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Cold Stress in the Workplace

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Dealing with Cold Stress in the Workplace: What You Need to Know. With winter here, the cold weather is definitely upon us. While this season can be all about warm cider and evenings by the fireplace, there are also some risks that come with low temperatures, especially in the workplace.

What is Facility Management (FM)in the Construction Industry?

The Constructor

Facility management is a set of managerial services performed to support a particular business to do business. This field involves the coordination.

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4 Goals for an Equipment Maintenance Business Plan

Construction Equipment

Equipment maintenance should have a business plan independent from the overall fleet’s plan. It should accomplish four goals: Identify the mission and vision, document responsibilities and performance, initiate objectives, and communicate value. It should have three distinctive sections: an

Hempcrete is Gaining Popularity in Australia

Natural Building

Tasmanian builder Andrias McMahon has been working with hempcrete on two recent projects. “The process of structurally making a building with hempcrete is not very far from a conventional building,” he said.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

179D Tax Deduction Brought Back to Life thru 2020

Green Building Law Update

This past Friday night while aboard Air Force One the President signed legislation reviving the 179D energy efficient commercial buildings tax deduction, providing an enormous and much needed boost to domestic green building.

IRS 156

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Complete Information about Sand

Learn Civil Engineering

As a Civil Engineer, we know that sand is an important building material which are used in the preparation of mortar, concrete, etc. let us know “a complete information about sand“ Sources of Sand Sand particles consist of small grains of silica (Si02).

Toronto Calling For More Coordination on Construction Projects


Several downtown councillors are calling for more coordination on construction projects in the core in hopes of proactively boosting efficiency and road safety.

How To Achieve Business Success With A Construction Accounting Mentor

Contractor Bookkeeping

As the year ends and another page is turning, it is important to learn and listen from trusted people who have come to assist you and guide you in your personal and professional endeavors. Your construction business's financial board, mainly your accountant, is one of them.

What is Uplift Pressure? Effects on Foundations, and Prevention Strategies

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Uplift pressure, which is also known as hydrostatic uplift, is an upward pressure applied to a structure that has the potential to raise it. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Soil Engineering Foundation Foundation design

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Komatsu Dozers with Proactive Dozing Logic

Construction Equipment

Komatsu D51i-24 and D61i-24 crawler dozers carry patent-pending proactive dozing control. The technology records terrain data at the track to provide a real-time picture of the ground around the machine. The integrated system then uses that date to determine whether to cut and carry material

2019 Country, City, & State Clean Energy Ratings

Job Order Contracting

The United States only ranks 10th with respect to energy efficiency actions. From a state perspective the Northeast and California lead the way, with Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle at the front from a cities perspective.

2019 Sports Facilities Sector Giants Report: These ain’t your grandpa’s sports stadiums


Once upon a time, going to a sporting event meant heading to the stadium and taking a seat on a hard wooden or metal bench to enjoy nine innings, four quarters, or 48 minutes of action


What are Construction Barriers?

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Construction barriers are physical items in the form of signs or fences that are used on the construction sites to: Protect anything against damage. Construction Engineering & Management construction barriers functions of construction barriers types of construction barriers

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The Change Manager Keeps Sunbelt Rentals Sharp

Construction Equipment

Katy Lovering did not come to Sunbelt Rentals from a construction background, exactly. Her forte was the educational area of change management, honed at big box retailer Lowe’s thanks to exposure to a change-management firm called Conner Partners. Change impacts people, and you can’t institute or

Common timber in India

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Common Timber in India According to the “Forestry Statistics India” survey in India about 24% of total land is under forestation also there are about 140 species of timber in Indian forests. But a very little of these are commonly used.

Top 215 Green Building Sector Design Firms for 2019


Gensler, Jacobs, Stantec, HOK, and AECOM head the rankings of U.S.-based based architecture and engineering firms reporting revenue from green building-related work in 2018, according to Building Design+Construction 's 2019 Giants 300 Report.

Determination of Dry Density of Soil by Water Displacement Method

The Constructor

Water displacement test method is used to determine the dry density of soil. It is suitable for evaluating in-place dry density of cohesive soil due. GE Lab Tests Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Soil

On the Front Lines for Clean Diesel

Construction Equipment

Diesel engines in machines running with today’s high-pressure/common-rail fuel systems require super-clean fuel. That statement has been made often enough, that you’d think most every machine owner has heard the message and is actively doing everything possible to ensure that clean fuel is pumped

LEAN Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting

Waste and inefficiencies resulting in repair, renovation, or new construction projects failing to meet owners’ expectations can be greatly minimized. ntegrated Project Delivery (IPD) in the form of LEAN Job Order Contracting changes the traditional roles and relationships of key project stakeholders.

Top 95 Reconstruction Work Construction Firms for 2019


Gilbane, STO Building Group, DPR Construction, and PCL Construction head Building Design+Construction 's ranking of the nation's contractors and construction management (CM) firms with the most revenue from reconstruction work, as featured in the 2019 Giants 300 Report.

Determination of In-situ Density of Soil by Water Replacement Method

The Constructor

The water replacement test method is used for the determination of field density of soil and rocks (includes materials that commonly contain. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Soil Engineering Soil Exploration Soil soil engineering

Slipform Pavers Get Simple for Stringless Technology

Construction Equipment

The market for slipform concrete paving equipment is good, as manufacturers are reading the skilled labor shortage and responding with easier-to-use pavers and curb-and-gutter machines—they’re also accommodating users’ big shift toward technology and stringless 3D machine control operation.

TCIAF and STIHL Inc. Announce Winners of Gear Up Program

Green Industry Professionals

“Gear Up powered by STIHL” is an initiative part of an expanded investment in industry workforce development

Top 150 International Design and Construction Firms for 2019


AECOM, Jacobs, JLL, Fluor, and BL Harbert top the rankings of U.S.-based based AEC firms reporting the most revenue from international design and construction work in 2018, according to Building Design+Construction 's 2019 Giants 300 Report.

US 82

Twisting of Buildings During Earthquakes- Causes, and Effects

The Constructor

Twisting of buildings is one of the factors that cause severe damages during earthquakes. This commonly occurs in buildings due to stiffness. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Compact Terex Advance Charger Drives Like It Looks

Construction Equipment

Take a look at a trend in the concrete industry, or something that Terex Advance hopes will be a trend: The Charger front-discharge concrete mixer, a smaller and lighter version of the firm’s line of roadgoing, worksite-crawling, concrete-placement machines. Announced at World of Concrete in 2018

What About Changes? A Lesson the Side of the Interstate on Christmas Morning

Best Practices Construction Law

You know that I have a lot of kids. But what you may not know is that our family went through a major change last year—their mom and I got a divorce. And so … like a construction project sometimes riddled with uncertainty … we each have a choice about how we are going to adjust to change.

Top 100 Design-Build Firms for 2019


Jacobs, Clayco, Swinerton, Hensel Phelps, and ARCO Construction top the rankings of the nation's largest design-build firms, as reported in Building Design+Construction 's 2019 Giants 300 Report.

Manhole Covers – Size, Types, and Classes

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Manholes cover is a removable plate that is used to shield the manholes from anyone or anything from falling into it. Different manhole cover sizes, Building Technology Guide Manhole Covers manhole sizes manhole types


Cold Stress in the Workplace

Safety Services Company

DEALING WITH COLD STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. With winter here, the cold weather is definitely upon us. While this season can be all about warm cider and evenings by the fireplace, there are also some risks that come with low temperatures, especially in the workplace.

Liebherr L 566 XPower Wheel Loader

Construction Equipment

Liebherr L 566 XPower wheel loader has a power-split travel drive that combines short loading cycles with optimal hydrostatic drive with the mechanical drive for long distances and up hills. The L 566 XPower loader has active personnel detection, an integrated tire pressure monitoring system, and

Revit 2020.2 Internal Origin Part Three

Revit OpEd

John Pierson and Parallax Team Apps recently shared a solution at the Autodesk App Store called Internal Origin Hide-ifier. I thought mine was cool but it doesn't install itself or come with a Doge. It's only 1,000 bucks.nope its free!! Check it out.