perhaps the Zhaozhou Bridge in Hebei Province in China, originally constructed approximately in A.D.

Test for Setting Times of Concrete Mixture Based on ASTM C403M-16

The Constructor

The penetration resistance test used for the determination of initial and final setting time of concrete mixture in laboratory and project site, and. Cement Concrete Technology How To Guide Tests on Cement Tests on Concrete Test Methods

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Real-time production selection app accelerates ROI for cement producers

GCP Applied Technologies

Real-time production selection app accelerates ROI for cement producers. Phillip.fry@gc…. Thu, 11/28/2019 - 10:52. GCP Applied Technologies. November 28, 2019.

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3 retractable roof projects open up special construction considerations

Construction Dive

Globe Life Field, New York City's The Shed and Hokkaido Ballpark in Japan are the latest venues to sport sliding roof sections. Here's how they were built

Doosan Shows Autonomous Excavator, Wheel Loader

Construction Equipment

Add Doosan to the growing list of OEMs developing or deploying autonomous equipment, as it demonstrated an autonomous crawler excavator and wheel loader at its new proving grounds in Boryeoung City, South Korea. Similar to Komatsu’s “Smart Construction” system, but adding an unmanned twist, Doosan

What is the Difference Between Magnitude and Intensity of Earthquake?

The Constructor

Magnitude and intensity measure various characteristics of earthquake. The former measures the energy released at the source of the earthquake. Earthquake Engineering

Sustainable construction products and technologies

GCP Applied Technologies

Sustainable construction products and technologies. Phillip.fry@gc…. Thu, 11/28/2019 - 11:43. GCP Applied Technologies. November 29, 2019. SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE | SUSTAINABLE CEMENT | SUSTAINABLE BUILDING ENVELOPE. SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE.

Surprise inspectors stop work at more than 2K NYC construction sites and counting

Construction Dive

Despite pushback from developers, a team of 38 has randomly inspected more than 20,000 major construction projects in the city, saying it's resulted in safer working conditions, and that number is set to increase

Briggs & Stratton Electrifies Its Power Solutions

Green Industry Professionals

The company continues to manufacture products to make work easier for those who work hard

What is the Whole Bearing System (WBS) and Quadrantal Bearing System (QBS) in Surveying?

The Constructor

The whole bearing system (WBS) and Quadrantal Bearing system (QBS) are two notations of bearings that are used in compass surveying. The WCB system.


5 Ways to Improve Field Operations

Construction Business Owner

Construction managers face many challenges when dealing with this ever-changing environment. New tools and technologies are available daily that can impact workflow and improve upon efficiencies across all teams.

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Virgin Hyperloop One to use Autodesk BIM 360 for preconstruction route optimization, more

Construction Dive

The hyperloop technology company says BIM and Autodesk cloud software will help it plan and execute rail construction more efficiently

The University of Chicago Harris School at the Keller Center


Extreme sustainability was the chief goal for the reconstruction of Edward Durrell Stone’s Kellogg Center for Continuing Education at the University of Chicago.

Test for Setting Times of Concrete Mixture Based on ASTM C403M-16

The Constructor

The penetration resistance test used for the determination of initial and final setting time of concrete mixture in laboratory and project site, and. Cement Concrete Technology How To Guide Tests on Cement Tests on Concrete Test Methods

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Construction Employment Increases in 231 out of 358 Metro Areas from October 2018 to October 2019

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment grew in 231, or 65%, out of 358 metro areas between October 2018 and October 2019, declined in 69 and was unchanged in 58, according to a new analysis of federal employment data released by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials said hourly craftworker positions remain difficult to fill despite the widespread job gains, and they urged federal officials to promote more workplace-based immigration, along with career and technical education.

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Building in Cincinnati under construction by Turner partially collapses, leaving 1 missing

Construction Dive

Four workers were injured and one was still missing approximately 22 hours after the incident occured following a concrete pour on the seventh floor of a partically constructed building, Turner confirmed

Diagnostics, Details, and Having Your Say

Contractor Magazine

A portable diagnostics system, a hosted operations management platform and various business blogging sites are profiled

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What is Ranging? Direct and Indirect Ranging

The Constructor

The process of fixing or establishing intermediate points to facilitate measurement of the survey lines are called as Ranging. The intermediate. Surveying Direct ranging Indirect ranging Ranging


Free Generative Design – A brief overview of tools created by the Grasshopper community


It is no secret that we’ve been critical of the recent framing of “generative design” as a technological trend largely driven by product marketing. We’ve instigated lively Twitter debates, a full-length podcast discussion, and critical positioning papers

The Dotted Line: What happens when a bonding company is called in

Construction Dive

Making a claim against a performance bond is complicated, a legal expert explained, and it's critical to understand that the bonding company has four main options, outlined here

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